Getting your online store off the ground can be a daunting feat. From laying the groundwork, taking stock inventory, to inducing real-time convertible traffic, there are several facets that you must gauge before launching an online store. You might get customers to visit your website but actually making them purchase is a whole another ballgame. Many Shopify owners have conceded that their dwindling revenues often stem from the discouragement that dissipates once they lose sight of their strategy. The e-commerce landscape is evolving, and so should you, as the US e-commerce revenue is slated to hit $4.9 trillion in 2021. As a result, we bring you the best strategies to boost your Shopify e-commerce sales this year, and believe us, you won’t be abandoning these.

Attract Your Visitors

New e-commerce stores can find it challenging to induce traction and attract visitors to their webpage. As a result, they must employ a series of strategies to make their website flexible and build it into a place that resonates with their client’s taste and ensures convenience.

Smart Popups

You can start by displaying smart, strategic popups that are timed accurately. A uniquely scheduled popup can go a long way since it will induce ideas within the buyer’s head and can also put forward any new product that you might have launched.

Announcement and Countdown Timer Bar

If your website is running deals or is offering discounts on select brands, displaying an announcement or countdown timer bar can go a long way. It will make consumers more aware of what is going on your website and help them understand deals and discounts better.

Offers and Discounts

It might be the oldest trick in the book, but believe us, it is the most efficient. Even a good old yard sale generates traction. As a result, you can leverage this adage into real-time consumer traffic and help your business scale. Every new business, whether offline or online, introduces deals to lure customers. Therefore, employing the same trick to your online Shopify business can immensely benefit you and your revenue stream.

Review Gallery and Page

If you deal in consumer durables that require a description, having a review or gallery page can be immensely beneficial. A useful review page lets the customer know what he/she is getting into, which also builds to the website’s authenticity. You can also add a gallery page to your Shopify website that entails real-time images of your product being used by the customer. All this will add to a new consumer’s trust in your website and will induce significant purchases.

Engage Your Customers

The most formidable task is to engage your customers and keep their attention affixed. A potential lead’s attention span is that of a child. The minute you stop playing peek-a-boo is the minute you will lose them. And with your potential business goes the possibility of growth and scalability.

Loyalty Rewards Program

As a result, you can employ a loyalty reward program for customers who have been shopping with your website since forever. Your customer must choose you over and over. You cannot let them stumble past the enemy lines, and therefore, a strong connection is necessary. Loyalty programs engage customers and offer an incentive for returning clients to keep shopping with your business. Say bye-bye to abandoned carts as right customers always stay loyal to a brand.

Email Automation Series

You can create profit-driven email marketing automation series and leverage email marketing for your online store. If you are the owner of an online store and still haven’t made use of email marketing, then we are sorry, but you had been ignoring money on a platter. A good email automation series induces purchases and engages customers beyond promotional or transactional cycles. Apart from this, personalization is vital. Therefore, be mindful of what you are sending and monitor the number of times the cycle repeats in a week.

Send Web Push Notifications

For a prompt cart recovery, you can engage in web push notifications by insinuating a subtle nudge. A push notification can be a sound-alert, an on-screen pop-up ad, or a combination of different marketing tactics. Push notifications can gradually help your customers revert to their abandoned carts and, this time, hopefully, make purchases.

Product Recommendations

You can recommend potential customers various products while they engage on different social media platforms. You can also send-in notifications to ensure engagement and retention.

Retain Your Customers

Customer retention leads to big bucks, and let’s be honest; we are all here for substantial revenues and steady profits. You must employ serious strategies and aggressive marketing to ensure retention. The minute your customer stumbles their sight upon your competition’s website is the minute the retention war has begun.

Automatic Review Reminder Emails

You can set up an e-commerce marketing automation channel with specific software that generates automatic review emails and reminders. Since it is the most cost-effective way to reach customers, you can regularly apply different algorithms for a sustained approach.

Loyalty Points Expiry Notifications

If you have a customer demographic that seems loyal, sending loyalty points expiry notifications is the most effective approach to get them back and indulge in purchases.

Abandoned Cart Recovery with Emails and Push Notifications

Apart from abandoned cart recovery, push and email notifications help customers check out and improve conversion rates among first-time users. As a result, new e-commerce stores must consider employing such strategies efficiently. You can also set up a push notification to display a few seconds after a visitor lands on the page.

Product Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Notifications

A customer may not always know they require a product until the second you show it to them. Always strike when the iron is hot, which is what product up and cross-sell notifications do.

In Conclusion

Many of these suggestions are low hanging-fruits. Meaning, you can benefit almost immediately by leveraging simple tweaks to ensure a broader, more profound impact.