Fashion eCommerce stores face unprecedented challenges. Digital innovation, surging globalization, and shifts in consumer spending habits have forced this industry to adopt seismic shifts. This article explores where we are, where we’re heading, and how big fashion brands are using eCommerce marketing automation to surge their sales.

Customer online behaviour

Image source: McKinsey

1. Fashion Industry Trends

In the US, the fashion industry estimated 29.5% of fashion retail sales in 2020. The value of the US market is predicted to reach $100 billion by 2021.

While the fortune brands are already a step ahead of small stores because of great brand recognition and clientele of loyal customers who love them. One major mistake that small businesses are making is that they are not taking full advantage of eCommerce marketing platforms.

Martin, a famous woman entrepreneur officially launched KANIA Couture Inc. in 2009, her luxe brand of loungewear is fully dedicated to creating loungewear with sustainable materials. After working 15 years in the fashion industry, Martin accomplished a $1M mark in revenue. However, because of COVID-19 all of her revenue rivulets swiftly closed.

This happened with many brands as they were not prepared for future challenges and online presence. Still, the situation is not stable, only the adoption of new technologies and pace with the latest trend can help you survive.

When we talk about the fashion industry, we can’t forget the jewelry industry as it’s a part of fashion. The threats in the jewelry industry stem mainly from wholesalers selling direct to consumers, plus consumer pressure on jewelry manufacturers to be more transparent about pricing. Also, it is expected that the jewelry market will be dominated by global doyen like Louis Vuitton.

Research revealed that if mono-brand jewelry retailers use a multi-channel eCommerce strategy or an omnichannel retail approach, they will likely achieve their goals. When lakhs of brands are competing for the same sales, smart branding, and marketing automation can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Here’s an in-depth look at how the most successful fashion brands are using the power of eCommerce marketing platforms and improving their customer content strategy.

2. How the Biggest Fashion eCommerce Brands Use Reviews

Victoria’s Secret changed its game by including a “verified purchaser” tag along with some of the reviews. This encourages trust by showing that those reviewers actually purchased the product they’re writing about. 

Victoria’s Secret is not only the one who is doing best. According to Business Insider, Adore Me, an eCommerce lingerie store, is swiftly beginning to stand against Victoria’s Secret as a real competitor.

Victoria’s Secret

Image source: Victoria’s Secret

Brands like Adore Me that are taking advantage of reviews prove a growing trend of mid-to-enterprise-sized eCommerce businesses taking over conventional brick-and-mortar stores.

Adore Me
“Inc. notes that in 3 years, the company has grown a whopping 15,606% “

Just like these big brands you can also use AiTrillion’s review collector to easily ask your customers for reviews. One of our customers pinupspaboutique is using AiTrillion’s review and rating generator to turn its customer into a brand ambassador. 

Product review

With AiTrillion, eCommerce merchants have the ease to get more authentic customer reviews on their websites and utilize them for generating more sales. You can send automatic emails and push messages just after the ordered product has been shipped to ask customers for review. AiTrillion allows fashion stores to automatically ask customers to review their shopping experience within a fixed time from their purchase.


  • Send post-purchase emails to customers after they make a purchase. It increases the chances of getting reviews within 2 or 3 days of the purchase. 
  • AiTrillion’s review collector makes it easy for your customers to leave reviews. 
  • You can also send a post-purchase email series with a product image that they bought, it adds a personal touch and prompts customers to leave a review. 
  • Give loyalty points to verified reviews to the customers.
  • When customers finish their payment process, you can show a review popup to get the review in happy timing.

3. Loyalty Programs in Fashion Stores to Boost Sales

Every year the fashion industry becomes extremely competitive.  As we all know that acquiring new customers is relatively costly, many online fashion brands are using loyalty programs to increase their customer retention rate. While now every brand is using loyalty programs, so you should work on making your program stand out from the rest.

Here is a great loyalty example in the fashion industry that helps their brands retain customers and increase profitability.

Nordstrom is the best example of a fashion store that is leveraging loyalty programs in the right way. Nordstrom is using a tier system to formulate an engaging customer experience with compelling rewards at every level.

Nordstrom loyalty program offers various perks based on the purchase level of customers. Therefore it helps Nordstrom to motivate their customers to spend more on the store to get more benefits. 

Nordstrom loyalty program

Image Source: Nordstrom loyalty program

Eure Looking Good Apparel is the place where you can find expressive apparel designs. This brand is using AiTrillion’s loyalty rewards program and has witnessed an amazing rise since the adoption of the app.

AiTrillion loyalty program

One more client who is extremely happy with our loyalty reward program is  Unapologaytic. Unapologaytic is the UK’s gay headquarter. They use the latest technology and organic cotton for our T-shirts to only print your garment when you place an order. This minimizes wastage and allows them to offer you a wider range of products from t-shirts to embroidered polo shirts, phone cases, greetings cards, and even mugs.

“Very easy app to install and customise. Customers seem to love interacting with it and there’s a definite boost in traffic. Great support available too”. Unapologaytic

AiTrillion allows brands to:

  • Reviews: Give points if customers leave a review.
  • Share: Give points on the Facebook share at Thank You popup.
  • Push: Give points when customers allow for Push Notification.
  • Emails: Automatic email triggers based on loyalty points.
  • List & Segments: Give points if customer enter list and segments
  • Popups Subscription: Give points if customers subscribe from any popup and event.
  • Email Open And Click Rate: Give points now for open and click of email activities too.
  • New Loyalty Widget: Advanced widget to display current point status on a page, snippets, separate refer a friend popup widget and many more.

