Are you looking for a way to get rid of cluttered unfinished product work, a never-ending to-do list, along an inbox bursting with unanswered emails?

We understand that there isn’t enough time on your hands to execute all the improvements – like identifying areas of concern, implementing changes, and assessing how those changes impact the final outcome.

We have a solution for all your problems! “Email Workflow Automation”

It’s essential to analyze your existing email marketing processes and apply these predictable workflows so you can offload these mundane, everyday tasks to automated marketing workflows.

How does Email Automation Work?


eCommerce workflow automation is a predefined series of tasks that needs to be done either based on a trigger or a fixed period of time. These triggers are basically built up around the customer’s behavior and their online data. The action takes place whenever a customer meets the trigger’s stencils.

eCommerce merchants must build email automated workflows so that they become more efficient, save time and money, and minimize errors.

Benefits of Email Workflow Automation

Workflow automation helps you streamline predefined tasks and make your process easier. All to and fro tasks can be resolved by bringing about the potential of Ai-powered workflow automation. It typically links together many systems to take decisions and actions based on predefined courses. When your workflows are automated, you can concentrate on the things that matter.

Let’s disclose the leading reasons to automate your marketing workflows –

Personalized Communication

One of the biggest reasons customers leave an eCommerce store is the lack of relevant communication and information. Add a personal touch with automated messages and strengthen customer loyalty.

Save time with automation

Automation helps to eliminate time-consuming manual processes and get things done faster to escape redundancy. Stay connected with your customers by sending the right message at the right time.

Real-time analytics and custom-metrics

Identify areas of improvement, further formalize your marketing workflows for favorable outcomes.

Streamline your marketing processes

Discover prospects and nurture leads through meaningful, customized content designed to convert them into customers and future brand advocates.

Build custom forms

Now, you can capture important customer data, trigger a set of automated actions, easy to use, drag, and drop enabled resources to make you super-faster in dealing with your audience.

Increase customer engagement

Reduce bounce rate drastically by implementing Announcement Bars, Smart Pop-ups, and Ai ChatBot to engage your visitors when they come to your site and spend a little time.

Focus on more complex and strategic tasks

This could include things like proposing innovative ideas, making informed business decisions, and coming up with creative solutions.

Reduce overall marketing costs

This arises from increased task efficiency, allowing sellers to work on other, non-automated productive tasks. This brings productivity and an overall reduction in marketing expenditure.

Act based on behavioral triggers

Trigger messages based on your customer’s buying behavior. Trigger emails based on customers’ traits or use their online footprints to offer highly personalized messages and tailored recommendations.

“Businesses anticipate workflow automation in three areas: managing cost-efficiency, improving time-to-market, and optimizing customer self-service”. Capgemini research

How does AiTrillion Workflow Automation Meet your Needs?

Take a moment and think, what if you automate all the possible activities that take place when you are marketing for your eCommerce business. On the surface of things, it feels amazing, however, only if you draft a strategy!

With AiTrillion email automation you will be able to do:

  • Send automated integrated welcome emails when a visitor subscribes to your newsletter or creates an account on your site.
  • Allow behavioral triggers, like abandoning a cart, browsing a certain product category, etc.
  • Engage your customer with a post-purchase email series.
  • Schedule automated email series based on customers’ birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Create timed-based triggers for customer retention.

AiTrillion also provides a drag and drop workflow editor to automate your emails, web push, and pop-ups to keep your audience engage with your brand.

AiTrillion allows you to Trigger workflow when:

  • Contact is Added
  • Update the List
  • Cart is Abandoned
  • Order Placed
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Contact First Seen
  • Contact Last Seen
  • Earned Loyalty Points
  • Email is Delivered
  • Segment Changed

Not only this, but we also have a much bigger picture for you! AiTrillion also allows you to add filters in your workflow such as –

  • Manage the Membership List
  • Segment Membership
  • Email Activity
  • Cart Status

Wait! we are not stopped here, you can perform all the above-mentioned activities with the following ACTIONS:

  • Delay
  • Update the List
  • Send Email
  • Send Push

Unlock a world of marketing with pre-built automation that helps you make more sales. Keep on track with notifications and reminders.

