Email marketing is considered as one of the most powerful marketing tools in the eCommerce business. Klaviyo is a perfect solution for all your email marketing needs. But a smarter marketer is not only interested in sending emails. They need more. Sellers need something that can increase their sales while keeping costs low.

As more sophisticated digital marketing needs emerge, it’s time to make an upgrade for our Shopify sellers to grow and become successful in a much easier and smoother way.

We came with the power of 11+ customer engagement touchpoints for your eCommerce business in one single platform and yep—-with AiTrillion neither do you have to pay for multiple apps nor do your data have to hop skip and jump from one app to the other.

Not to forget, with AiTrillion you can increase your ROI and boost customer engagement.

AiTrillion stands on pillars of integration, automation, and powerful analytics

We’re thrilled to inform you about the remarkable capabilities of AiTrillion, a comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize your eCommerce marketing strategies. While Klaviyo excels in email marketing, AiTrillion takes a more holistic approach, addressing a broader spectrum of your eCommerce needs.

Why Choose AiTrillion Over Klaviyo?

AiTrillion: The Comprehensive E-commerce Marketing Solution

  • All-in-One Platform: AiTrillion goes beyond just email and SMS. It offers an integrated suite that includes loyalty and rewards programs, affiliate marketing, and AI-driven insights, making it a one-stop shop for Shopify sellers.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: With AiTrillion, you get more features for your investment, ensuring a higher return on investment.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for sellers who need a multifaceted marketing strategy without the hassle of juggling multiple tools.

Klaviyo: Specialized but Limited

  • Focused on Email and SMS: Although Klaviyo is strong in these areas, it requires additional tools for a full-fledged eCommerce marketing strategy.
  • Higher Costs for Additional Features: Klaviyo’s pricing can increase significantly as your needs grow.

AiTrillion’s Unique Features:

  • Smart Segmentation: Utilize over 70 filters for precise audience targeting, ensuring highly personalized engagement.
  • Integrated Marketing: Seamlessly integrate email marketing with loyalty rewards, reviews, product recommendations, smart popups, and more.
  • Workflow Automation: Boost efficiency with automated email series using built-in workflow templates based on behavioral triggers.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: Create beautiful, custom email templates with our user-friendly editor.

Klaviyo: A Closer Look

  • Klaviyo is a known name in marketing automation, focusing on email for eCommerce. However, it becomes costly as your customer base grows, with billing surpassing $100 per month for every 500 customers.

Why AiTrillion is the Superior Choice:

  • Comprehensive Features at a Fraction of the Cost: AiTrillion offers a full suite of marketing tools at a price 3X cheaper than Klaviyo.
  • 24/7 Support for All: Unlike Klaviyo, which limits dedicated support to enterprise clients, AiTrillion provides round-the-clock assistance to all clients, regardless of size.
  • More Than Just Email Marketing: AiTrillion includes email marketing, SMS, web push notifications, smart segmentation, and much more, all integrated into one platform.

Join the AiTrillion Family Today If you’re looking for a powerful Klaviyo alternative, look no further than AiTrillion. Experience the difference in your eCommerce marketing efforts.

Why AiTrillion

Single Platform –

AiTrillion has made it possible to use all important marketing tools like email marketing, loyalty rewards programs, web push notifications, product reviews, affiliate marketing, product recommendations, and many more under one roof.

Automation –

Save time by automation. AiTrillion offers a wide basket of eCommerce marketing features with 100% powerful automation.

Real-time actionable data analytics –

AiTrillion gives you the complete picture of your customer data in one place to map future marketing planning.

Integrated marketing –

With AiTrillion it’s possible to integrate all 11+marketing tools to drive more sales and boost customer engagement.

Speed optimization –

Multiple apps load one after another, making the store loading speed slow. AiTrillion helps you remove multiple app dependencies by solely doing the work of the various apps.

Key Features

Smart segmentation –

Increase your ROI by segmenting your audience based on their behavior. AiTrillion offers 70+ filters to segment your audience precisely to reach them with highly personalized offers, recommendations, or any such important information.

Integration –

AiTrillion gives you a unique feature of integration of email marketing with other tools like loyalty rewards, reviews, product recommendations, smart popups, and many more to boost customer engagement and drive revenue.

Workflow automation –

Now increase your efficiency by email marketing automating series. Send automated email series using more than 11 built-in workflow templates based on behavioral triggers like abandoning a cart, product recommendations, etc.

Drag and drop editor –

Build beautiful email templates, with our user-friendly editor. AiTrillion also offers beautiful ready-to-use templates that are 100% customizable.

What is Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform focused on email and designed for eCommerce.

With Klaviyo, your billing will cross $100 per month for every 500 customers. Whereas AiTrillion only charges $65 per month for all the features. For up to 10,000 customers Klaviyo’s billing can reach $ 165 per month & Aitrillion charges only $65/per month.

Klaviyo is considered one of the most expensive marketing tools in the market and not to forget that pricing is just for “ Email Marketing”

Klaviyo’s support is another big issue. They assign a dedicated manager only to enterprise clients. AiTrillion support is 24*7 available right from small and medium enterprises to iconic brands. We provide absolutely free setup and dedicated account managers to all our clients for resolving queries.

AiTrillion, on the other hand, provides email marketing + SMS + Web Push + smart segmentation + workflow automation + ready-to-use creative templates, and most importantly the integration of email marketing with additional features like Product reviews, loyalty rewards programs, product recommendations, and many more. The pricing for all this is 3X cheaper than Klaviyo.[/vc_column_text]

Quick reference feature comparison table

Features AiTrillion Klaviyo
Integration with other AiTrillion features Web push notifications Y Klaviyo only provides email marketing
Smart popup Y Klaviyo only provides email marketing
Loyalty program  Y Klaviyo only provides email marketing
Recommendation product  Y Klaviyo only provides email marketing
Email Marketing Drag and drop email editor Y Y
Segmentation & filters Y Y
Pre-built email templates Y Y
Send bulk emails Y Y
Email Scheduling Y Y
Pre-built workflows templates Y Y
Send loyalty-based emails automatically Y N
Send review-based emails automatically Y N
Custom audience and targeted emails Y N
Workflow Automation With Email, SMS & Web Push Y N (Don’t have web push in flows)
Post-purchase workflow Y Y
Welcome workflow series Y Y
Newsletter followup email Y Y
Product up-sell Y Y
Replenishment reminder Y N
Purchase follow up Y N
Customer reactivation Y N
Abandoned cart series Y Y
Loyalty point reminder Y N
Win back email series Y Y
Browse abandonment series  Y Y

If you are interested or searching for a great Klaviyo alternative, try out AiTrillion today

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