Black Friday sale is very crucial for all Shopify store owners, it is time when you can literally change the revenue game. Marketing your Black Friday is significantly epoch-making, otherwise, your customer will not know about the special deals that you gonna offer them.

Web push notifications are the perfect marketing channel for this time-sensitive sale. They are easy to send and grab the attention of sellers easily. 

Since Shopify store owners can send Web push notifications directly to their subscribers’ device screens, it increases the chance of clicks. 

Even, with web push notifications, you can convert anonymous shoppers into subscribers, even without missing out a store visitors who don’t want to leave their personal details. 

However, planning the best marketing practices for BFCM and the holiday season can be time-consuming. 

To cut down your work, we’ve created this complete guide with strategy, best practices, and examples— to help you plan and schedule your campaigns and optimize your automation to help you sell more with web push. 

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Campaign Strategy to Promote your Black Friday Sale

Start sending your marketing campaigns before, during, and after Black Friday and the Holiday season to maximize your engagement and drive more clicks and conversions for your sale. Here are the tactics that can help you marketing your sale, including the kind of campaigns to send and when to send it. 

In fact, many Shopify sellers used web push campaigns last year during their Black Friday sale using AiTrillion. Just one web push campaign generated huge sales for their store! With a data-proven web push notification marketing campaign for your BFCM sale, you can bring back subscribers and get them to shop during your sale. 

Pre BFCM Strategy 

Build hype and create excitement for your sale among subscribers, inform them about your exclusive discount and any new releases they can look forward to. You can also remind shoppers about the wishlist items by sending web push notifications. This way, you can easily bring subscribers to your store to buy products.

BFCM Strategy

Use automation to schedule your web push notification campaign and other marketing campaigns. So that they can be sent out as soon as your sale is live. Here are some campaign ideas that your implement during BFCM:

Announcing the sale is live

Send notification to let people know that your sale is live and how long it will last. You can also use a count-down bar to create urgency among customers.

Mid-sale reminder

Send your Shopify store owners a mid-sale reminder. In this campaign, you can highlight your specific collections and let subscribers know they have very little time to make the most of your holiday season sale. 

Send last chance notification 

Send a reminder email and web push notification that your Black Friday sale will end soon. By creating a sense of urgency, you can nudge subscribers to finish their shopping soon. 

Use AiTrillion advanced segmentation to target specific subscribers

A segment is the best way to target your audience more specifically. If you are already using Segmentation, then you can try AiTrillion’s segmentation to target specific subscribers and drive more conversions. Here are some campaign ideas for different customer segments:

  • Exclude customers who already purchased from you in the last 5 days to ensure that only target subscribers who haven’t made a purchase will receive the campaign. 
  • Target loyal or VIP customers with Loyalty Program by sending exclusive offers just for them. 
  • If you provide faster shipping or free shipping to shoppers, then you can send them a campaign around this offer. 
  • Cross-sell a new collection or new products to shoppers who bought items that would pair well with the collection or product featured. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can send a skincare product to shoppers who bought a face mask from you earlier. 

Don’t forget to welcome your first-time subscribers as they will be discovering your brand for the first time. Use your welcome notifications to greet shoppers and let them know about your discount and when it’ll end. Use brand voice and message that reflects your brand and use your CTA buttons to take them to specific collections like bestsellers. 

Post BFCM Strategies 

Create a strategy to give a chance to those who didn’t purchase during the BFCM. Many Shopify sellers run post-BFCM promotions even after the sale weekend. This campaign allows shoppers who missed out on the sale to gain the opportunity to buy their favorite items. If you run such post-BFCM sales, set up your last BFCM campaign a few hours after the sale weekend. 

Ensure that this campaign states how this is a special exception and let shoppers know how long they have before this last chance sale ends. 


Note: Use Segmentation to exclude shoppers who bought during the sale weekend to avoid spamming them.

Best Practices for Creating Web Push Campaigns

1. Schedule your campaigns in advance

In the holiday season, there is a lot to work upon. Wasting a time scheduling a campaign can leave you behind your competitor. You probably have a lot to do during this time so it’s best to plan and schedule all your campaigns ahead of time. You can schedule your campaigns through the AiTrillion dashboard and view them within the ‘Marketing Campaigns’ page on your dashboard.  

2. Keep your messaging short

Keep your heading and message short and relevant. Always, use short and crisp messaging to convey your messaging, it will help you target your audience precisely.

To ensure that your eCommerce marketing isn’t cut off. Stick to the two details you need to communicate about the sale— 

  • How much discount is being given?
  • When the sale ends.

3. Use short shareable discount links

Make it easy for your customers to redeem the discount directly through the notification. If you make it accessible for your customers, then there may be chances you may get high orders rate and click rates. This way, the discount is automatically applied when your subscriber checks out. 

4. Use countdown bar to create urgency 

Human beings tend to respond on urgency as it nudges people to make a decision spontaneously. Build time-sensitive marketing campaigns by adding urgency words within your notification messaging to drive more clicks. 

Here are some words to start with: 

  • Buy Now!
  • Don’t miss the sale.
  • Shop before it expires!

5. Use the CTA button to drive action 

Based on research, the CTA button helps shoppers to directly buy products through web push notifications. Always add buttons to your web push notification campaign to give shoppers more actions after they read your notification.

So, once your notification informs shoppers about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, the button would then tell them to ‘Shop Now’ or ‘Check out bestsellers’, driving them to a specific page of your eCommerce store. 

Here are some CTA button copy ideas for holiday notifications:

  • Shop Black Friday 
  • Show me your deals!
  • View Bestsellers
  • Start shopping

6. Use the announcement bar 

Since the holiday season is a short-lived time, you can’t miss the opportunity by not flashing your sale. Use the announcement bar to flash your Black Friday sale to let your visitors know about your limited-time period sale. With the AiTrillion announcement bar, you can add an expiry time to your web push notifications. 

Adding a timer on your announcement bar can effectively boost your sales. 

7. Use advanced segmentation 

To give your subscribers a great experience, use Segmentation. It will help you to separate the audience based on their past experience. Like with AiTrillion advanced segmentation you can exclude subscribers who bought in the last few days. This way, you can avoid spamming subscribers and maximize your customer engagement.

8. Use the “Just Seen” Feature (Enterprise feature)

AiTrillion centralizes all of your data in one place, gives you the complete picture of your customers, and in what ways they interact with your store. If your customer is on the website, our system marks them as just seen and it will intimate automatic workflows of email and push like what they are browsing and what they buy from the store. You can check detailed reports of each activity performed as well as the customer timeline on the store.

Set up a winning web push notification campaign for the Black Friday/Holiday Season and sell more!

If you need any help with your web push notifications during the BFCM, feel free to reach out to our support team at

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