A customer loyalty rewards program is a proven practice for growing and sustaining business in the competitive market. It plays a vital role in building up customer loyalty and their experience with the brands and ultimately takes you to new heights of success.

However, running a traditional loyalty program to please your customers might not be that effective. At this point, the AI-Powered platform will prove to be a game-changer for you. Knowing what your customers find valuable is essential—and we all know they love SURPRISES.

A loyalty rewards program provides you with an approach to surprise customers by rewarding them for their interaction with your brand. Every time you reward your customers for their activities, you will hit their emotional side and start forming a connection with them.

Once you start using Loyalty Programs, you’ll be able to segment your customers based on:

  • Customers who frequently purchase from your store
  • Customers who haven’t redeemed their loyalty points
  • Top purchasing customers
  • New visitors
  • Non-purchasing visitors and more

AiTrillion gives you more than 70+ segment filters through which you can bifurcate your audience. You can also create segments based on your requirements.

Why AiTrillion’s Loyalty Rewards Program and Referrals Program?


AiTrillion helps you boost engagement with your customers by rewarding them with loyalty points for actions like purchase, creating an account, writing product reviews, social following, etc.

  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Advanced Customer Analytics
  • Custom Design Panel
  • Awesome Notifications
  • Loyalty Points
  • Tier System
  • Referral Program

Rewarding your customers right away with AiTrillion can be beneficial for your business. Here’s why:

Build long-lasting relationships with customers

Keeping an existing customer costs you 3-10 times less than acquiring a new one.

Nurturing customer relationships is vital for any business – especially for new businesses. Without established likelihood, it will be hard to gain loyal customers. Your loyal customers could become your brand advocates, so always make sure to deliver a delightful experience with your Shopify store.

The best way to acquire loyal customers is to reward them based on cents spent. Don’t forget to send follow-up emails that will act as a reminder of the points they have, as well as add motivation for another purchase to kick-off a healthy and exciting new connection.

Stay ahead of your competitors

In the U.S., there are 3.3 billion loyalty memberships. (Accenture)

So if you don’t have a reward program for your customers, you’re already behind your competitors.

For staying ahead of your competitors, it is necessary to put the best efforts to know customers’ behavior and uncover trends to make their lives smoother.

Providing value to customers that they can’t get anywhere else can work astonishingly in keeping your relationships with your past customers. We all know customers enjoy the benefits that come from being loyal to a brand, therefore, rewarding them right away will help retain them in the easiest way possible and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Gain customers insights

A loyalty program helps you discover more about how visitors interact with your brand. Advising these interactions with your brand are key to understanding your customer behavior.


Who are your best customers?
What offers make your customers happy?
Which campaign was the most successful?

With the insights you gain from your loyalty program, you can make your customers happy by altering your campaign strategy.

Acquire new customers while retaining your current ones

Best loyalty rewards programs and Referral Marketing also help you build social proof when people refer your brand to their peers online. Referrals open up a new way for customers to engage with you beyond your website and products.

With AiTrillion, you can track referral analytics in real-time from traffic to revenue earned from referrals. It will give you a solid understanding of how successful your referral program is or if you need to make changes in order to make it effective.

Rewards reminders and notifications

Send reminder emails and popups to notify your customers about their existing reward points and encourage them to spend more and redeem the points for their next purchase.

How AiTrillion’s Loyalty Program is Different?

  • Reviews: Give points if customers leave a review.
  • Share: Give points on the Facebook share at Thank You popup.
  • Push: Give points when customers allow for Push Notification.
  • Emails: Automatic email triggers based on loyalty points.
  • List & Segments: Give points if customer enter list and segments
  • Popups Subscription: Give points if customers subscribe from any popup and event.
  • Email Open And Click Rate: Give points now for open and click of email activities too.
  • New Loyalty Widget: Advanced widget to display current point status on a page, snippets, separate refer a friend popup widget, and many more.

Activity Rules for Loyalty Programs


Activity rules define when you should reward your customers. When they perform an activity that matches one of your activity rules, they’ll be awarded points based on the value of the Activity Rule. Specific rules can be defined, so customers will only receive reward points once every day, week, month, or year.

Create rules to give points to customers on performing the below activities.

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Proven Customer Loyalty Programs

1. Point system: Spend More, Get More

A point system is the easiest and best loyalty rewards program. Every time when a customer makes a purchase in-store, reward them with a certain amount of points depending on the size of their purchase.

This works wonderfully for Shopify merchants who want to encourage frequent, low-cost purchases.

2. Tier system

A tier system is based on levels of customer loyalty: the more a customer buys, the higher the rewards tier they can get.

In a tier, members of the program enjoy permanent perks and benefits depending on their rank. Unlike traditional loyalty programs, tiered loyalty programs rank members into specific groups based on their purchase history.

3. Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend program works best for increasing loyalty and customer-base. Shopify merchants use this program to promote products or services.

