“I get 50 – 75 visitors per day on my eCommerce store but I fail to capture even a single sale.”

Every eCommerce seller faces this sooner or later.

Another catch-22 situation arises when you end up spending a bomb on advertising for your store.

“I have started a new webstore, did some Facebook and Youtube ads and promoted it with banners, got over 3500 page likes, 1200 site views, however, no sale conversions”

If you are a mid-sized eComm Entrepreneur or even an Enterprise, you’ve brought in visitors. Shouldn’t this do the trick? If you’ve managed to significantly increase your traffic, you should expect to get a proportional return on your investment. Right?

Sounds like a serious concern? Is there a piece of this puzzle that is missing?

Don’t Fret. AiTrillion has you covered. Some questions you should be asking yourself:

      Q.1 What should be done about all the accumulated customer data?

      Q.2 What kind of marketing channels can you make available for your store?

      Q.3 What type of engagement activities are we conducting to attract customers?

      Q.4 What should be your “call to action” when your customer performs any action on your store?

      Q.5 What is the customer experience like from there on?

      Q.6 How to retain these customers and encourage repeat purchases?

Let’s investigate these in detail.

Even the smallest details can be BIG. That’s why it’s always helpful to pay attention to each tiny detail on all your existing resources.

More so you need to look for the channels that convert and the ones that are less effective.

So what’s the key to creating webstore that does well and that drives revenues?

1. Target the right niche.

Aim to find out as many details as you can about each of your store visitors. It will be good to focus on their age, gender, interests, browsing habits, city, state, likes & dislikes. You might also want to figure out which features matter most to your target audience and how much they’re willing to spend.

It’s important to be able to get detailed insights on your customer’s journey and timeline on your store. When you identify your best customers, you can work backward and determine the characteristics that make up each of your best buyers.

Target the right audience

AiTrillion “Customer Timeline” feature depicts every customer interaction & engagement influencing transactions of your customer all in one place. Get data like shop visits, purchases made, emails sent, email opened, rewards given, rewards redeemed, abandoned cart, push received, subscriptions made and lots more.

2. Targeting blindly via multiple mediums will get you traffic but no sales.

Now that you have access to tracking your customers, a visual idea of what are they looking at, where they are in their buying journey, how likely they are to purchase on your store and a fair idea of their preferences all in one place, it’s time to identify the available and most importantly effective marketing channels for your online store.

Let’s save you the research time and make available a comprehensive list of channels —

By integrating AiTrillion to your Shopify store, get control over all your marketing activities. AiTrillion’s efficient strategies will help you convert more visitors into buyers and increase average order value with one single app. What you can easily automate?

  1. Convert visitors into contacts
  2. Convert contacts into customers
  3. Convert customers into loyal customers
  4. Prevent shopping cart abandonment
  5. Activate Cross-selling Smart popups
  6. Boost sales in your store by leveraging Product Recommendations
  7. Introduce Announcement Bar to Motivate Sales, Run a Countdown Timer, Promote Content, Notification Bar, and much more

3. Offer the right “hot” product to the right “hungry” targeted audience.

To begin with, it’s very important to segment your customers on 30+ segmentation filters like, last seen, first seen, frequent buyers, loyalty engaged, points redeemed, non-purchasing visitors, new visitors, country, city, or even down to the city block through a polygonal geo-fencing and more.

Win their hearts with AiTrillion & deliver on the promise of relationship marketing at scale. Use 100+ dynamic triggers to target your segmented audience using cross-channel marketing strategies involving emails, on-site interactions, web push, and more for increased precision.

This will give you an idea of the types of engagement channels your visitors value most, and it can also help you make more informed decisions on how you enhance your engagement.

4. Introduce compelling “Call to Action” features.

Succeeding in e-commerce is all about figuring out what’s not working and how to trigger better. Responding to the audience’s intent in the right way, wherever they are in the “customer journey,” is what makes people fall for your brand. At each stage during the journey, your prospects and existing customers will evince their intent, which you can use to determine how to target them next.

What you need to do is —

# Harness the magic of giving your customers what they want.

After segmenting, you will know the intent of the customers. Use personalized email campaigns to drive them back to your site. Implement web personalization with push notifications that are triggered by the customer’s browsing behavior.



