Want to boost your e-commerce sales, but don’t know where to start? Consider this, 65% of companies see email marketing as the most effective marketing channel.

Even though marketers these days are exploring all kinds of new and engaging marketing such as social media, mobile app marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on — email marketing still offers remarkable results.

Additionally, According to data from DMA for every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38. However, not all businesses have been witnessed the same result. Proper implementation and automation play an important role in making email marketing campaigns successful.

email marketing for Shopify

Innovative automation software can now offer advanced segmentation, personalized messaging options, and harnessing the power of other marketing channels like social media, web push notification, popups to drive ever-higher ROI.

However, amongst the noise and bustle of modernity, the old strategy still stands — the simple email.

A few years back we heard the news that email marketing was dead. Just to clear this thing

73% of company respondents ranking the channel as excellent.

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