11 Email Automation Workflows for eCommerce Stores By AiTrillion

#Simple Welcome Email

Never miss making a great first impression every time you get a new subscriber. Greet them with a warm welcome email by introducing your brand.

With AiTrillion, you can automate your email workflows with exclusive offers.

Get access to 50+ exclusive predesigned templates and graphics and add products dynamically based on your collection.

#Advance Welcome Series

Send a welcome email with a CTA button and other product categories to prompt the customer to act. This will help you build strong relationships with customers as well as drive more sales.

#Newsletter Followup

Ask your customers to subscribe to your newsletter and reward them in return. It will help you to directly reach your customer’s inbox, smooth brand engagement, and increase the chances of purchase.

#Abandoned Cart Series

Plan your sales by reminding your customers about their abandoned cart. Set an automated series of emails and push for the abandoned cart including the product images and a link of an abandoned cart.

#Product Upsell

Up-selling emails provide you an opportunity to sell additional products or services to an existing customer. Cater to the needs and preferences of your customers who recently bought from your store and upsell products that they like.

#Customer Winback

Bring back the lapsed customers to your store and turn them into loyal customers with your special offers and discounts.

With AiTrillion, you can send an automated reminder email to your customers who haven’t visited your store for the last 30 or 60 days with attractive offers.

You can apply customer win-back strategies like –

  • Prompt a purchase based on their journey
  • Rewarding them with additional offers or services
  • Remind your customers to redeem their accumulated points and many more such triggers to enhance your relationships.

#Replenishment Reminder

Replenishment emails encourage customers to make a repeat purchase when the items they previously bought from the store are about to run out. Use customer data to make personalized emails as customers are more likely to act on special offers that are specially designed for them.

#Purchase Follow Up

Post-purchase emails not only help you increase customer engagement, but also improve customer experience, minimize customer grievances, and boost customer retention.

Post-purchase email campaigns allow you to get feedback from your customers about your products or checkout process. This also creates an opportunity for upselling.

#Loyalty Points Reminder

Engage your customers and make them happy by rewarding your customers with loyalty points and give them timely reminders to redeem the reward points. Send an automated series of emails to all customers who reached “X” points in your store.

With AiTrillion, you can establish a personalized connection with your customers by rewarding them at every stage of their journey like —

  • Make A Purchase
  • Visit Store
  • Birthdays
  • Festive Rewards
  • Review Products
  • Follow on Social Profile
  • Share on Facebook
  • Refer a Friend and others.

#Customer Reactivation

Do you know it is 5 times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones?

Hence, reactivation emails become mandatory to engage your subscribers. To improve the conversion rate on your reactivation email, it’s generally a good idea to include some offers. Personalizing the subject line also helps to get your subscribers to open your emails.

#Browse Abandonment

Browse Abandoned Workflow helps your customers finish purchasing products they were looking for on your site before they left.

#Review Emails

Send automated review reminder emails to the customers after the shipping of products. You can also ask for a site review just after the customer finished their purchase with the help of an email.

Key Takeaways:

Competing against the leaders of the eCommerce sector is not an easy task. While it’s relatively easy to understand the advantages of automation, choosing the right automation strategy for your eCommerce business to grow leaps and bounds, can prove to be a tricky affair. You need to select the right sales techniques, get access to actionable intelligence, and target real sales prospects. This is when AiTrillion’s Ai-powered Workflow Automation comes to your rescue. AiTrillion allows you to prioritize and nurture your leads based on their web behavior, buying pattern, product interests, and other 71+ filters under one roof on one platform through pre-built intuitive ——

  • Automation
  • Integration
  • Beautiful templates
  • AI-powered analytics

Thereby turning your business into a more efficient, accountable, and profitable organization easier than any other solution in the eCommerce market. AiTrillion’s Workflow Automation will help you bid bye to those errors that plague your data entry, stuff up your projections and reports, and lose your deals because of missed follow-ups or lost info.

Is your eCommerce setup ready to work smarter?