Did you know customer engagement is an ongoing interaction between a company and its customers, offered by the company and chosen by the customer?

Got 4 minutes to spare? Jus 4 minutes are going to change your marketing strategy and get you 6X customer engagement. Some businesses make customer engagement look easy, don’t they? They have customer engagement that you need to be envious of.

Heads up! Don’t be green-eyed now. AiTrillion is the platform for you to increase your conversions 6X with clicking announcement bars.

Let’s get you acquainted with some unique and creative ways of increasing customer engagement in today’s competitive landscape.

Knock customer’s socks off this BFCM with the announcement bar

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are getting closer and closer, so make your store ready for these big days. Take advantage of AiTrillions’ last-minute BFCM 2019 announcement bars and win the attention of your audience without any hassle.

AiTrillion helps you deliver engaging experiences that amaze your customers and tell your brand story. With automated and scheduled announcement bars, bind the attention of shoppers and motivate them to shop more during the check out process.

Woo your customers with ear-splitting sales motivator bar

The eCommerce market is expanding and becoming denser too if compared to the physical markets. Here you are… with just a few clicks and your customers can find better prices or better products somewhere else.

To ride the fore-horse on your customers’ list, start blaring on customers’ heads with attractive offers.
Integrating the eCommerce marketing platform to encourage your visitors to go ahead and make a purchase to boost the conversion.

Showcase discounts on an announcement bar to increase sales

Flash your promotions with a fully customized bar on your online store. You can also design bar background images based on customer psychology and season to generate more sales. For designing personalized discounts and coupons, you need a complete view of your customers. However, if you’re missing out on valuable customer insights, you are surely losing somewhere.

AiTrillion can help you append missing customer data too. Once you have a 360-degree view of your customers, you can create customized discount bars to effectively connect and engage with your audience.
With AiTrillions’ automated platform, convert your visitors into paying customers and generate more sales.

Personalized bar templates for the holiday season.

announcement bar

The festive season has begun! Gazillion brands have started bombarding their offers through lightning marketing material and campaigns on us.

Now, how do you reach out to your audience in between all this hubbub? Don’t worry! AiTrillion has effective solutions for all marketing related needs. This automated eCommerce marketing platforms’ curated bar background image feature helps you express the holiday and promotion mood to your customers to increase conversions and generate more sales.

It lets you choose stunning images and harness real-time data to personalize the entire customer journey. You can customize the content in messages based on country, products & collection, time, and traffic source to inflate your sale.

Add urgency to your offers with the countdown timer bars

Countdown Timer bar

Create a sense of urgency in the market to boost your sales. Some times visitors mull over whether to buy a particular product or not, at this point when you create anxiety in your audience with the low inventory and great deals. The general psyche of people is known to influence quick action.

Dial-up your sense of urgency with AiTrillions’ marketing tool and triggers, personalized offers and content in the countdown timer bars to enhance your customer engagement.

According to a survey, pop-ups helped entrepreneur.com increase subscriptions by 86% and sales by 162%.

Motivate your consumers to buy with sales motivator bar

sales motivater bar
“You’re only $11.99 away from free shipping?”

This is a popup notification that we have seen many times while shopping online. Have you wondered why online stores do that? Simply because it works! When customers know exactly how close they are to receiving offers, coupons and bonus points, they extend their budget and shop a little more to avail those offers.

This is the most effective way to increase shoppers’ average checkout total by 15-25%. So, if you’re not using a sales motivator bar to encourage your customers to spend a little more every time they shop – you’re refusing money served up on a plate.

Create curiosity by integrating a fixed-length sales motivator bar OR by using the countdown timer bar and positioning it to the header on your store.

Add a cookie consent message to your website

cookie bar

Wondering about the best way to display a cookie notification? Landed at the right place.

An eye-catching slider bar with a clear message like “this website uses cookies” allows you to store visitors’ information transparently.

Place an interactive button to collect active consent from your website visitors, this prevents you from any data security threats.

The revised EU cookie law has made cookie messages the most discussed topic among the website owners for quite some time. So, display an attractive yet personalized notice bar asking your visitors for the cookies used in the store.

There are four ways to place cookies bar –  

  • Fixed Footer Notification
  • Top Header Notification
  • Inline Top Header Notification
  • Box Notification

Looking to set up a cookies bar on your Shopify store? Use appealing templates offered by the AiTrillion eCommerce platform and notify your users about cookies. 


Lodge your notification bar above-the-fold so users can easily find offers and important information at their first glance, rather than hiding it in the footer section or other places where it is difficult to find.

An announcement bar lets your website visitors see your important news, offers and reward points as he scrolls through the website. At AiTrillion, you can customize your message to your customers and trigger it to a specified time range.

Personalize the look and feel of the announcement bar using our beautiful theme styles and designs, and highlight your messages to visitors, regardless of their device or platform.

All set to accelerate your sales like never before? AiTrillion is the best platform to create urgency and increase your sales.