Starting Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Cyber Monday until Christmas and the New Year is one of the most known holiday seasons of the year for eCommerce sellers. It’s the time when customers have their wallets on stand-by, and their credit cards ready to work overtime.

It is also one of those holidays that are a bit of a free-for-all. Normal retail rules don’t really apply. All customers are up for grabs and whoever offers the highest bid (think – the best offers) will be the one to win. It’s all hands on deck.

What does this mean for your online store?

It means you should be expecting for all of your customers to be bombarded with numerous different deals and special treats from all corners of the marketing sphere. It also means that you should do everything in your power to stand out from your competition.

Win back lost customers

Flows are exactly what you need for your Black Friday marketing. We like to refer to them as automaton on steroids. What’s best about them is you can set them up once and forget about them – they will do their magic and results will be quick to follow.

With our pre-built customer winback flow, you can easily, without a doubt, re-engage at least a portion of your lapsed customers, right in time. You can also create your own customized win-back flows, tailored to your store and audience, so you know you will score even greater results.

How about we show you what the perfect winback flow looks to us?

Need a hint?

It’s just a few steps away with the all-in-one automated marketing platform “AiTrillion”.

Simple, right?

Remind customers about your upcoming holiday deals

With AiTrillion, you can easily set up this first notification to be sent to customers who haven’t placed an order in the last 30 – 60 days. This way you know you will only target customers who were last active not too long ago and are likely to still be in the mood to shop at your store. Reminding them about your upcoming Holiday deals and giving them exclusive offers and hard to resist rewards will encourage them to re-visit your store and shop till they drop.

Win Back Lost Customers

Tailor your message so it has a zing to it, find the best image or GIF to complement it, and don’t forget to give your customers an incentive to come back. Sellers have the opportunity to beat the crowds and get a hold of awesome deals first. Who doesn’t like to be the first one in line, huh?

The Fear of missing out is a powerful way to get your customers to act fast and make a direct purchase. Launch Flash sales, let customers know how much time the sale will last, make sure it’s less than 48 hours, and also mention low inventory.

  • Added Start and End Time Option.
  • Schedule Timer from a specific start date to the complete time.
  • Easy Installation and No Custom Coding Required.

Win Back Lost Customers

Segment your customers

Now that you’ve set up your first reactivation reminder, configure what actions should take place after it. We suggest you add a condition of purchase, which will split your customer base into two categories: customers who fulfilled an order after the first email and those who didn’t.

However, don’t forget that there is more than one trigger you can enable to segment your customers. In case of win backflows, particularly useful could be “Total spent” or “Orders count”, as they will give you a basic understanding of your lapsed customers’ spending habits and will separate your high-value customers from the one-timers.

Customers who placed an order are obviously still interested in your brand and products and would be happy to get even more exclusive Holiday deals. You can go ahead and send them a simple email message or a web push notification to thank them for their purchase.

A marketing offer email is essentially any campaign you send with the goal of driving a direct response.

This can take a number of different forms, including:

  1. A campaign showcasing some of the latest stock and encouraging people to purchase
  2. A campaign offering a discount or special promotion on your products or services.

Add a Condition of Purchase

To win your customers for good, tell them they’ve been added to your exclusive Holiday list and will get front-row seats to the best deals you’ve planned out for them.

Consider adding a delay so you give customers some time to act on your offer. We’d suggest 7 days unless it is a Flash sale that requires them to act in a strict time frame.

The customers who didn’t make a purchase after your first email you can try and reach out to again, but this time really emphasizes the exclusivity of your offer, tell them merchandise is running low and they should act quickly. To tip the scales in your favor, add an additional incentive, such as a second item for free shipping, points redemption, or a juicier discount.

Add a Condition of Purchase

Again, set a delay, which in this case will be at least 24 hours. The AI engine at AiTrillion will predict the best time on which most of the people will be buying on your web-store. Increase the chances of conversions by engaging customers when they are active and browsing in your store. Then you can split your customers again to see who made a purchase, and who didn’t.

To get the most out of the flow, though, we advise you to also take a closer look at all subscribers who didn’t place an order.

Select the customer timeline to segment out all customers who were intrigued by your email offer, but something stopped them from finalizing the purchase. All those you can add to a separate list of potential customers that you can still target with your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promos.

Add a Condition of Purchase

The ones who didn’t buy anything, even after your unmatched offers, we suggest you re-target them at a later time.

Going back to the customers who did actually take advantage of your offer – you can thank them and add them to your Holiday list. Even though they needed a bit more time to make up their mind, they still love your brand and will surely appreciate more luscious deals.

Final Thoughts

It’s a widely-known fact that winning back lost customers is far more essential and less costly than acquiring new ones. In fact, to make up for the business you’ve lost from one repeat customer, you need to earn an approximate 9 first-time shoppers.

With AiTrillion’s 11+ customer engagement and retention tools, YOU, as an eCommerce seller can channelize your marketing, automate it and reap the benefits.

Final Thoughts

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Winning back customers is a significant and lucrative part of every campaign, and it starts well before the actual launch. Regaining lost customers is indeed a valuable source of sales, and there’s no better time to approach it than in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday window. But hurry up – that window is closing!