#Create Urgency

If your customers don’t feel a sense of urgency, they may decide to save their money or go comparison shopping. You can engage your customers at multiple places on your web-store by means of popups and announcement bar. It’s also easy to run time-based offers

Create Urgency

# Introduce the Announcement Bar

AiTrillion’s Announcement Bar allows you to take your business to the next level by personalizing customer experiences. Pre-designed easy to use announcement templates & custom background announcements upload ability. AiTrillion’s Announcement Bar provides different offers and promotions on the website. You also animate your announcement bar like rotate the text, make it blink to catch the reader’s eye, and much more.

Announcement Bar allows you

Create multiple notification bars and place them on the top or bottom of your website. Bars you can add to collect visitor’s emails, promote content, and more.

5. Check on your customer’s in-store experience

In a nutshell, product reviews are like micro – marketing campaigns that keep working long after they have been posted, to provide and create continual brand awareness that benefits the online business for both the short and the long term

Check on your customer’s in-store experience

#Influence potential decisions & Strengthen your brand visibility

Optimize your store by implementing multiple customer touchpoints on the “Cart” page.

Limited-time or -quantity special offers are effective ways to drive conversion and increase sales.

# Flaunt all the good things your customers have to say

Reach your customers to leave a review with email automation and push notifications. AiTrillion provides exclusive widgets to showcase your reviews on your store.

  • Product Review Gallery Carousel
  • Review Gallery Full
  • Review Page Widget
  • Review Floating Button Product
  • Rating Snippet
  • Google Rich Snippet SEO

Influence potential decisions & Strengthen your brand visibility

6. Focus on customer retention

The key to improving your customer retention rate is understanding the underlying metrics. Measuring your repeat purchase rate is an excellent way of evaluating how well your retention strategy is actually working. This holiday season is the best time to create a customer retention strategy to see how improving each of these metrics can help grow your business.

# Introduce a Loyalty Rewards Program

These programs motivate customers to purchase more often in order to earn valuable gifts, rewards, or points which can be redeemed for further purchase benefits. It’s always a win-win for both — your visitors/customers get more value each time they shop and as an eComm biz owner you reap the benefits from their repeat business.

Introduce a Loyalty Rewards Program

At AiTrillion, you can reward your customers at every stage of your customer’s store journey.

  • Make a purchase
  • Create an account
  • Visit store
  • Birthday
  • Review product
  • Follow on social profile
  • Share on Facebook
  • Refer a Friend
  • Facebook share popup on Thankyou Page
  • Allow push access

# Send engaging emails to your customers

Purchase frequency is the backbone of customer retention, email marketing is the backbone of customer engagement and your retention toolkit. Personalized acknowledgment helps customers feel good about their decision to buy from you, and makes your brand more approachable.

Send engaging emails to your customers

AiTrillion’s Email Marketing tool has been designed to supercharge your email campaigns with AI and Automation. AiTrillion empowers eCommerce brands to collect, segment, and automate their customer’s journey through email marketing. Integrate AiTrillion onto your store and send the right message, at the right time, with the right content, 100% automated. The in-built features that you can expect include —-

  • Intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand
  • Personalization shortcodes to bring life in emails
  • More than 50+ pre-designed templates
  • Easily customize templates in a minute
  • Add products dynamically based on a collection
  • Filter contacts by list/segments
  • Schedule your emails
  • Prebuilt eCommerce based email workflow series
  • Welcome, abandoned cart, loyalty, and review email series
  • Product recommendations in email automation

Email Marketing tool


As an e-biz owner, you need to get in sales. If you are a beginner, whether profitable or not, you need to drive in revenues to sustain. With hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores launching every day, it’s not quite a cakewalk to convert your website traffic into sales. No matter how much traffic you get, it is imperative to use it efficiently. Implementing all the mentioned automated strategies or even a selected few of them you’ll notice a drastic increase in your conversion ratios.

Before you, as an eCommerce seller, can say “Yipee! My store is optimized and is ready for sales”, here’s what you can do —

  • Focus on conversion optimization from day 1.
  • The technologies are improving, consequently, the customers’ demands are growing. One spare second and you’ll lose them. Optimize your website’s overall speed.
  • Make sure that your website is 0% spammy & 1000% trustworthy.
  • Show Reviews, Trust badges, FAQs on the Product & the Cart Page to build on the customer’s confidence.
  • Introduce urgency elements that will make the customer buy right here right now.
  • Reinstate your customer’s trust and confidence time and again into your store and products.

By integrating AiTrillion, the all-in-one Ai-powered marketing automation platform, on your store you will be able to do all of the above and also —

  • Cut down on costs by almost 72% with additional features.
  • Get access to 10+ customer engagement channels.
  • Try it Free for 14-days.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Join the largest eCommerce seller network of 1Million+ sellers.

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