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Aren’t we all obsessed with the free stuff? Unquestionably, being rewarded delivers a good feeling. Whether it’s free coffee at a local cafe or a free boat ride or just a gift coupon, it feels great to be recognized and rewarded!

Loyalty rewards are an emotion that drives customers to your store. And we agree is rated as the biggest reward program provider in the world today. But if you are looking for something effective to reach your customers and build strong bonds, then AiTrillion is the perfect fit for your Shopify business.

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AiTrillion is an all-in-one automated marketing platform that relies on a vast set of metrics that prove beneficial to an eCommerce business. The platform leverages multiple channels for eCommerce sellers to-

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Customize loyalty reward programs
  • Product Reviews
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Automate your marketing
  • Promote your customer base
  • Boost your sales

Shopify Loyalty rewards program

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Key Features

Integration – Our key feature is the integration of a loyalty rewards program to email marketing, web push notifications, and product reviews. Let’s see how it can be useful for your store –

  • Give customers points on giving reviews. Loyalty points motivate customers to leave a review after purchasing any product. Based on the tier system, customers can earn double points too.
  • Send automatic emails and push when customers reach an “X” number of points to redeem them before they expire. This will entice them to buy more.
  • Built-in workflows make your life easier to increase customer engagement.

Point system – With AiTrillion you can create 18 activity rules for activities performed. Use these points to motivate customers at every stage of their journey with your brand.

Shopify Loyalty Program Earn Points

Different types of rewards – Reward your customers in a way that makes logical to them. AiTrillion offers rewards in the form of money off, a percentage discount, free shipping, free product, and product discounts.

Tier system – Add value to your special customers. We have a powerful in-built tier system that allows you to build connections with your top customers through increasing rewards, perks, and special offers

Shopify Loyalty Program VIP Tier

Referral program- With AiTrillion refer-a-friend program, you can create value for your existing customers by rewarding them for referring like-minded people to your store. This is the best way to increase brand awareness without putting any additional cost.
Shopify Loyalty Program refer a friend


Growth plan– The growth plan is for the store to have 5000 or fewer customers. This plan also allows you to send 15X emails with other features for $49 per month.

Professional plan- Use AiTrillion to the fullest with a professional plan for $99 per month.

Enterprise plan– For stores with more than 10,000 customers, you can contact us to meet your specific requirements. Our support is entirely free and easy to connect in case of queries.

Overview is one of the most popular e-commerce rewards platforms in the world, especially for small businesses. In terms of features, they also have a point-based system, referrals, and a VIP program. AiTrillion on the other hand is a complete platform offering 11+ customer engagement tools to build a successful business.

We provide exclusive actionable analytics on your data with 11+ actionable touchpoints to engage your customers & boost sales. It includes email marketing, loyalty rewards programs, web push notifications, product reviews, smart popups, live chat, affiliate marketing, announcement bars & product recommendations. This is all to boost customer engagement and retention with automation

Both AiTrillion and offer a free plan. But the starter plan starts at $49 per month which is 3X higher than AiTrillion. AiTrillion pricing starts from $49 per month including all the available features under the proof. Their pricing can go up to $599 per month for just the “ Loyalty Program”. Not only this, they may charge additional costs depending on the size of your community. To help our sellers we have kept the maximum price of $99 per month for all the out-of-the-box features than

At AiTrillion, every client is unique and is giving utmost importance to making his business grow. AiTrillion support is 24*7 available right from small and medium enterprises to iconic brands. We provide absolutely free setup and dedicated account manager to all our clients for resolving queries.

AiTrillion provides you 16 activity rules + 6 types of rewards + POS supported loyalty program+ VIP system + referral program for rewards + powerful integration with other marketing tools like email marketing, product reviews, web push notifications, and many more.

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Quick reference feature comparison table

Features AiTrillion
Integration with other AiTrillion features Email marketing Y Only provides a loyalty program
Product Reviews Y Only provides a loyalty program
Web push notifications Y Only provides a loyalty program
Activity Rules Make a purchase Y Y
Create an account Y Y
Visit store Y Y
Buy $X get Y Points Y N
On X orders get Y points Y N
Happy birthday Y Y
Review product Y Y
Follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest Y Y
Share on Facebook Y Y
Refer a friend Y Y
Give points on push access Y N
Rewards Money off Y Y
Percentage discount Y Y
Free shipping Y Y
Free product(voucher) Y Y
Product discount(voucher) Y Y
Others Report and analytics  Y Y
Customer tier system Y Y
Loyalty points expiration Y Y
Automated workflow emails/push Y N
Segment customers based on activities performed Y Y
Email marketing based on loyalty points Y Y
Custom loyalty popup  Y Y
Custom loyalty page Y Y
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