In this blog, we will check out the details about the finest and most valuable marketing channels to develop the perfect eCommerce marketing strategy for your online business on a Shopify store.


E-Commerce Marketing Best Practices

A leading research found that the ROI for email marketing could be as high as $32.28 for every $1 spent. With accurate support and email marketing, it’s definitely not tough to see how this can be the case. If you look at customer segmentation, just by personalizing the emails and cautiously organizing your customers, you boost the probability of conversion dramatically.

We AiTrillion: an all-in-one marketing platform for Shopify stores helps you gain a full perspective of the potential that email marketing brings to your business. Read on to learn how E-commerce marketing an important role in the success of businesses.


What makes a highly targeted email, an essential component of success? How does that tie into automation and segmentation?

Perfecting your email marketing is crucial for every eCommerce seller. Several tools aiding customer segmentation, automation, and related marketing touchpoints like loyalty programs are absolutely perfect ways to master email marketing strategy.

Your retailers get the power to seamlessly create campaigns targeting a specific customer group based on their shopping history.

Do you mark your shopify emails going to spam because it doesn’t cater to you as a customer? Not often now! Gone are the days of trial and hit methods of online marketing. You no longer write an email and send it to your entire customer list. Instead, now you make the most of reporting and customer segments created from shopping histories thus giving you the knowledge you need to perfect your email content. In fact, that is more than desirable.


Are you losing your store visitors? What would be the best way to pull them back?

Perhaps it takes a sale or a discount code or maybe a cashless offer through a referral code of your loyalty program. Maybe it’s a reminder of why you love visiting the store with witty product recommendations. Now those win-back emails are going to be far more effective with the intended audience. Targeted emails show that you value your customers and their specific needs.

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How do retailers draw on email marketing to drive in-store traffic?

Known to all email marketing is an established and efficient way of driving sales. The report conducted by DMA confirmed, ‘for every dollar spent on email marketing, enterprises can expect an average return of $32. Thus, concluding that email is a high-performing channel that frequently outperforms the alternatives.

If you’ve got to win in your attempts to email marketing you’ve got to focus on the relevance and value. Retailers must incessantly move toward coming up with content and contributions that would appeal to precise subscribers. This indicates properly segmenting your customers and creating campaigns for different groups. Let’s say you’re launching a new line of clothing products for women in-store. If you’re using email to promote it, you need to properly target your campaign so it reaches the right audience i.e. women audience specifically.

It’s also imperative for sellers to dynamically encourage subscribers to visit their stores. There are several ways to do this. By offering loyalty reward points on various occasions including when you create an account, referring a friend, visiting the store, etc.


How should sellers leverage marketing to make the most of their co-marketing efforts with influencer marketing?

Collaborations are a key way to get your brand in front of new audiences! All you must do is to integrate email into these co-marketing campaigns that give you an everlasting advantage. Find a brand that offers complementary products and services or an influencer who plays in your niche. Consumers are more likely to take the recommendation of a brand or person they trust. A product review would make your brand worth a buy for consumers! Let your visitors speak out loud for you. Let them endorse you and they would do so when you provide them a free loyalty reward to endorse them.

A few years ago, we worked on a campaign with a leading brand of apparel to promote a new online store – we grew the email list by nearly 50% through this collaboration using strategies like push notification. We were then able to engage with these users long after the campaign was over. Email marketing is one of the most cherished ways to interrelate with your store visitors online, and if you can leverage the list of visitors and convert them into loyal customers; you’ll soon reach new targeted consumers. You can achieve all this with an all-in-one marketing platform!


How can sellers build community and loyalty in the Shopify store?

We started our community via our email list. It was an easy way to create the “Know, Like and Trust” factors with potential store visitors cum customers who didn’t know way too much about us but got to know us via email, timely notifications, Chatbot services and many more!

It was important for us to create value before anything else for our valued store sellers and also get people to come out to our customer’s stores and email marketing, push notifications were an easy and affordable way to get connected with our targeted audience. Even as a growing community, we still rely heavily on email marketing to continue to encourage engagement, share value and nurture our community.

At the end of the day, if social media goes away; it’s important for us to still have a way to interact and engage with our community.


Abandoned cart with Email, Push & Pop up Reminders

As a marketer, there is little you can do to solve your customer’s attention span. However, you can always remind him, and be best at persuading him to buy through email marketing and push notifications. As per a leading research report of Statista, 56% of customers leave without paying due to unanticipated costs. In order to improve conversion, it would be great to solve this problem by giving a lucrative discount at the right time. Imagine being able to send an exit pop-up right before your customer exits the store. You may retain him by offering a lucrative discount offer in real-time. You could try a non-discount promo such as free shipping or offer a loyalty point as well.

Whether you’re simply offering a deal, making an announcement, or building community, email marketing is a core skill that you’ll need to master. If you’re unsure where to start, AiTrillion’s automated and integrated platform is a powerful way to see results that won’t take you hours to design.

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