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Shopify email marketing allows you to reach customers directly through their inboxes. It also allows businesses to get in touch with customers constantly and make them feel that you haven’t forgotten your customer.

However, implementing Shopify email marketing is not easier said than done. There are thousands of eCommerce businesses competing, so to stand out, it’s effective to use email marketing automation to run their promotions. If you haven’t embraced email marketing yet, you’re probably leaving money on the table. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get started with Shopify email marketing.

10 Email Marketing Best Practices for eCommerce Businesses

1. Create a welcome email series with attractive visuals

A welcome email is the one that you send to customers just after they subscribed to your newsletter or complete their purchase. These first customers’ interaction mail series holds the potential to generate nearly 320% more revenue than other types of emails.

Email marketing platform for Shopify helps you set automated welcome email series. It also helps you collect customer information to segment and personalize emails. Adding visuals in your eCommerce emails can be an effective way to increase click-through rates. 

With AiTrillion’s email marketing templates, you can make your welcome campaign more engaging and interactive. Videos are another visual that can help you display your product and give your customers/visitors an insight into your product and services. 

2. Add a clear and compelling CTA button

Sending emails to remind your customers about the brand is not enough, you also want subscribers to take action immediately. This is where CTAs can help. 

A call-to-action helps email subscribers to perform an action— such as purchasing a particular item, checking recent order status, checking out your new collection, and so on. 

Tips for email CTAs:

  • Avoid adding multiple CTAs in a single email.
  • Use action words, such as “Buy now,” “Limited offer,” “Get started today,” and more. 
  • Use a button instead of a text link to make your CTA actable.

3. Set up segmentation

Not everyone who visits your online eCommerce store is your customer. Therefore, segmenting your website traffic and sending personalized email campaigns is one of the best strategies to increase customer engagement and drive more sales. 

With AiTrillion’s customer segmentation feature, you can granularly segment your customers with 80+ predefined filters. Based on research performed by industry experts, segmented email campaigns have a higher open and click-through rate.

You can segment your email list based on various factors, such as:

  • Demographics 
  • Signup source
  • Purchase history
  • Loyalty program
  • Product amount and others.

For example, for new customers, you can send first-time discounts in their emails. You can send recommended products and new stocks in emails to your existing customers.

Shopify Segmentation tool

4. Set up automated abandoned cart emails 

There are various reasons that made shoppers abandon their carts such as shipping costs, complicated checkout process, privacy concerns, and others. However, with automated abandoned cart emails, you can encourage them to complete their purchase. Sending abandoned cart emails to new and repeat customers who added items to their cart but didn’t complete their purchase can increase the conversion rate by nearly “21.78%”

Shopify email marketing apps help you understand the reasons why shoppers abandon their carts. By tracking their behavior, you can send personalized offers and remind them of what they’re missing out on.

Cart abandonment email

5. Upsell and cross-sell emails

Upsell and cross-sell emails are post-purchase emails sent to customers once they’ve purchased something from your store. Cross-selling and up-selling emails campaigns help you increase average order value if sent timely. Sending product recommendations based on their purchase pattern and order value increases the average cart value. This not only increases your revenue but also turns your customers into loyal customers.
You can include following details in your emails:

  •  Add frequently bought products together with the last purchased item.
  • Add product type with same price and category with the last purchased item.

6. Add incentives to re-engage your inactive customers

Every year, companies lost ¼ of their subscribers. Therefore, re-engagement emails are necessary to win back subscribers who have not browsed through your e-commerce store. The best email marketing app for Shopify makes it easy for you to design engaging emails and start interactions with customers.

Also sending win-back email series can save tons of your marketing spending. Turning inactive subscribers into a customer is five times cheaper than attracting a new customer. 

Tips to craft re-engagement email campaigns:

  • Segment the list of inactive subscribers.
  • Remind them about their last purchase with similar new products. 
  • Offer incentives to make them feel special. 
email template for loyalty points

7. Request customer review on emails

Use the Shopify email app to send product review requests when customers complete purchases. Sending customer feedback email requests to learn more about their experience also builds a special bond with customers. 

Product review emails are sent a certain time after an order has been completed. Shopify email marketing integration with the product review app helps you get more reviews from your customers. 

Review emails is a great way to understand customers’ experience with your brand. Plus, these emails show that you care about your customers, which will boost your brand’s reputation.

Furthermore, you can offer incentives such as gift cards, discounts, and coupons code in customer review emails to encourage customer participation.

8. Set up automated series of thank you emails

Thank you email plays an important role in building personal and meaningful relationships with customers. It simply shows gratitude by making customers feel appreciated. Thank you email also showing that you care about customer experience with your store and satisfaction with your product.  

Apart from thanking customers, thank you emails also help you know more about your customers. Adding a CTA button, offers, informational tips, and surveys in email give customs more reason to interact with your brand. 

With AiTrillion’s email marketing platform specially designed for eCommerce sellers, you can send thank you emails with various emotional triggers. Include a gift card or coupons, customer reviews, a limited-time offer, and more. 

To learn more about sending thank you and review request emails, click here

9. Leverage email workflow automation

Email workflow automation is the best way to easily send the right message to the right people at the right time. Email marketing automation platforms like AiTrillion make it easy for store owners or marketing heads to collect emails, prepare email lists, or schedule campaigns. It also allows you to schedule push notifications so that your customers don’t have to wait for too long to hear from you.

Further, you can send personalized and hyper-relevant emails after tracking customers’ interactions with your brand. Using a marketing automation tool, save boatloads of your time to work on things that actually need your attention.

If you have a Shopify store, you can automate push notifications and emails across your buyer journey with the help of AiTrillion. Discuss it with our experts.

workflow automation software

10. Keep track of your email performance 

Measuring your email performance is the best way to know your audience, enhance what works, modify what doesn’t. To do so all you need is an integrated platform that can show your email campaign performance in a single dashboard.

In AiTrillion’s email marketing dashboard, you can check Open Rate, Bounce Rate, and click rate.

If you’re using AiTrillion Email for sending out your email marketing campaigns, you get detailed insights on the performance on the analytics dashboard.


Email marketing is the oldest yet most effective marketing strategy to build promising relationships with subscribers and customers. If you’re not leveraging this channel, you’re missing out on huge potential sales and revenue. 

Use the tips mentioned above to get started with Shopify email marketing. Optimize your email marketing strategy based on your customer response. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, talk to our Shopify experts.

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