You can’t ignore the power of Generation Z. There are an estimated 60 million (25.9%) of the US population, which spends -$44B in the US annually.

According to the US-based DWW survey, 70% of parents ask their Gen Z children to decide what to buy. See the power of Gen Z.

Before discussing anything about Generation Z and how it can impact your business let’s know what Generation Z is?

Who is Generation Z?

Those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s fall in the Gen Z category. They are digitally native and spend nearly over eight hours a day online. Generation Z uses technology to purchase and expect a high quality of service expectations while shopping online.

Gen Z is always looking for better options and thrives for more discounts while shopping with brands. This is why it’s hard to keep them engaged with your brand. How it is crucial for successive business growth to keep them engaged and spending with you long-term. They are digitally savvy so to maintain their pace your brand should actively keep eyes open on the latest trend and come up with new ideas to attract their attention.
During a crisis, companies saw the most dramatic shifts in behavior and spending in younger generations. Now they become even more critical than in normal times. Companies that want to serve in the future mainstream will need to develop a deep understanding of Gen Z by anticipating their shifts and adjusting their marketing strategies to catch the wave early. Today behaviors are constantly changing and consumers are more winnable, instant shift can disrupt risk.

Let’s take a look at the ways you should be using to engage and retain Gen Z customers and how you can build brand loyalty for your store.

How to retain customers
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Tips to attract and retain Generation Z customers

There are various ways through which you can retain and engage your generation Z audience only you have to make strategies that are based on real-time data and contain a blend of empathy and intelligence. Only empathy will not work as this intelligent generation believes in figures instead of emotions. Here are some tips that will help you to engage and retain your most loyal yet flux audience.

Gen-Z read emails

“Nearly 95% of Gen Zers say email is essential to their lives.” And you were thinking they only check Netflix updates. See you don’t know them at all.

Gen Zers use email to stay in touch with brands they like the most, and large portions of them say email marketing is a crucial factor in their buying decisions.  We cannot disagree with the fact that they only respond to simplicity, not the one filled with a sales pitch and lots of spamming. Gen Zers have built well-bred content filters that come from being girded by heaps of information all the time. They know how to cut off from email series if your email is worth their time, so you’ve to send your best.

Set up an email marketing campaign with hyper-personalized messaging with real facts and figures to target your audience. Simply automation will not work here. Automation with Intelligence will help you set an automated email marketing workflow based on behavioral triggers.

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