Still, stuck with old fashion tactics to allure your website visitors? Leave them right now!

Customization is in trend, make it your USP and differentiate your brand from your competitors by removing the extra hassle of dozens of different apps with effectual automated eCommerce marketing plugins.

Through customized and personalized popups, you can boost your brand engagement and transform the purchase behavior of buyers. Monitor the behavior of each visitor and auto-trigger your smart popups exactly when they about to leave your site.

Unfortunately, some sellers still struggle with sales even after implementing such popups. This happens because sellers fail to tailor popups according to the buyers’ mindset. To push your popups into the visitor’s head create the best user experience and ace this giant market.

AiTrillion has an amazing integrated smart pop-up feature to increase customer engagement. Let’s see how it can soar your sales.

Newsletter Signup Popup

Newsletter signup popups can turn your visitors into customers. With appealing and time-triggered newsletters, you can enhance your Shopify store’s revenue by upselling and cross-selling the products or services.

Drive-up your engagement with AiTrillions’ intelligent notification scheduling features and ensure newsletters are sent at the most appropriate time to boost response rates.

Subscribe popup

 Exit-intent Popup

The placement of your popups is key, so start focusing on that. Know where your visitors are dropping off and send attractive popups with unique rewards when your visitors are about to click away from the website.

Usually, visitors fill up a cart with items and then leave, causing abandoned cart rates to escalate. To reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment rates, start tracking the customer behavior with smart eCommerce platforms like AiTrillion and show smart popups at the right time to stop visitors from leaving before check out.

Abandoned cart popup

Abandoned Cart Popup

You’ve likely seen pop-ups while browsing the internet— they’re powerful tools for potentially recapturing the attention of site visitors. With the right giveaway popups, you can improve your cart abandonment rates and increase conversions.

Abandoned Cart

Review Popup

87% of shoppers begin product searches on digital channels. Shoppers love to buy products having reviews and ratings. Ask your customers to review your product and services, and reward them with attractive bonus points and coupons.

Send personalized and targeted reward emails based on the segmentation and powerful predictions with AiTrillion’s marketing automated platform and instilling trust in your site visitors.


 Loyalty Reward Popup

How many visitors opted for your products or services? Are you successfully converting your visitors to clients? If not, start spotting their behavioral insights, discover and customize popups according to your customers’ patterns and give them a personal touch.

Segment your audience first and use social proof and sent them loyalty points through Ai powered AiTrillion’s platforms. Convince your first-time visitors to take the desired action when landing on your site.

loyalty points

Summing up


To grow your business, it’s important to focus on making new sales or pursuing bigger accounts. However, attention to your existing customers is essential to keeping your business thriving. The secret to repeat business is following up in a way that has a positive effect on the customer.

Start using smart popups and trigger them with eye-opening reward points at the right time. Avail AiTrillion platforms’ strengths in marketing and sales to create a system that serves your customers’ needs – without annoying visitors or ruining the user experience.

Unveils new heights in sales with smart popups and recover your lost visitor in 2020. Want to try us for scaling your brand?