Brands that understand the customer journey and focus on simplifying the stages of the sales funnel are the one who rises above their competitors.

Marketing automation platforms help business to understand their customer behavior and increase shopify customer retention rates. So one of the most crucial factors of your eCommerce business should be tacking and perfecting the customer experience from the first interaction and onward.

When we talk about success in the eCommerce space ‘personalization’ and ‘customer journey’ come to mind first. Every eCommerce marketing manager knows the pain to design an eCommerce marketing campaign that can return fruitful results. After putting so much effort into the campaign and optimizing them to drive more conversions yet shoppers say they feel retailers don’t truly know them.  

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. – Epsilon

Brands that believe in giving shoppers a personalized experience at multiple points throughout their shopping experience are witnessing an eye-opening rise in click-through rates and average order value (AOV). 

When a brand use integrated data analytics, it helps them to make data-driven decisions to define the personalized customer experience. Offering a personalized experience can help Shopify store owners to: 

In this blog, we will discuss the different scenarios at different points in the buyer journey: 

Acquisition: Know how to market your brand to customers who know nothing about your brand.

Retention: Know how to retain customers when you’re looking to drive repeat orders. 

With each scenario, we’ve outlined three strategies, where adding personalization can do wonders. 

1. Acquisition: Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing or influencer marketing is in buzz these days. However, the attribution of these marketing activities can be painful to track down. 

If brands use influencer marketing, then they are left with two choices: pay dollars for influencers who seem to have genuine followings and influence, or accept more flexible metrics to measure the success like social follows page views or social post-performance.

What if you can create a unique buying experience for a customer that comes from an influencer campaign? 

  • To create a unique buying experience, you can feature the same product that the influencer was promoting in their post on the landing page. You can also display the photo of the influencer, it gives customers a sense that they landed in the right place. This assurance will make them feel more assured of your brand, and much more likely to convert. 
  • You can also use segmentation to divide the shoppers based on their source. For example, allow the shoppers who come from the social post can see an especially curated collection of that influencer’s other favorite products. In this way, you are introducing more opportunities to connect that influencer to your brand, specifically for customers who care about the influencer and what they have to say.
  • Shopify brands that partner with a number of influencers can use AiTrillion’s segment to personalize each campaign they run. They can also track which influencers are driving the most revenue.
  • Personalize the entire product page experience based on the driving influencer campaign. The items the influencer loves could be placed at the top of your collections, with the reviews and a seal showing that it’s liked by them. You can also Upsells or cross-sells products based on the influencer’s favorites with a custom call-to-action button.

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2. Retention: Check Email Interaction to Segment Your Customers

What if you can segment your customer list based on the customer interaction with your email campaign. With AiTrillion, you can send a popup, to those customers who haven’t opened your email. 

You can use customers’ responses in an email marketing campaign that should directly correlate to what they find on your online store. 

This may seem simple, but many brands fail to do it correctly.

  • The most basic way of creating a connection between your email and website is by showing personalized recommendations based on the email subscriber’s browsing or buying history. If a customer views a product they like, they should be able to click right into it rather than be taken to a general product page.
  • When a customer clicks on a product image or CTA in your email, you should count this as a signal of their interest and modify your store experience accordingly.  Curate a product based on customer clicks and surfaced them at the top of the product page.
  • Apart from showing customers what they’ve recently viewed, show them products based on the email interaction. For example, if you find few customers only click onto your email when you send sales messages, segment them and tailor the landing page or product page experience so the next time they visit, spot deals front and center on your home page recommendations. Even you can reorder your navigation.

If you are successfully engaged customers by email, use this data for a 1:1 conversation. Take what you learn from email and give customers a personalized experience no matter how they reach your site.


All of the plots we’ve outlined in this blog post are effective only if closely pay attention to customer behavior. Personalization is so important yet so accessible that you simply cannot overlook it.

AiTrillion’s AI-powered personalization feature enables you to engage your customers by giving them the most smooth personalized journey.

When you consolidate artificial intelligence with the flags your customer sends when communicating with your marketing campaigns, the results can be astounding.

We help thousands of eCommerce Shopify brands do just create personalized buyer journeys from the moment someone lands on your site and leading on through repeat visits.

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