Successful BFCM!! Cheers!

AiTrillion helped 100K+ online sellers across 175+ countries to grow their brands, up 3X as compared to the beginning of 2019.

This BFCM, AiTrillion crossed 200+ daily installations across the network in the last 2 days. All the credit goes to our amazing team that makes magic happen every day.

Let’s Talk Figures

Order and Sales in BFCM Month

Total Orders Total Sales
167071 $25250000

This BFCM, Sellers have received a total of 167071 orders on the Shopify store and generated $25250000 sales with Aitrillion.

Order and Sales in Year

Total Orders Total Sales Attributed in year
668,285 $101.0M

Sellers have received a total of 668,285 orders on the Shopify store and generated $101.0M sales with Aitrillion.

BFCM blows every eCommerce store as it’s peak selling season. Each year, eCommerce store owners spend huge money to prepare their store for these critical shopping days but only a few get success. “Some By Luck and Some By Proper Planning”

Agree! Your store success does not fully depend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but the fact is that you can’t ignore it.

In 2018, online holiday season sales increased 19% from the previous year to over $850 billion in revenue. Of this amount, $20.5 billion was generated during BFCM weekend. In fact, Monday, November 26, 2018, was the biggest online shopping day in American history.

Well, there’s a downside also. During BFCM, the competition for gaining consumers’ attention is quite exasperating because of fierce competition. And we all know higher competition means higher acquisition costs and low margins.

According to a research, “acquiring new customers during the holidays is 25% costlier than any other time of the year”.

After watching these figures we craved to learn what the best brands did to ensure their success in such a cutthroat environment. To find out, we took a glance at brands in our portfolio.

There is no doubt, our client’s success in BFCM was determined by the marketing they did a year long with a proper holiday marketing strategy.

But when it comes to connecting with their audience during this busy time of year, they faced the same challenges other brands face. That’s where AiTrillion comes in.

AiTrillion team worked with brands’ marketing associates, to create a Black Cyber Weekend plan that would ensure the brand had a successful season.

Together, we dove into the campaigns the brand had set to launch an integrated AiTrillion marketing platform in their running process for automated marketing and specific segments for the holiday season.

Here’s what our brands had to say about their experience:

Brilliant! This app has increased my sales and the loyalty rewards have given my customers the extras push to buy my products. I have to say the customer service team at AiTrillion are absolutely brilliant! They have sent me up and got me going without disturbing my business/ I highly recommend ai trillion!     BeardKeeper 

The app is amazing, it has so many functions and allowed me to drop several apps. The customer service I have received is great and they are willing to help you.    Yaso Designs 

I am using this app to get my store ready for BFCM. It has lots of features and I like everything about it. Hopefully, I will be able to make some sales. Customer service is excellent. Thank you, Sachin!! You are the best.Grown-Up Onesies


Let’s have a look over our segmented report for each and every section that helped brands to achieve their targets.


Total Engagement in Year

Customers Engaged Visitors Engaged Engagement Event Total Revenue By Ai
1.1M 12.7M 40.2M $101.0M


In 2019, we victoriously engaged 12.7M visitors, 1.1M customers with 40.2M events and have generated $101.0 M total revenue.

Total Push Subscribers

Visitors With Push Access Customers With Push Access
109,807 81281

Total Engagement of Year

Push Sent Push Impression Push Clicked Push Revenue By Ai
6.8M 2.0M 58,896 $153,888


AiTrillions’ sellers across the globe sent 6.8M push notifications with 2.0M impressions and 58,896 push clicked by the customers till BFCM 2019.

Total Email Engagement

Email Sent Email Impression Email Clicked Email Revenue By Ai
26.2M 4.9M 256,443 $297,240


AiTrillons’ sellers sent 26.2M emails to their customers in the whole year, got 4.9M impression. Out of which 256,443 emails were clicked and generated $297,240 revenue.

Product Review Email

Total Requests Sent Total Opened Total Received Total Review Published
123,202 44,682 36,796 28,855


AiTrillons’ sellers sent 123,202 product review emails to their customers yearlong, 44,682 emails opened, 36,796 reviews received and 28,855 reviews are published.

Loyalty Reward Program

Loyalty Point Assigned Points Redeemed Loyalty Revenue By Ai
196.4M 26.3M $563,036


In 2019, we profitably assigned 196.4M loyalty points emails, 26.3M points Redeemed and have generated $563,036 revenue.

Team AiTrillion is grateful to Shopify & the seller’s community for the Trust. We promise to continue to disrupt the ecosystem for the betterment of merchants.

“I’m excited to see how much our Shopify store owners grow over this BFCM—especially our newer customers. Our customers realize they’re going to grow with AiTrillion, so it’s exciting to actually see that occur.

Overall, the year-end is super fun. It’s fun to see what our sellers come up with for their various campaigns and help them to grow. We are excited to see how much our sellers grow over this holiday season—especially our newer customers. I think a lot of new customers come on at this time of year because they realize they’re going to grow with us, so it’s exciting to actually see that happen”.

Manoj Dhanotiya