‘Time is more than money’. This phrase cannot ring truer especially when you’ve spent days coordinating over phones and emails manually connecting with sales prospects. A hoot to all Shopify entrepreneurs!

Putting across what boosts customer engagement on your eCommerce store, do you know which fatal mistakes can kill your store in 2020?

We thought of walking you through a couple of major things you should be actively ready to avoid. In the first place, you need an effective marketing platform to handle major touchpoints for customer retention.

We’ve curated a list of reasons effective enough to engage your online customers and turn them loyal towards your store.


Multiple TouchPoints with an Integrated Solution

Do you know how the loyalty reward program takes your customer’s journey ahead step by step? Customer retention is more than just a sales journey. Ensuring how your customers feel about your brand, reviews are more than just bare essentials. To capture feedback, you can pull in reviews from customers through review request email, email reminders, community Q&A, custom forms, AI review popup, loyalty points on review, etc. And your customers should be willingly sharing the reviews because they get loyalty rewards!


Driving better visitor engagement for your products has become easier with AI-enabled marketing platforms for eCommerce sellers. This way you could build trust by displaying customer reviews on a prominent place in the store through different intuitive widgets such as review page, review sliders, collection page star ratings, pop-ups, etc.


Abandoned Cart with Email, Push & Popup Reminders

Did you know that for every $10,000 you make, you’re almost losing a whopping $23,000 worth of sales in abandoned carts?


As per a leading report by Baymard Institute, the average rate of abandoned carts during an online purchase is 69%. So, if you’re making 1,000$ a month, then over 2,300$ is lost in an abandoned cart.

Let’s take a popular example. For a sports freak person, there could be 100 things that can distract him while he is surfing online. After a busy day at work, he lazily browses for bike gear. He adds it to his cart, fills out his card details. Just about the time when he has to pay for it, the excited crowd of his family screams at the top of their voice for the victory of the world cup series running on TV. Needless to say, he loses his track and never returns to book his online order.

As a marketer, there is little you can do to solve your customer’s attention span. However, you can always remind him, and be best at persuading him to buy through email marketing and push notifications.

As per a leading research report of Statista, 56% of customers leave without paying due to unanticipated costs. In order to improve conversion, it would be great to solve this problem by giving a lucrative discount at the right time. Imagine being able to send an exit pop-up right before your customer exits the store. You may retain him by offering a lucrative discount offer in real-time. You could try a non-discount promo such as free shipping or offer a loyalty point as well.

  • Adopt a multi-channel customer retention platform
  • Build credibility through customer interactions
  • Share positive customer feedback and experiences
  • Reward customer loyalty

Detail Page

Customer Journey with Segmentation & Automation

If a lead clicks on the pricing page of your website, it is likely that he is likely in view of your product for purchase.

The sales process is closely aligned with a customer’s buying process. Customer segmentation means you will create different visitor profiles and find out what they are interested in within your products and accurately evaluate their expectations from your online store.

With the right tools, you can easily create segmentation based on their locations, choices, profile, behavior, latest order, color, or sizes of products they previously brought, and related buying factors.

True strategies of communications come when you have a clear understanding of your revenue pipelines.


Web Push + Email + Automation

  • Sometimes you need to talk to all of your customers at once and for that purpose, you need a broadcast email campaign.
  • While the other times a trigger email based on the purchase pattern of your store visitor might be needed.
  • You can automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested to buy a particular product based on the Ai customer segmentation results.
  • You can also group your audience based on several factors and send them targeted emails as well.
  • Email autoresponders let you send welcome emails and deliver lead magnets automatically.
  • You may send a pre-scheduled email on a perfect day for your customers including birthday, holidays, etc.
  • Smart push notification recaptures your lost sales and helps revitalize and generate new traffic. You can increase store traffic and sales by automatically sending exit intend popup notifications for back in the store, price drop alerts, product promotions, and much more.

How Predictions + Personalization = Targeted Sales?

Run AI-powered, data-driven campaigns whilst you predict who is most likely to buy what by analyzing their characteristics. While analyzing various aspects of your store visitor’s patterns of purchase, seasonality, effects of promotions on them, etc, predicting their user behavior becomes an asset.

How do you leverage this data? A robust retargeting approach is critical so that you optimize your spending on customer retention. For E.g., you can use a hyper-personalized email to help you recover customers. Popularly searched products based on color preferences, choices, and range could be tracked and targeted.

You may as well shape your customer journeys with real-time prediction analytics. You can craft a personalized and relevant marketing strategy by understanding each store visitor’s requirements.

All you need to do is divide and segment customers by tapping real-time data and sending customized messages. Thus you create online marketing campaigns with integrated AI technology so that the right people can see it in your store. If you have got a store on Shopify you must use an integrated solution that is AI-enabled allowing you to stop the guesswork and track your campaign performances across all channels. With actionable insights, you can improve customer retention and gain sales.

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