You can set your income on autopilot and boost your sales with eCommerce automation. A solid sales funnel that’s executed correctly and automated effectively will ensure no step is missed in your marketing strategy. With an eCommerce marketing automation platform, you can stop spending hours on time-consuming tasks like sending individual emails, winning back lost customers, shopping cart recovery, and trying to elicit customers into writing reviews. AiTrillion exclusive features work with automation to boost your store sales. It’s like hiring a marketing specialist to do your digital marketing for you, you just need to set it up! If you have not installed eCommerce workflow automation on your website, you are missing out on a lot of sales and revenue.

6 ways to boost sales with eCommerce Automation

Create a welcome email series

Email marketing is one of the most effective eCommerce marketing strategies. A welcome email series is sent when a new subscriber opts into your list; it’s a way to greet them and introduce yourself and what you do or thank them for their business. These emails are so important as they set the tone for your future relationship with the customer. With AiTrillion you can automate your welcome series and schedule them to be sent a day or two apart. This superior system also validates new email addresses before sending out your welcome email series, so you don’t put your list at risk for bounce-back and block rates.

A welcome email series has 4x as many opens and 5x more clicks than regular emails

Win back lost customers email series

A win-back email series will get back those customers who have stopped opening, engaging, or visiting your website. Over time, it’s bound to happen so you should have an automated win-back email series to start getting them engaged again. AiTrillion’s email marketing feature will automatically segment emails based on the customers’ behavior which can in turn automatically trigger a win-back email series. Also offering a complete analytics report, you’ll be able to know exactly how well your win-back campaign is working and adjust accordingly. You will be able to track open rates and the total number of sales with each email in your series.

Capture reviews with email and smart popups

Real customer reviews are the most influential marketing you can have as customers trust feedback from a previous customer more than they do the store. It can be challenging to get these reviews unless you have an automated system in place. With an automated system, you can send post-purchase emails to customers asking what they thought of your product and prompting the customer to leave a review. This feature can also be done in the form of smart popups the next time the customer visits your website. AiTrillion offers product review popups that will prompt a customer to leave a review with the product image along with personalized content after they have completed their purchase.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery with email and web push

An abandoned cart recovery message is sent to a customer after they have left the website without purchasing the products they put in their shopping cart. This can be done in the form of an email or web push. Through inbuilt workflow templates with AiTrillon, you can automate the recovery process and ensure no sales are lost. As much as it is a marketing strategy, this also offers a level of convenience for your customer.

  • Email –  An abandoned cart email can be automated so it is sent to the customer, after a specified amount of time after leaving your website. This email will remind them that they left items in their cart and these items are still available in their shopping cart. The email will also include a link for them to go back to your website and their cart to complete their purchase.

    Abandoned cart emails can recover roughly 15% of those sales

  • Web Push – An abandoned cart web push is similar to the email, but the message is delivered to them on their desktop or mobile device. No email is required, and they don’t have to be on your website to receive the notification.

Loyalty points automatic emails

Loyalty rewards program is a great way to entice new customs and then retain them once they have purchased from you. A customer may also be inclined to spend more, seeing more value in it as they will gain more points in return. This is an excellent differentiator and sets you apart from the competition, offering a much more profitable option than competing on price. AiTrillon makes it easy to do; when you log in to your dashboard, simply go to your workflow automation tab and click Loyalty Points Reminder. You only need to customize the messaging once, and the rest is automated.

Product recommendation automated emails

Through in-depth customer behavior analytics, you can send a targeted email to customers with specific product recommendations that are likely to appeal to them. Based on previous search and purchase history on your website, the customer will receive an email that markets similarly categorized items. This will engage customers and ultimately, increase sales. Similarly, you can highlight new arrivals or best-selling products.

Summing up

There is a lot of work to be done when running an eCommerce website, and even with a large team, human error can cause important emails to be missed and customers to be lost. With an all-in-one service like the one provided by AiTrillion, you can significantly boost sales with eCommerce automation. Automation ensures your customers and email list subscribers will receive a targeted email in order to get the required response. It will save you and your team time, reduce the risk of error, and increase your bottom line.

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