Gone are the days, when people used to step out from their homes to purchase their necessities. Now, all they need to do is just enjoy their comfortness and shop from their mobile phones or laptops.

With the advancement of technology, competition is very high these days that there are billions of shopify stores in the market. It’s high time for you to stand out your competitors; with powerful marketing strategies.

It is very common for stores to use different marketing tools like SEO, SMO, emails, content marketing, advertising, push notifications, and more. Do you think that just knowing different strategies and implementing them is enough for your Shopify store?

Right approach and implementation is required for the best results of marketing. Let’s discuss one of the most important marketing strategies, i.e Web Push Notification.

benefits of web push notifications

Here are the benefits of Web Push Notifications on Your Shopify Store:

Reduce Cart Abandonment: You can reach out to the customers via push notifications who have added products to your cart but didn’t opt to shop. You can send personalized messages to the customers about their cart abandonment.

Increases Customer Retention: You can automate notifications based on visitor’s behaviors on your shopify store. You can also segment your audiences to ensure that the content you’re sending is relevant, precise, and personalized.

Increases your Store traffic: It gives traffic a boost and works best if the message contains something worth the visitor’s attention. If it is tempting, you will witness a significant rise in website traffic.

Turn Visitors into Subscribers & Subscribers into Customers: It helps you to get subscribed by your visitors and after their subscription, you get the opportunity to convert them as your loyal customers.

High Chances to get Noticed: Unlike e-mails or sms, there are less chances for push notifications to go unnoticed by the users.

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What is Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications are notifications that can be sent to a user via desktop web and mobile web. These notifications can be delivered to device, mobile, or desktop, even when the user is not active on the website.

It is a powerful marketing tactic that can help you bring back visitors to your website to boost your traffic, sales, and conversions. You can customize and personalize these notifications timely which makes them highly effective in boosting user engagement.

push notification

Why Web Push Notifications to Boost Shopify Store Sales?

A crisp and precise tagline can attract customers to your shopify store. Now, you can reach your shopify store visitors and turn them into a lead. Show push notifications on the screen of your store visitors’ screen.

Implementing Web Push Notifications on Shopify stores can help you to boost sales as it takes care of abandonment carts, stock-outs, retaining customers, building trust, and more.

As per a report, Overall push notification opt-in rate is 60%; hence, you can reach maximum users with the help of Web Push Notifications.

Ideas for Push Notifications Campaign to Increase Shopify Store Sales

ideas for web push notifications

Keep the content Precise and Catchy: Content is very important when you send push notifications to your customers; so you need to be precise and catch when writing for push notifications.

Keep The message Personalized: Each visitor has different needs from your store so keep the message personalized for them so that they can relate and cannot stop themselves from clicking on the notification.

Show Deals & Discounts: Deals & Discounts are a great way to attract customers; so just send an exciting deal notification to your customers to make sure purchases from your store.

Time Triggered Notification: Keep early timelines for offers so that your customers can choose you without any second thought.

Announcement for Back in Stock: It is very important for your customers to know if any product is back in stock after a while so that whosoever was waiting for it can buy that product instantly.

How to implement Web Push Notification in your Shopify Store?

Do you own a shopify store and are looking for web push notification implementation? If yes, then you are absolutely at the right place to fulfill push notification demands of your shopify store.

AiTrillion offers Web Push Notification for your shopify store. It is the best Shopify web push notification app for abandoned cart recovery, targeted campaigns, and powerful automation. It allows you to send web push notifications to convert your one-time visitors into loyal customers.

Why Choose AiTrillion for Shopify Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notification module of AiTrillion offers ample features to implement and run Push Notifications on your shopify store. You just need to install AiTrillion and avail the benefits of running push notifications on your shopify store.

Here are Some of the Features offered by AiTrillion:

  • Recover Lost Sales and Quickly Boost Sales
  • No more hassles of checking the price on shopping sites
  • Notify customers when your products are restocked
  • Exclusive Web Push Template Gallery
  • Boost your conversions with Time-Triggered Push Notification
  • Tweak the push notification based on customer response
  • Enrich Web Push Notifications With Customer Data
aitrillion web push notifications

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What is AiTrillion?

AiTrillion is a super app which offers several marketing automation solutions for your shopify store at one place. You just need to install one app and you get 11+ modules along with it. AiTrillion not just saves your money but also helps you maintain your store speed because when you install 11+ different apps for each feature then it reduces your store speed.


It is high time for you to implement web push notifications to your shopify store to boost the sales of your business. You can beat the competition and build a strong relationship with your clients with it. It helps your customers to not forget your store for their purchase.

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