Web Push Notifications has attained huge popularity due to its ease of use. The immediate delivery, clear cut message, and high visibility, attracted businesses to consider web push notifications as one of the main channels while promoting their new products, collections, and offers.

CTR of web push is estimated to be 4X-8X of email

Web push notifications played a prominent role in promoting BFCM 2019 sales. The instant promotions bring the shopper to the store as soon as the sale is live. In this blog, we’re talking about how you can win back lost customers and encourage existing ones to spend more with web push notifications.

If you are a Shopify merchant, you must have a list of web push subscribers which includes repeat customers, shoppers who bought months ago, and subscribers who’ve never shopped from your store at all.

It’s important to segment your list of subscribers and apply tactics to engage different types of subscribers and reconvert shoppers effectively.

Before discussing the tactics let’s take a cursory glance at what are web push notifications.

What are Web Push Notifications?


Web push notifications are alert style messages to get customers’ attention. It can appear at the top or bottom right-hand corner of a desktop screen, depending on the operating system.

Web push notifications can be sent on a user’s desktop or mobile screen, regardless of whether they are on the website or not.

Who can Use Web Push Notifications?


Web push notification is one of the simplest ways to engage with your customers. Any online website owners can integrate web push notifications without building a complete infrastructure. AiTrillion offers push notification services to re-engage users efficiently and effectively. Moreover, for using a web push on mobile, you don’t need any app. It will be delivered directly on the browser of both desktop and mobile.

What are the Use Cases of Push Notifications?


Push notifications are meant to be delivered in real-time and appear as an alert on the browser. You can also use browser notifications to accomplish other marketing activities. Here are some use cases where push notifications can be used broadly:

Push notifications are mainly used to deliver information right away on the user’s browser. The eCommerce industry has started using push notifications for its ease of use and effectiveness. There are various ways you can use web push notifications for your online business.

Why Should you Start Using Web Push Notifications?


Web push notifications are the fastest way to reach out to customers straight away. Once they subscribed, they will get website notifications even when they are on another website. Most of the engagement practices work only when a customer is on the site, however, web push notifications are delivered even when the user is not on your site.

Below are the various advantages of using web push notifications:

  • No need for an email address to reach out to the customers
  • The opt-in rate is higher than e-mail
  • Delivered in real-time to the user browser
  • Delivered even when the user is not on site
  • Drive higher conversion rates
  • Comparatively low unsubscribe rate

Web Push Tactics


1. Keep it short – Your shoppers don’t have time to read the lengthy messages so try to hit their exact emotions by sending short and crisp promotional messages.

2. Announce sale – Add your offers and sale information in the web push notification, it acts as a snare that catches subscribers for your store. Include your discount within the title of your push notification which will help you gain customers’ attention in a one-shot.

3. Clickbait shoppers to get them to your store – Clickbait works wonders to attract users attention. A well-written attractive title makes users click on the notification. Clickbait is perfect if you want to run a contest on your store or want to trigger shoppers’ emotions before your sale ends.

“Flat 50% off. From 6 PM today!”

A message like this can arouse curiosity within your shoppers and encourage them to buy your products and services.

4. Push your customers to redeem their loyalty points – Remind your customers about their existing loyalty points and motivate them to redeem them in the sale.

Sometimes, giving only a discount code or points in promotions is not enough to attract the customers. In this case, let customers know what they’ll be missing out of the sale.

5. Use call to action button to increase click rates – Adding a CTA button while designing web push notifications is a great way to take shoppers directly to the landing page (it could be a new collection page, checkout page, etc).

Note: Design your CTA button attractive yet simple and give more reasons to your customers to click on the button.

6. Cart abandoned reminder -During the sale, it’s common for shoppers to abandon the cart. So, be ready to send them customized push notifications to remind their abandoned cart and bring these shoppers back before the sale ends.

“Over 3/4 of shoppers choose to leave the site without completing a purchase”. #Barilliance

You can also set an automated workflow for abandoned cart reminders and trigger it based on customers’ activities. You can also tweak reminders to bump a customer to spend more on your store.

