Triggered push notification campaigns are your secret weapon to higher conversions. Any promotional content which is irrelevant to your subscribers will only annoy them. But after a while, there are chances that they will unsubscribe them. And they’d call it spam. But, when they receive personalized push notifications that resonate, you’ll see them captivated.

The simplest way to send automated yet personalized notifications is right here and it’s called Triggered Push Notification Campaigns


Deliver Perfectly Timed and Personalized Interactions using Smart Triggers


Re-engage Inactive Subscribers to Forge Ahead in the Buyer’s Journey

Triggered push campaigns can help you go the extra mile to hit the aim (conversion) that you’ve set. You can engage and re-engage your customers into making a purchase or performing an action that you want them to take by setting a series of well-timed and relevant notifications.


Ramp Up your Brand Value and Win Loyal Customers

Giving a prompt response to your subscribers increases the value of your brand in their eyes. Responding your subscribers to their best benefit (like when they are browsing on your website), by sending them appropriate and relevant triggered push notifications will multiply your brand value.

Triggered push notification campaigns make your customers feel heard and special. These intuitive triggers form an essential part of wonderful customer service. Your subscribers will feel intrigued when they start to receive swift push notifications about the products they were searching for in your store. These campaigns will lead to higher conversion rates.

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Web Push Notification Metrics to Measure

Here are the 3 metrics that should matter most to your push notification campaigns. Accordingly, jot down strategies for your future campaigns.

Total Number of Subscribers –  This tells you the number of subscribers that qualified to receive your push notifications. This is crucial because you will get to know the number of subscribers interested in that particular product range, from a specific location.

Subscribers Places Order – These are the subscribers that completed the goal you set. This could have been a purchase or another action.

Conversion Rate – This metric tells you in percentage the subscribers that completed the goal and quantifies the success of your campaign

Being an eCommerce website, you have a lot of people checking out and browsing your product and making a purchase. Using triggered push notification you can make engagement more effective for both you and your customer. As discussed trigger push notifications for eCommerce have far more benefits than just sending regular notifications. So why not start now?