Want to boost your e-commerce sales, but don’t know where to start? Consider this, 65% of companies see email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.

Even though marketers these days are exploring all kinds of new and engaging marketing such as social media, mobile app marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on — email marketing still offers remarkable results.

Additionally, According to data from DMA for every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38. However, not all businesses have been witnessed the same result. Proper implementation and automation play an important role in making email marketing campaigns successful.

email marketing for Shopify

Innovative automation software can now offer advanced segmentation, personalized messaging options, and harnessing the power of other marketing channels like social media, web push notification, popups to drive ever-higher ROI.

However, amongst the noise and bustle of modernity, the old strategy still stands — the simple email.

A few years back we heard the news that email marketing was dead. Just to clear this thing

73% of company respondents ranking the channel as excellent.

email marketing for Shopify

Clearly, email marketing is still as consistent as ever and shouldn’t be ignored. To ensure that you’re maximizing the power of email marketing, we’ve put together a shortlist of best practices. let’s get started!

1. Start With a Welcome Email Series

When new subscribers sign up for your eCommerce newsletter, they want to hear from you. That’s the reason they signed up. This the best time to reach out to new subscribers; this is when they’re looking for an email from you.

We recommend sending a welcome email series of at least 3 emails so new subscribers can get to know more about you.

Based on the research, welcome emails have 86% higher open rates than other emails and generate, nearly 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails.

2. Use Personalization to Target Individuals

Targeting your entire audience with a single message is not an effective move. It will end up losing your potential subscribers. That’s where personalization comes in.

Personalization can staggeringly increase open rates, clicks, and engagement while reducing bounces, and unsubscribes. Sending emails with personalized content to each audience segment is an excellent way to keep your subscribers happy, and happy subscribers are more likely to buy.

You could start by segmenting your list into the conventional demographics like age, gender, income, location. In this way, you can draft more targeted messages to your audience segments.

3. Offer Exclusive Discounts to Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are very important to successfully run the business in the long term. Therefore it is important to make them happy. Introduce loyalty programs to keep your loyal customers coming back to your store.

Repeat customers are the root of any business, they are the bread and butter of your business and help it thrive. One of the easiest ways to incentivize your audience is by giving a discount coupon while they purchase from your store.

But if you think it should be a bit more special for your most engaged customers, then send a personalized email along with discounts, coupon codes, or any other perks to target the right segments.

4. Send Promotional Emails for all Subscribers

While targeting your loyal customers with amazing VIP perks, don’t forget to target your subscribers who could be your future loyal customers. Sending traditional promotional sales emails can help you engage your other subscribers.

Seasonal and holiday sales campaigns are an attractive way to get the attention of subscribers who haven’t yet taken the move from their screen-shopper to consumer. Black Friday & Cyber Monday is the best season to run a holiday email marketing campaign and gain a huge customer base.

Many big brands shared their experience and claim that they secured 25% of annual retail sales only in two months of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

If you’re not already taking advantage of scheduled sales, get started.

You can easily set up the coupon code to automatically apply to the cart with AiTrillion to make it easy for subscribers to buy. Adding the link to your email can be a fringe benefit, too.

5. Send an Abandoned Cart Email Series

Cart abandonment is a growing challenge for all eCommerce marketers, as an estimated 70% of all online shopping carts are being abandoned. To help recover lost sales, businesses practice email marketing to recover abandoned sales.

A reminder email along with the product image is a great way to remind your customers of what they’re missing out on. Stores who are sending abandoned cart email series are seeing 30-50% open and click rates.

The fashion industry is witnessing the biggest sales uplift from cart abandonment emails, at 6.38. The average uplift across all retail types is 4.43%.

6. Ask Customers for Reviews

User-generated content proved as the best way to increase the authenticity of the brand. Brands are flaunting their review, feedback, and content sharing on their social media platforms to build trust with their audience.

Ask your customer right after they completed their shopping with your store. You must have heard that “strike while the iron is hot.” The same theory is applicable in this case. Send review email series with relevant product images increases the chance of getting positive reviews instantly.

Reviews for Shopify

7. Set up a Referral Program

A referral program is the oldest yet effective way of marketing that encourages customers to promote on behalf of your brand. It is just like mouth publicity, rather than writing reviews online, referral programs let your customers share their brand experience with their family members, friends, and others.

The idea behind the referral program is to attract new leads to your business. In this way you are not bringing in any leads, you are bringing in potential leads that are interested in your product/services.

This makes a referral program an excellent tactic. According to the research, 92% of people trust recommendations from peers over advertisers.

8. Send Back in Stock Notifications

Running out of stock is always disheartening. It is like leaving money on the table. Now you don’t need to worry about all the sales you are missing as you can send Back In Stock Notifications to your customers.

Customers like to be kept in the loop about the products they really desire. Also, it’s a fabulous way to keep them captivated with your email marketing campaigns.

Back In Stock Notifications gives your customers a smooth way to know when your products are restocked, and brings them back to your store. Send these notifications to customers who land on a sold-out product page to notify them when the product becomes available.

There you have all the best eCommerce email marketing tips to get the most out of your customer relationships and send your sales soaring.

For more ideas to boost your eCommerce revenue, see our blog section that will help you create a successful email marketing campaign. AiTrillion comes with 11+ marketing apps and helps you safely store your fruitful leads right in your dashboard until you’ve decided to send them email and other marketing campaigns.

Try it once, you will get addicted for sure! 😉