Your most valuable customers are not the ones you are going to convert today, but those that got converted yesterday. It is less expensive and easy to convert existing customers into loyal repeat customers because chances are that they will always spend more than a new customer.

80% of customers say – they prefer to do business with a company that offers a combination of email marketing with Loyalty reward program”(Ref-

Have you ever thought of sending Shopify loyalty rewards program emails to grab the attention of your customers? Best loyalty rewards programs provide the perfect opportunity to retain customers in the easiest way possible. With AiTrillion, you get the perfect balance between eCommerce email marketing and loyalty reward programs. Email and rewards should not be the notion of separate entities but rather a combined legacy. In order to stimulate curiosity amongst customers to buy more from your store, you need a loyalty program that compliments email marketing. AiTrillion’s well-designed loyalty rewards program emails will encourage long-term commitment from your customers.

Here is some information that should be included in Shopify email marketing, so as to optimize the loyalty rewards program.

Bonus point information with email campaign

Encourage your customers to become loyal customers by sending them bonus point emails & engaging them with a loyalty rewards program. Send personalized email campaigns when the customers create an account, make a purchase, follow on social media, visit your store, or add reward points on their birthday.

With AiTrillion, you can send pre-designed email templates to remind customers about their reward points, which can be redeemed for future activities in your store.

welcome email

“55% of customers join rewards programs to receive discounts”(Ref-

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Use power of promotion with referral program promotional emails

Refer- a- friend is an interesting and potential way of advertising your brand to a wider audience. With AiTrillion, you can send referral email campaigns to create awareness about referral reward points in the mind of a customer. Referral codes can also be sent via email, for redeeming reward points in future transactions.

You can also send promotional email campaigns from AiTrillion to the customers who share your social media profile on their platforms. This will also lead to the acquisition of new customers for your store.

loyalty email

Product loyalty reward promotional emails

AiTrillion helps in sending promotional emails of the product along with the points they have gained on the purchase. This encourages customers to buy more from the same store. It also keeps your customers engaged for future purchases. Visa-a vis, you can also send a re-engagement email campaign to remind customers about the points they have in their wallets. These emails are yet another interaction opportunity for the store to connect with the customer again.

Exclusive emails for members only

A customer always feels connected to a store that remembers their small details and special occasions. With AiTrillion’s personalized email series, you can send special offers to your exclusive members on special occasions like a birthday, an anniversary, etc; to express your love and care towards them. This creates a special bond between a brand and the customer which eventually results in nurturing a healthy relationship.

AiTrillion helps in creating email campaigns as per a customer’s buying behavior and pattern. Give more value to your best customers with a powerful inbuilt Tier system.

You can promote the b2b loyalty rewards program in all promotional emails, by including the customer’s current tier and their point balance. This email will ensure that the customer is always aware of the additional value they have, and the gains they can make. This will also discourage them to purchase from your competitor.

special membership mail

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Redemption campaign emails

Let your customers decide the redemption activity of the reward points they have earned. This can be easily done by using AiTrillion’s inbuilt redemption campaign email series

By sending customers the validity of the current reward points, redemption emails can also be used as a trigger to attract customers to buy more from your store. These emails create a fear of missing out on the redemption points which will eventually lead to an increase in sales of the store. AiTrillion allows for redemption of points using the methods below:


  • Money off – a fixed amount of off on total order with the redemption of points.
  • Percentage discount off on the customer’s entire order.
  • Free Shipping – Provide free shipping codes on a specific amount of points.
  • Free Product (Voucher) – Give any product free on specific amounts of points of the customer.
  • Product Discount (Voucher) – Give X% off on any product, on any specific points redeemed.
Redemption campaign emails

Thank you emails

Make your customers feel special by sending “Thank you emails” with every purchase and details of Points earned and/or points redeemed. Appreciating your customer, will help in building and nurturing a long-term relationship. 

With AiTrillion, you can send them customized or personalized thank you emails to appreciate them for being part of your brand journeySmart brands never miss out on sending appreciation emails to their customers.

Thank you mail

When a personalized email campaign is used there is a 41% increase in open rate, 14% increase in click rate, and a 10% increase in conversion rate.” (Ref-

Summing Up

Stir up your customers with a combination of automated and personalized loyalty rewards program emails. By sending Loyalty rewards emails your customers get engaged with your brand and that makes your brand journey remarkable.

AiTrillion’s Loyalty program integration with email marketing makes it easier than ever to capture, engage, retain, and recapture your customers. It also helps you retain and grow existing customers in no time.

Personalization, Automation, Segmentation, and Prediction are the key factors of AiTrillion. Want to explore how? Try it yourself.