  • Send the first reminder to bring them back to your store.
  • Send the second reminder to notify them that the sale will end soon.
  • Send a third reminder to tell them how long they have left before checking out.

Note: Change the design of the push notifications based on your campaign theme.

Use Web Push Notifications To Boost Customer Engagement!

What makes AiTrillion’s Push Notifications Enticing?


These are some features that make AiTrillion’s push notifications compelling. Let’s discuss each one by one.

Add push in workflow automation– You can add push notifications in your automated workflow, this will help you in sending push notifications in all the triggers automatically on customer’s behavior with the store.

Push templates – AiTrillion also offers beautiful pre-built web push templates. Shopify merchants can use these templates easily.

Catchy and crisp title – Add a short and enticing message to notify your subscribers about the sale, offers, events, and anything you want to highlight.

Add the right link – Add a link to a specific page of the website, collections, or check out page to quicken your shopper’s journey.

Banner image and logo – Use appealing banner images and logos to make your push notifications visually appealing. Don’t forget to optimize the image for Windows, Android, and Mac.

Add CTA buttons – Make your web notifications more actionable with AiTrillion. It allows you to add multiple CTA buttons in your push notification to give your subscribers more options.

Schedule Push – With AiTrillion, you can schedule push notifications for a special date and time zone.

Send test push notification – You can send a test push notification to check the settings and look of the web push.

Push Widget – There are two types of Push Widgets:

  • Browser Prompt

Use Browser Prompt Widget to request the visitors to subscribe to the push notifications. You can set a timer when you want the browser prompt to be shown on mobile and desktop.

  • Flyout Widget

The widget takes approval from visitors to allow the Push. You can customize the settings of web push notifications based on your requirements.

Reports – Analyze your web push campaign performance and revenue generated. You can also check:

  • Total web push sent
  • Total web push impression
  • Click rate
  • Placed order through web push
  • Total revenue

Use Push Notifications to Retain Valuable Customers


Use a loyalty program parallel to your push notifications and emails to provide value to your customers.

Transform loyal customers into advocates

Existing customers are incredibly valuable, if they have a satisfying experience with your brand, they’ll tell others about it too.

To encourage customer advocacy, you first need to segment your happy customers, they could be the one who has left you a positive review, members of your loyalty program or those who have the highest customer lifetime value.

Once you segment them, you can then use conversational marketing tactics to spread good words about your brand.

Happy customers speak about the benefits of being an advocate for your brand. You can send push-notifications containing the information of loyalty points that customers will get in exchange for telling their friends about you.

You can also send loyalty emails to encourage these customers to endorse your brand to others.

Convert one-time shoppers into repeat buyers

Encouraging one-time shoppers to repeat purchases is the most important thing to do for continuity in the market. The moment after they’ve completed their first purchase is the perfect time to bang an emotional connection that will prompt them to return.

Web push notifications containing loyalty points work best in encouraging customers to return to you over other competitors. After they’ve made their first purchase, send your customer a push notification thanking them for their purchase. This will inspire them to complete more activities to earn loyalty points.

You can offer loyalty points in return or sign up your newsletter, follow your social media pages or refer your brand to their friends. Once they have more loyalty points in their account, they’ll be more likely to return to you to redeem them.

You can send a beautifully crafted push notification that tells them about the expiry of points soon. The sense of urgency gives customers a reason to return and reminds them that they shopped with you in the first place.

Acquire customers before they churn

For any online store owner, abandoned carts and lapsed customers are very disheartening. You put all your efforts to get a customer to your site and add to their cart, but you still lose them at the check-out. In fact,

Cart abandonment rates are as high as 77%.

Remind your customers of the cart they’ve abandoned with notifications and rewards they’re missing out on.

For customers who are close to churning, send web push notifications to use your loyalty program promotion. You can add new rules in your loyalty program where customers can get points for using your hashtag.

You could also use push notifications to tell your customers about upcoming events or sales. This way you’re giving the customer a value that makes them feel special for being a member of your loyalty program.

Ready to Send Web Push Notifications?


We hope this helped you understand how to use web push notifications to win back your customers. If you have any questions or want to automate your eCommerce marketing, you can reach out to our support team through the chat or you can send your query at support@aitrillion.com