The holiday season can be the most important time of year for ecommerce businesses, often lasting from Halloween to New Year. Many businesses report up to 75% of their revenue comes from holiday sales. As the world begins to prepare for a second wave of COVID-19, we can see this holiday season won’t be the same. People around the world have lost their jobs, and those who haven’t, feel uncertain about their future. Holiday parties and gatherings just won’t happen this year and people will be spending significantly less than they did in 2019.

1. Improve your homepage

Look at your homepage – when a customer lands here, will they be encouraged to stay on your site and buy your products? I hope so and if not, it’s time to fix that! Your website’s homepage is exceedingly important as this is the first page a customer sees and is the first impression you are making. Customers should see product recommendations right away, as soon as they land on your homepage. By using AiTrillion’s Smart Product Recommendation, you can showcase popular items and highlight recently viewed products.

Once the customer begins to click on items and browse your products, AiTrillion’s technology will track their interests and begin to adjust product recommendations to what they are interested in. All this information can be tracked with advanced analytics, showing what your customer did, and what they looked at after landing on your homepage. This will help you further enhance your customer’s experience and also give you insight as to when you should time pop-ups.

AiTrillion’s product recommendation allows you-

  • Help buyers discover your products by showcasing exactly what they want based on – new arrivals, trending products, and recent views.
  • Raise your store’s average order value by displaying upsell and cross-sell products on your product and cart pages. Showcase related products highlight recently viewed and discounted products to increase sales.
  • Automate browse abandonment emails series. AiTrillion’s “Just Seen” sends a targeted campaign to offer what customers are actually looking for and increase sales.
  • Build a personalized experience for your customers with customizable recommendation widgets. You can add widgets on home, collection, product details, blog, and cart pages.

2. Have creative popups

Offering creative popups and announcements on products is very effective at increasing sales when done correctly. AiTrillion’s advanced technology behind Smart Pop-Ups will increase sales by engaging website visitors with targeted segments specific to the visitor. You can have a variety of different automated pop-ups that will appear for certain customers. A new visitor may not be ready to click the buy button, but they will be interested enough to sign up for your newsletter. You can grow your email subscriber list and then turn them into customers using these smart pop-ups.

What AiTrillion’s pop-ups can do for you-

  • AiTrillion offers pop-ups that target the unique behavior of visitors.
  • When the visitor moves the mouse towards any other section, page, or button, you can trigger a pop-up. In this way, you can grab the attention of visitors and they will most likely leave their information.
  • We at AiTrillion allow you to trigger pop-ups that relate to the behaviors of your visitors. This helps to engage customers in real-time.

3. Send targeted emails

That brings us to the next feature you need to have set up and running before the holiday season of 2021. Smartify your email marketing by using tools from AiTrillion. Creative and engaging templates are designed to convert subscribers. Even if email marketing isn’t your forte, you can become an email marketing genius when you use one of their 50+ email templates.

By using this feature on your ecommerce website, AiTrillion segments update based on customer behavior, meaning you can send more targeted emails that are significantly more likely to convert. Truly an all-in-one marketing dashboard, you can then monitor your email marketing and newsletter analytics like open rate, click-through rate, and orders placed. Email marketing is great for prospective customers but can show even bigger returns when sent post-purchase. Current customers are much easier to convert, especially with post-purchase recommendations via automated emails and web push services.

What AiTrillion’s email marketing can do for your store – 

  • Automate and integrate your marketing and sales with e-commerce-based workflows.
  • Personalize your emails based on prediction for better open and click rates.
  • Segment your targeted audience for sending bulk emails.
  • Track and evaluate email marketing statistics for better planning.
  •  Use exclusive 50+ pre-built designed templates to launch a quick ecommerce campaign.

4. Send offers and capture abandoned carts with web push notifications

Web push notifications convert 6 times as much as emails. Most ecommerce customers are on their phones and used to receiving information in a social manner. AiTrillion’s push notifications are mobile friendly making it both easy and familiar for customers. Using this technology, you can raise revenue from abandoned carts by sending reminders to customers that their order is just a click away! Consumers are busy and managing many distractions during the holiday season, when they leave your website with a cart full of products, it doesn’t mean they want them. A convenient reminder is a great way to close that purchase and is often appreciated by the customer, offering a personalized and engaging shopping experience.

Check powerful features of AiTrillion’s web push notification

  • Reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate by reaching out to your lost customers with personalized notifications and recover sales.
  • Schedule your web notification for offers, new arrivals, best-selling products, or festive greetings in advance. Repeat the same notifications multiple times through AiTrillion’s Scheduler.
  • Never lose your sales even if your product is out of stock. Create a list of customers who are interested in your product and send them automatic reminders once the product is back in stock with AiTrillion’s back-in-stock feature.
  • Send price drop alerts to the subscribers automatically. You can send notifications of reduced prices or offers/sales/discounts.
  • Automate your web push notification with exclusive segmented audiences. AiTrillion web push is integrated with workflow series and you can create many exclusive and segmented push notifications.

5. Provide complementary reward points

During the holiday season, brick-and-mortar stores will often provide a free or complimentary item to fuel the holiday spirit. It’s often nothing big – a reusable shopping bag, gift-wrapping, or candy. Ecommerce stores are less likely to do this, so this is a great way for you to differentiate yourself from the competition. A good reward program can set you up for BFCM and beyond. Providing loyalty points can encourage your customers to buy more. AiTrillion’s Loyalty Reward Program can not only help you target your existing customers but also motivate you to acquire new customers.

AiTrillion’s loyalty reward program offers you-

  • It Increases repeat purchases with points for on-site activities. AiTrillion provides 16 activity rules that allow customers to be rewarded.
  • You can grow social audiences by rewarding FB, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest follows, Facebook share, Facebook share on thank you, and allowing push notifications.
  • Send automatic emails and web push when customers reach an “X” number of points to redeem them before they expire.
  • Acquire new customers via an inbuilt refer-a-friend program.
  • Customers can earn points if they leave a review. Based on the tier system, customers can earn double points too.

6. Engage through live chat and bots

Meeting a visitor’s needs is the only way you are going to turn a visitor into a customer. If a visitor has a question about a product, shipping or offer, they likely won’t purchase until they have that answer. It makes a significant difference when you can answer that question right away, while they are still on your website. Live Chat + Bots will grow your sales by personalizing the customer experience and providing quick answers. Through this feature, you are also able to send targeted messages to different audiences based on visitor analytics. You can choose to send a discount code or maybe just a holiday message to engage the visitor.

Check below what it has to offer you

  • Give 24/7 instant answers to your customers with the chatbot.
  • Modify your chat settings in one click by analyzing the behavior of your customers.
  • AiTrillion allows you to customize your messaging at every stage to add empathy to your conversation. Make every customer feel special by replying to them in real-time. This will help them to connect with the brand.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it. We really don’t know what will happen this holiday season. The economy is just hanging on and families around the world are suffering financially, while the unknown has people keeping a tighter hold on their wallets. Though these times are unprecedented, we can still hold onto hope for a booming holiday season in 2021. Increase sales and revenue next holiday season by improving your ecommerce marketing with AiTrillions all-in-one Shopify ecommerce marketing platform with 11+ sales boosting and customer-engaging apps at the