The ultimate goal of every business that sells products or services to attract loads of customers, influence them to shop from their store, and then turn them into repeat customers.

How simple it is! Actually, it’s not! Your customers are unpredictable, so to know their next move, you need proper strategy, automation, and of course Email Marketing Funnels! 

An email marketing funnel works as a bridge between brands and customers. It helps you move your potential customers smoothly from one-time customers to loyal customers, without worrying about them getting lost.

There are few steps that you can follow to influence your potential consumers and drive them toward your conversion goal. However, before discussing anything, let’s understand the Email Marketing Funnel in detail. 

What are Email Marketing Funnels?

An email marketing funnel is a process of turning prospects shoppers into customers using email marketing. For efficient email funnels, Shopify store owners have to predict the subscriber’s needs to send a hyper-personalized email at the right time to evoke action. Mainly email funnels demonstrate the four-stage of the customer lifecycle:

  • Engagement
  • Discovery
  • Purchase
  • Retention

There’s a rumor that email marketing is dead now, however many studies have proved this assumption wrong. Nearly 73% of marketers attributed email marketing to increase their conversion efforts, and by 2021, it’s projected that over 319.6 billion emails will be sent daily worldwide

Email may be overlooked, but it by no means is ineffective. The only thing that is ineffective these days is “Junk Email”. To protect your email to become “Junk Email” email marketing funnels come in. If you use email marketing with the past one’s prime strategy, you’re not going to get too far. If you want email marketing to be successful, you need to be persistent and have a strategy so that the right candidate is receiving the right content at the right time. That is what an email marketing funnel can do for you.

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