Pop-ups are one of the most ingenious ways to collect emails, increase average order value, guide visitors, and fasten sales. However, we are not denying that many Shopify merchants have some misconceptions because of annoying pop-ups, especially entry pop-ups that show up right when you ground on a site. Those pop-ups are really awful.

Well, here we are not talking about those pop-ups, we are talking about well-timed AiTrillion’s pop-up with personalized content.

The top 10% highest-performing pop-ups averaged a 9.28% conversion rate.

The success rate of any marketing strategy depends on how well you craft it, the same thing applies to pop-up campaigns.

Onsite re-targeting pop-ups with timely triggers is a best practice that you can try as it ensures that your pop-ups show up at just the right time. When you have a lot of visitors on your website but not a lot of customers, you can create an exit-intent pop-up – one that displays when someone tries to leave your site – and add those visitors to your email list.

You can display a pop-up with special offers or reward points to your visitors, so they will complete the checkout process. In fact, with a well-crafted pop-up campaign, you can recover up to 12% of your lost customers!

The whole purpose of pop-ups is to take an opportunity and provide some added value. If someone reads your entire blog post, you can use the potential of pop-ups to convert them into a newsletter subscriber.

Different Types of Pop-ups


Here is the list of the different types of website pop-ups you can play with:

Exit-Intent Pop-up


More personalized and engaging recommendations = More stores benefit + Boost purchase

Exit-intent pop-ups with some reward points and coupons can get back your customers who are about to leave your website. Customers leave websites for a lot of reasons, especially when they found something more interesting on another website.

Show a pop-up when the customer tries to leave your store, it will reduce your bounce rate, and convert visitors into customers. Reduce bounce rate using Ai-powered smart exit pop-ups with attractive discounts and give your visitors a reason to stick around.

Product Recommendation Pop-ups

Increase your average order value using product recommendation pop-ups. Display products on a pop-up based on behavior or promote bestsellers. Use recommendation pop-ups to increase the recurring purchases and push your customers to spend more. Personalized recommendation pop-ups let you climb your store engagement and make visitors think twice about clicking away.

Site Review

Ask for a site review with a pop-up. You can also use them to promote your reviews. If your website already has reviews, use pop-ups to promote them and if not, ask customers to review your site before exiting.

Product Review

The smart pop-up can help you get reviews with repeating customers. With AiTrillion, you can show a pop-up with the products that the customer bought previously from your store. AiTrillion also determines the best time to ask for reviews from your customers, ensuring a high open and response rate. It helps you to intensify customer trust.

Abandoned Cart

Display your cart abandonment pop-ups with personalized offers when visitors are about to scroll down a page or leave the website. Want to figure out why prospects are leaving their cart? Use AiTrillion’s deep analytics to track your customer’s behavior and send smart pop-ups according to their moods.

Custom Pop-up

Custom pop-ups are all about personalized experiences. These types of pop-ups are specially designed to target the specific emotion of the visitor. With AiTrillion’s drag and drop editor, you can customize the pop-ups based on your campaign theme. The advantage of a custom pop-up is that you can create personalized content.

You can schedule a pop-up based on the preferred time and trigger when a visitor takes a specific action. This will help you reach that specific group of visitors with a personalized message or offer.

Newsletter Signup

With Ai integrated newsletter signup pop-ups, make your visitors subscribe to your newsletter and convert them into sales later.

Grow your engaged email list by sending newsletter signup pop-ups with personalized content and irresistible incentives. When your visitors will be happy and find your store valuable, they will share their contact details with you happily.

How to Add Popups to your Site?

Benefits of Pop-up for Shopify Stores

1. Drive more sales

No matter which industry you belong to, with pop-up you can effectively increase your sales. Describe your products and services on your website, with appealing designs to get the attention of visitors. Use pop-ups to give your visitors the final push that will encourage them to act.

Pop-ups should feature discounts, special offers, benefits, and a clear CTA button to call for action.

