The loyalty reward program is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It not only keeps your existing customers engaged but also motivates them to help you acquire new customers, keeping your brand’s growth going. Running a loyalty program may seem simpler,  however, running a successful program takes a bit more effort. You need to rig your customers with the right information, if you want them to participate in your loyalty program then an email campaign is the best way to do it.

“Emails are responsible for generating 58% of all eCommerce revenue, and 72% of customers prefer to receive promotional content via email than any other social marketing channel”.

To optimize the performance of your loyalty program with email marketing, you can send the following email campaign combined with your loyalty program.

#Remind customers how many points they have 

Points balance emails are the simplest way to prop up your customers to engage with your loyalty program because it reminds customers about the existing points they have and how they can use them to buy their favorite items.  You can make shopping exciting for your customers by regularly reminding them of what they’ve earned with your program. After all, it’s exciting to know about something that you’ve forgotten!

#Encourage customers to spend their points regularly

By sending emails, you can remind your customers about their earned loyalty points and what they can do with them, and how they can earn more points. This makes it easy for them to learn how they can get the most out of the loyalty program and how they can replicate that value in the future. Besides, email campaigns increase the reach of your program, and encourage shoppers to spend more in your Shopify store now and in the future.

#Re-engage customers with bonus points campaigns

Loyalty point emails are a great way to re-engage with your lapsed customers. This is the best move to showcase your loyalty program in front of your customers with additional encouragement. You can give your existing or lapsed customers bonus points for engaging with your brand or sharing what they feel about your brand.

#Motivate customers to participate in your loyalty program 

Send email campaigns with attractive offers to introduce customer loyalty rewards program. This encourages shoppers to get involved in your program and make them believe that the best rewards are achievable. Some brands choose to run their bonus points campaigns during the holiday season to build excitement among customers for festive shopping. You can also send your bonus points campaign with a new product release to help create a hype of your products.

#Emails to push customers for loyalty point redemption

Notify your customers with email marketing that their loyalty points are about to expire. Points expiry is an influential way to motivate your customers to take action based on prospect theory. When your customers feel like they’re about to lose something valuable, they’ll be more likely to take action to retain it. That’s how to point expiry mail prompt customers to spend their points as soon as possible.

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#Inspire loyal customers to refer their friends with referral program emails

When customers like your store, they love to tell their friends about it. This type of “mouth publicity” is what helps establish trust between prospective customers and your brand. Referral programs help you get the most out of your brand advocates by incentivizing them to actively share their good experience with your brand on social media and with their friends and family.  

# Promote your “Affiliate” programs

The best way to develop more brand ambassadors is to let customers know about your affiliate program. Email your best customers and brands associate with your store mentioning how much you appreciate their engagement and introduce your affiliate program and its benefits. With a clear call to action button to share your brand now, you can put the power of promotion in customers’ hands and grow your marketing reach.

#Celebrate your customers with birthday rewards emails

A birthday bonus helps your brand to connect with customers emotionally and create a strong bond between you and your shopper. That’s how customers turn into loyal customers. With birthday rewards you can provide your customers with the kind of personal recognition that builds trust and positivity between them and your brand.

Hopefully, you can now see how email marketing can boost your loyalty program. With just a few simple email campaigns, you can emphasize your customers’ appetite to engage with your loyalty program and drive a success!

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