Placing customer reviews as social proof within your product pages is a perfect idea to build enduring trust with visitors. Besides social proof, customer reviews can help your web-store and products gain more visibility. 

Customer reviews not only establish great trust between seller & buyer but also offer visitors an impartial viewpoint. These act as a bridge between the traditional word-of-mouth and a viral form of online feedback for an eCommerce store. 

In a nutshell, product reviews are like micro – marketing campaigns that keep working long after they have been posted, to provide and create continual brand awareness that benefits the online business for both the short and the long term.

Let’s see how AiTrillion help sellers to establish authority & influence visitors with user-generated content.

AiTrillion’s Review Report at a Glance


Total Requests Sent Total Opened Total Received Total Reviews Published
166K 38K 46K 27K

How AiTrillion help sellers to influence visitors with user-generated content?

Here are some ways through which you can convert your customer’s words into sales and direct revenue.

  • Get reviews and ratings automatically

AiTrillion has introduced the most advanced way to generate reviews and ratings powered by artificial intelligence. It helps you create excitement around customers by rewarding them for sharing reviews and making purchases. And encourage them to share your brand among their friends and family. So, let your customer words do all the selling for you.


  • Automatically ask for the product review

AiTrillion’s AI engine automatically asks for the product review as well as site reviews and also displays them at the right time and location based on  AI engine analysis like buyer’s behavior, history, and proximity. With Photo in-mail, you can ask customers to write a review along with the product photo via emails.


  • Showcase your happy customers’ review

AiTrillion let your customers do the talking. It helps you build trust and increase conversion by showcasing your happy customers. AiTrillion’s product review and rating feature allow Shopify store owners to combine reviews and photos with customizable display options that enhance your brand.


  • Ask for a review immediately after a purchase

We all know that the best time to ask for a review is immediately after a purchase has been made or shortly after that. Based on customer behavior, AiTrillion’s  AI engine automatically asks for reviews at a perfect time. If your customer forgets to leave a review then you can send reminder mail with product image to your customers with rich snippets. 

  • Submit review directly via email

Sending a review request email can increases the chances of getting positive reviews. With AiTrillion, you can send a review request to all your customers in one click with automated workflow.

For multichannel sales, collecting reviews from multiple platforms and do product review syndication is crucial. It helps you promoting your business through various platforms and marketplaces by distributing all your customer reviews.

Review email
  • Slider review widget

You can display your reviews on your store to match your website’s look and feel using our advanced widgets. You can also create a slider of all the reviews given by your customers with a slider review widget. AiTrillion’s product review SEO feature allows you to get star ratings for your site in the google search results. It also has an amazing review gallery option by which Shopify store owners can show reviews on their store in the form of a gallery.

  • Community question & answer 

You can automatically send questions to the immediate buyer of the product and can get a more detailed review of specific topics that your site visitors are looking for. You can also send coupons soon after customers give a review on your website.

  • AI-powered analytics

AiTrillion’s Ai powered analytics helps you get actionable review insights that help you easily keep an eye on total reviews given by your customers on a daily basis. Also, you can know the number of:

  • Review Sent
  • Review Opened
  • Review Received
  • Review Published

Summing Up


These are the points that make AiTrillion a perfect choice for eCommerce marketing and help businesses to see exactly where they are failing to meet customer needs and remove roadblocks in the customer journey.

You can see exactly where your business is failing to meet customer needs and remove common blockade in the customer journey.