2. Grow your subscriber’s list

Use signup newsletters pop-ups to convert your visitors into your subscribers. With appealing and time-triggered newsletters, you can improve your client’s revenue by upselling and cross-selling their products or services.

Drive-up your engagement with AiTrillion’s intelligent notification scheduling features and ensure newsletters are sent at the most appropriate time to boost response rates.

3. Generate leads

Use pop-up with a clear call to Action button, so interested viewers know what they will get when they take an action. It will also help to increase the possibility of clicks.

A simple pop-up image relevant to the offer also increases conversions. With AiTrillion, you can also trigger a pop-up in a preferred time on the page to make sure someone was engaged with your post before they received a pop-up asking for their information.

Always make sure the pop-up that triggered adds value to visitors otherwise it will turn into junk.

4. Improve the customer experience

Customer engagement is essential for making good relationships with your customers, and it’s also important for business growth. Pop-ups help you quickly catch your visitors’ attention and engage them.

Using our features you’ll be able to display the right message, to the right people, at the right time. With personalized messages, you can make visitors feel special and you value them.

5. Increase cart value

Pop-ups help you increase your average order value and generate more extravagant purchases with the same amount of traffic.

6. Promote special offers

Generate more first-time and repeat buyers by promoting your valuable offers and incentives.

7. Collect Reviews

Value your clients by asking their product and site reviews and improve your overall customer satisfaction rate.

8. Social Engagement

Build, grow social communities, and nurture your customer relationships in a friendly way. Give them rewards to follow your profiles.

Points to be Remembered while Designing Pop-up


1. While designing your Pop-up, add a flavor of your website. Make sure your pop-up matches your brand identity.

2. Have a clear CTA with actionable adjectives like download now, case studies, and others.

3. Use attractive designs. We all know users first read with their eyes. So treat their eyes with appealing pop-up design.

4. Experiment with different formats.

  • Countdown pop-ups,
  • Full-screen overlays, and
  • Slide-in pop-ups.

5. Make your pop-up responsive.

6. Use personalized content to trigger the exact emotions.

7. Showcase your special offer on pop-ups, it catches the attention speedily.

Target Unique Visitor Behaviors with AiTrillion’s Pop-up Feature


AiTrillion offers pop-ups that target the unique behavior of visitors. We discussed the significance of pop-ups and how it can help boost conversions.

It all helps in knowing the behaviors of your audience. There are various ways through which you can use to increase conversion with pop-ups. For instance, you can use exit-intent pop-ups for users who are about to exit from your site.

Once the visitor moves the mouse towards any other section, page, or button, you can trigger a pop-up. In this way, you can capture the attention of visitors and they will likely leave their information.

You can do this by giving a discount code in exchange for a free e-book download, whitepaper, or case study.

Other behaviors you can use to trigger pop-ups are:

  • Scrolling to the middle or end of a page
  • Staying on a page for a specific period of time
  • Clicking on a page

We at AiTrillion allows you to showcase pop-ups that relate to the behaviors of your visitors. For example, if your visitor is looking for a blue dress then trigger a popup of your best seller product of blue color.

Is it not a good way to capture new customers?

Get a detailed report of visitors total number of clicks, total orders, and revenue generated via graphic display for easy analysis

Summing up


We hope the above mentioned information has given you a brief understanding of Pop-ups and the number of ways you can add it to your page.

Yes, pop-ups can be an annoying part of online marketing only if you haven’t optimized it properly. However, with timely triggered pop-ups you can capture more leads as compared to other strategies.

Just like, with AiTrillion’s pop-up, you can make customer retention easy by grabbing your visitor’s attention without annoying them.

With AiTrillion, you can

  • Create pop-up in minutes using a drag & drop editor
  • High quality, ready to use templates
  • Add, remove fields, images, and elements from any template
  • Responsive design
  • No coding skill required
  • All kind of triggering options (exit-intent, timed-display, scroll-based, on-click triggering, monitoring inactivity)
  • Upsell your products with popups, many more.

Ready to get started with popups? Check out the AiTrillion popup builder platform to get started.