Your loyal customers are the best sales rep and marketer for your brand, but most of the time they forget to leave a review. How do you turn customer loyalty into powerful 5-star reviews?
AiTrillion is the best tool to reward your customers and keep the reviews coming in (forever) from your most loyal customers.

Why get reviews from regular customers?

Over time, loyal customers not only spend more money at your store, but they also speak the most powerfully to others. Your loyal customers are the best potential advocates for your store.

“Did you know it costs a business about 5-25X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one?”
– HubSpot

Here we’ll talk about why you should try to get reviews from your most loyal customers and how to do it.

How the integration of Review, Loyalty with the AI engine work?

Trust me, it’s not rocket science!!
Our AI engine strives to take engagement to the next level. It lets you offer reward points to your customers as soon as they leave a review of the purchased products in your store. Set your loyalty program once & and get ready to give your customers as many loyalty points they need. The choice of points you offer and the type of products customers can give reviews about depends on how you tweak the program.

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Advantages of “Review Rule”

It’s a Win-Win. You get reviews and your customers get rewards, right? No. You definitely get more than rewards. Here is the list of “Extra’s”-

Skyrocket sales

Customer reviews and testimonials act like one of your greatest sales tools. Almost all customers who buy a product from your store first take a glance at reviews. By using AiTrillion you can muster more positive reviews, which will translate a lot more sales.

Reduce product return rates

Customers usually return products when they are not really satisfied with its features or quality.
The positive reviews given by your customers will provide a better context to your buyers about the products that they are going to buy, reassure your product quality & ensure that all buyers are satisfied with what they ordered, thereby reducing the return rates.

Instills trust in your brand

Review coming straight from the mind of happy customers can build trust and create meaningful social proof for your online store. And as an all in one marketing platform, AiTrillion is your best bet to build trust with your customers.

The review rule in action

Want to know who is leveraging this form of marketing to drive more engagement? Any guesses. “The almighty google”, shocked? Our very own Google, through its Google Maps, has used this form of marketing to get more local reviews from Local Guides. Google Local Guides are given 10 points for submitting reviews of local places they visit. These points, when accumulated, can be redeemed for new features in Google Maps and other perks.

Use customer reviews strategically and don’t shy away from showing off how important their reviews are for your brand. So why not join the bandwagon with your online store now?