In this program, customers turn into brand advocates by referring the products or services to their friends and family members. This idea purely hinges on the power of ‘word of mouth’ advertising, which is the oldest and proven method of advertising.

4. Money off

Give your customers a fixed amount off on total order value with the redemption of points.

5. Percentage discount off

A percentage discount off on the customer’s entire order is also a great way to encourage a customer for the higher-value purchases.

6. Free Shipping

Provide free shipping codes on a specific amount of points. Many big brands are following this technique to increase the order value of the customer.

7. Send Free Product Voucher

Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer. This is the best way to offer a delightful experience to your customer.

8. Product Discount (Voucher)

Give X% off on any product, on any specific points redemption. This is also a great tactic to allure customers.

Ingredients of Loyalty Program


All loyalty programs are designed with the simple notion – reward customers for performing certain actions in the store. You can customize your loyalty programs based on your strategies.

Before designing your Loyalty program think about these questions.

1. For what actions will customers be rewarded?

Define actions such as create an account, referrals, social shares, etc. for which customers will be rewarded.

2. How will customers redeem their rewards?

Decide and notify your customers of how they will access and redeem their rewards.

3. What types of rewards will you offer to your customers?

There are various types of loyalty reward programs that you can offer to your customers from free shipping to percentage off to store credit. No doubt strong rewards will lead to a successful loyalty program.

4. Define your loyalty program rules.

The rules of your loyalty program protect you from abuse. However, it’s best to have simple rules.

For example, when you create a purchase activity rule and set an approval period of 10 days, the system will give the points after 10 days from the date of order. The points will be pending during the approval period.

Measure your Loyalty Program’s Success


AiTrillion’s Ai powered engine helps you track the effectiveness of your customer loyalty program:

  • With Ai Analytics you can measure a number of customers you have retained over a certain time period (a year, a quarter, etc). Identify the well-defined stages where most customers drop off and send loyalty emails to target those specific customers.
  • Segment your customers based on their purchase history and track retention over time.
  • Manage all your customer’s data at one centralized location. Integrate with 11 + features for easy visualization.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your campaign performance and track campaign results on a single dashboard.
  • Estimate the revenue growth.
  • You can check the number of Loyalty points assigned to the customers. Also, you can manually add or remove the customer’s point depending on their actions.
  • The number of loyalty points redeemed by customers.

Is your Loyalty Program Automated?


For automating the loyalty process, first, ensure you’re segmenting your customers. With AiTrillion, you will be able to track customers’ purchasing behavior, this will help you distinguish lifetime points of customers, Last Order Date, Last Order Amount, Last Activity, and Total No. Orders.

Segment your customers into the different stages of the sales cycle and try to address all these people at a different time. Send carefully thought out, targeted content, newsletters, or offers to each specific segment. This will increase your customer retention rate automatically.

If your marketing automation is effective in providing valuable, relevant content for the right people at the right time, it’s much more likely to move further down the sales cycle. With this data, you can personalize the content. Loyalty program marketing automation allows you to combine customer behavior with marketing strategies.

Loyalty Marketing Examples


Sephora Beauty Insider

Sephora’s Beauty Insider b2b loyalty rewards program is ferociously popular among ladies. The program flourishes more than 17 million loyal members. In this reward program, customers earn rewards for each purchase and can choose how to use their reward points.

Giving the flexibility to customers to choose reward points enables Sephora to offer customers the deals and products they really want. Like this, many beauty brands and salons are using salon loyalty rewards program and experienced an amazing customer retention rate.

Uber Rewards

With Uber Rewards you earn points with every single dollar spent on rides with Uber and orders with Uber Eats. Plus, it offers 2x points on UberX, and 3x points for Uber Black trips.

Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks first launched My Starbucks Rewards through the Starbucks app. It was an amazing idea to reward customers via their app. In order to earn loyalty points, customers must order or pay with the Starbucks app. If you also want a loyalty rewards program for restaurants, AiTrillion can be your true partner!

Summing Up


Retaining hard-won customers is not as simple as it seems, however with an automated Shopify loyalty rewards program it could be easier for you to retain your lost customer while being connected to your existing customers.

With the right approach and arrangement, an eCommerce store owner can level up their customer engagement and retention strategy and can mold all things for the company’s inclination!

AiTrillion’s integrated b2b loyalty rewards program gives brands a solitary way to connect with their customers and community. Our AI-powered Shopify loyalty rewards program is integrated with 11+ modules allowing Shopify merchants to create immersive environments.

With AiTrillion, businesses are delighting their customers with attractive offers and personalized customer experiences to enhance brand loyalty. We make it easy for your customers to earn, redeem, and use their rewards.

AiTrillion allows Merchants to:

  • Customize activity rules
  • Provide monthly performance metrics.
  • Automatically send loyalty emails
  • Send push notifications
  • Access to pre-designed templates and more

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