Wavering consumer set, convenience-driven technologies, sustainable branding practices, and intensifying competition. All of these factors have affected “Shopify’s 90,000 eCommerce stores and this is 31% of the market”.

It goes by many names — boosts your sales, increases your conversion rates, maximizes your CTR. But the big question is HOW? How can you heighten your businesses in one go? 

Wait! There’s one more thing ——— WHERE to invest? WHAT can you do to attract non-local buyers? 

The eCommerce industry is now oversaturated and in the sea of monotony, standing out from the crowd has become even more critical. 

To facilitate the differentiation, AiTrillion; an eCommerce marketing platform has sprung up with data-driven plugins. That helps you fetch real-time customer data to know where your customers are and what they want. This is the reason many big eCommerce players are reconstructing their digital paths with AiTrillion and seizing great heights in the eCommerce market.

We Got 100000+.

When eCommerce sellers join AiTrillion after using traditional marketing software programs and are sworn to a 5x increase in sales and revenue, they’re not always sure what it is that urges these results. 

Here’s how it works!

This automated eCommerce marketing platform is fully loaded with all the latest features required to successfully accomplish marketing campaigns contradictory to traditional marketing software which focus only on emails. Whereby a modern marketing software also takes different customer touchpoints into consideration. Here are customer touchpoints that AiTrillion thinks are very vital for a 360-degree customer engagement-

Loyalty Rewards

With AiTrillions’ reward point program, increase your repeat purchase and customer lifetime value and give your customers more reasons to return to your store. The philosophy behind our customer loyalty program to rewarded repeat customers to increase sales. It’s a basic but powerful strategy.

The customer-loyalty program could help you retain your existing customers, which is less costly than acquiring new ones. With our personalized loyalty reward, email templates, business owners can show their gratitude to customers by saying thank you and can also motivate them to shop. Make your customers happy with surprise points and increase mouth publicity as they can easily spread the word about your business to their professional, personal, and social circles, which will increase your customer base even more.

Use AiTrillions’ reward point templates for: 

  • Encouraging customers for social media likes and shares 
  • Allowing push access. 
  • Notify and reach loyalty program members with push notifications
  • Set expiry date of points to urge customers to come back to redeem.
  • Alert customers for available reward points with on-site loyalty notifications.
  • Send automated push notifications to all customers if they have “X” points.

“Achieving Big Customer Loyalty in a Small Business World” – Manta’s and BIA/Kelsey

Email Series

Before uncovering the secret ingredient to more sales, let’s consider – On average, a person receives about 88 emails in a day. (Just an average) 

Now let’s take a look into a typical inbox of your customers. Every day your customers are overloaded with tons of emails out of which many are marketing emails from companies they don’t even remember purchasing a product. Nobody has the time to read all the emails regularly. 

They either ignore, unsubscribe or read your email ( though chances are very low).

Because of these annoying tons of promotional emails, ripe of powerful emails are buried therefore lots of sellers fail to add enough value to their customers – they might cut the cord and say goodbye forever.

Get the all in one toolkit of the AiTrillion platform to empower your email campaign. From email design to automating your emails, it includes all the features that you need to create exclusive email campaigns.

AiTrillions’ Email Automation Include:

  • AI-enabled email scheduling.
  • Powerful customer segmentation.
  • Custom drag and drop email editor
  • Ecommerce focused events + analytics to boost email engagement.
  • Send targeted emails
  • Send email based on their buying behaviors
  • Bulk email automation
  • Workflow automation
  • Event marketing campaigns
  • Abandoned cart and transactional emails
  • Predictive content and product recommendations 
  • Personalization and dynamic content

40% Store Revenue

10X-Click-Through Rate

150%-Growing Subscribers

Product Reviews

No need to drain your budget, cost-effective product review templates are a good way to ask your customers for rating your product. 

The best time to ask for reviews is just after completing the transaction process. AiTrillion helps you determine the best time to ask for reviews from your customers and allows you to share your reviews on social media profiles to reinforce customer engagement, and increase traffic to the website.

AiTrillions’ product reviews email features are 

  • Automatic review reminders.
  • Review authentication by AiTrillion
  • Group reviews product-wise.
  • Schedule your push notification to reach your users, anytime you want.
  • Reward loyalty points for writing a review
  • Send automated product review emails & notify team members about the feedback.
  • Create review cases & respond to reviews directly to your customers. 

Web Push Notification

Some companies are using push notification is an aggressive manner which is very daunting. Don’t hit your push notification randomly, analyze the proper time and priority of your customers than sending a push notification with personalized content to your customers. 

Use AiTrillions’ web push notification emails and connect with customers even when they are not in your store.  

With AiTrillions’ push notification send: 

  • Auto push for loyalty points received
  • Push notification & loyalty rewards for giving reviews.
  • Schedule push with your area time zone
  • View automated push reports based on different criteria
  • Set workflow for web push notification
  • Give loyalty points for push access
  • Automatically segment and automatically send web push notifications.
  • Segment subscribers based on different factors.
  • Targeted notifications to each of the segments for better CTR.
  • Create drip campaigns in a web push notification.
  • Trigger notifications based on user action. 
  • Create cart abandonment, review campaigns using push notifications.
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Businesses all over the world using Live Chat to help their customers to move their business to the next level by simply putting their customers first. Chat with your customers on your site in real-time and resolve their queries instantly. It also allows you to gather information by asking a series of simple questions that help you to generate a customer base. 

AiTrillios’ Ai powered ChatBot features are: 

  • Hand over conversations to a human on live chat
  • Let’s you answer simple questions
  • Accept payments via your chatbot
  • Lead generation from websites
  • Give 24*7 support
  • Conduct conversational surveys
  • Automate your inquiries
  • Schedule appointments in minutes
  • Gather suggestions from customers
  • Collect feedback and reviews 
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Summing Up

Update your customer data in real-time whenever they interact with you. Learn more about each customer, update yourself with the trends and preferences of each and every individual customer. 

AiTrillion’s AI-powered plugins automatically help you to analyze your customer behaviors and give you an ability to design individual metrics for the individual customer by comparing their digital footprints.

Thanks to AiTrillion, sellers have access to efficient customer behavioral analytics to view the exact customers’ journey. Take the next-best-action, and build omnichannel customer profiles to enhance engagement with them throughout your customer’s journey and increase your sales automatically.