You can also define specific rules so customers will only receive reward points once every day, week, month, or year.

AiTrillion loyalty program

This works remarkably for Shopify merchants who want to boost frequent, low-cost purchases.

AiTrillion discount types

4. Email Marketing For Fashion Brands

Rip Curl is one of the popular sportswear brands that is using email marketing for engaging their customers. It uses the emotional triggers in their emails series to gain the attention of its subscribers. 

email marketing campaign

Here are the highlights of Rip Curl’s email marketing campaigns:

  • Rip Curl knows the power of showing a product in action. They designed their emails with proper strategies that contain minimum words but with as much action as possible. 
  • Their marketers have known that people’s buying behavior is linked with feelings, rather than logic. 

Image Source: Rip Curl

H&M Group is also experimenting with its email series. They engage their audience with new products, bestsellers, and personalized emails. 

Email Marketing

Image Source: H&M

Our Shopify store Milano is also unleashing the power of email marketing with workflow automation and segmentation. They have seen huge traffic gain and lead generation with automated email marketing.

In the beginning, Milano’s growth was organic, targeting women across their network. They needed an email marketing platform that was manageable enough to use yet robust enough to easily automate messages that convey the brand story and maximize sales. AiTrillion’s easy-to-setup automation workflows helped them to achieve their targeted goal. 

As a new business, it is essential for  Milano to continuously grow their email database. By using AiTrillion’s built-in smart pop-up, they were able to do just that. By offering a first-time discount in a beautifully customized pop-up, Milano saw that their sign-up rating is increasing. Not only did this provide list growth, but each resignation sends the first email in their three-part welcome series.

Email Marketing

5. Inspiring Examples of Web Push Notification from the Fashion Brands

Based on a Localytics study, 52% of smartphone users have enabled push notifications on their devices, which means these notifications can turn out as a beneficial way for businesses to reach out to their customers whenever they want. Web push notification can help fashion stores to:

  • Promote their products and services
  • Raising trust and brand reputation
  • Engage users who aren’t currently on your website
  • Recovering abandoned carts 

One of our beauty brands 4theloveofbubbles is using web push notifications to notify their customers about their new packaging because of COVID-19.

AiTrillion push notification

“Ivory Ella generates + $1 million revenue with web push notifications”

AiTrillion’s web push notifications are connected with Workflow Automation, Email, Loyalty Program, and Review – Send web push notifications automatically based on customer behaviors and exclusive triggers. You can add push notification campaigns in your automated workflow, this will automatically send push notifications to customers based on their behavior like sending reviews, redeeming loyalty points, product recommendations, and other activities with stores. 

Benefit – 

  • Send Web Push based on store signup, product purchase, loyalty point gain, review request, Abandoned cart, etc. It also helps you reach out to your lost customers with a personalized message at perfect timing. 
  • You can also send web push notifications to those customers who have not opened your emails. It automatically segments customers who have opened your mail or not and then sends push notifications based on your preferred campaign. 
  • Send web push notifications for review requests after the product purchase. 
  • Send push notifications if they reach a set number of loyalty points to redeem it. 
  • Dynamic push popup encourages customers to subscribe to the push to earn loyalty points.
  • Web push notifications are integrated with Workflows so you can send more web pushes with more advanced triggers like send when customers abandoned the cart, leave the site quickly, and are a few steps away from winning the rewards.
AiTrillion web push notification

One of our clients Infinity Collection is a leading source for fashion jewelry. Infinity’s jewelry collection includes a huge range of ornaments for every occasion, you will find everything for everyone.

Various experiments with marketing platforms proved unsuccessful. That’s when they were browsing and found AiTrillion. Not only did they find the feature abilities engaging, but they also saw great reviews which showed that the platform was efficient and didn’t need a lot of setups. It was also a bonus that AiTrillion smoothly integrates with Shopify stores.

Infinity Collection then started looking at the automation features and decided to boost its customer retention. While using various automation workflows like Customer Reactivation and Welcome Campaigns, they found that web push notifications are a powerful weapon for restoring cart abandonment sales.

AiTrillion web push notification

6. Personalization Trends in Fashion Retail

Personalization is the key to the future of eCommerce, shoppers will begin to expect hyper-personalization in the eCommerce fashion industry. 

They want product recommendations similar to the item they are already browsing. Customer targeting, based on their digital data like location and previous purchase, cost of the product, type of the product, and others is being pushed by eCommerce specialists as a solution to the depletion of cookie tracking.

Our client Jomar is a Philadelphia-based discount department store that offers up to 70% OFF on items as compared to department store prices! The store was looking for a platform that can help in reaching new customers. As they started their business in 2020, it was hard for them to invest huge money in marketing. They heard about AiTrillion from their friend and they instantly installed it. After exploring all the features of AiTrillion, Jomar just loves all the uniqueness of our platform especially personalization with various segment triggers.


7. Conclusion

We hope these fashion brands’ eCommerce marketing and sales strategies help you sell more on your Shopify fashion store.

If you’re setting up your Shopify store, you can take inspiration from these top Shopify fashion brands.

When setting up an automated marketing strategy, it’s vital to first have an engaging on-site experience. AiTrillion is an all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce marketing, used by the world’s leading brands.

Reach out to us at to set up a marketing automation platform in your Shopify fashion and apparel store!

The main USP of AiTrillion’s web push notifications is the Integration with 11+ touchpoints like Loyalty Rewards, Product Reviews, Email Marketing, Workflow Automation, Smart Popups, and multiple triggers available on the platform.
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