Email marketing is the most effective way to build a relationship with your customers while also driving traffic to your eCommerce store. You can even segment your email list and target users based on their previous buying history. In this blog, we will discuss some email marketing campaign tips to get started.

What you’ll get from this post?

Email marketing is all about targeting the right person with the right content at the right time.  Having a robust digital presence with an influential email marketing strategy is essential for a steady relationship with your customers.

However, one thing is pretty sure “ Only Data-Driven Campaigns” will give you an output. That’s the reason, email marketing has remained an effective strategy for eCommerce marketing.

Before discussing the best practices to get started with eCommerce email marketing, let’s discuss what is email marketing.

1. What is Email Marketing & How Does it Work?

An email marketing campaign is a powerful marketing form to promote your business’s products or services. It helps businesses to aware customers of your latest items or offers by integrating them into your marketing automation efforts.

It can also play a significant role in your marketing strategy with lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, or keeping customers engaged throughout their journey. 

Email marketing platform for Shopify is the key to promoting and growing your business, increasing revenue, and selling more products than you would do normally.

Best Email Marketing Practices for Shopify Business

The following steps will help you plan your email marketing strategy in no time.

  • Segmentation
  • Automated Email Workflows
  • Personalization
  • Timing Matters
  • Analyzing results

Let’s discuss each pointer more specifically:

3. Why is it Important to Segment an Email List?

Segmentation is very important to target the potential audience to get the most of it. It is the first step to building your email list and identifying your target audience. Your target audience is the ideal customer you want to pull to your products or services through your marketing efforts.

To find your fertile audience, first, focus on the following questions:

  • Who are your current best customers?
  • What problem are they experiencing?
  • How can you resolve their problems with your products or services?
  • Why did they purchase your products or services?
  • What do you have that your competitors haven’t?

After collecting your answers, SEGMENT your SUBSCRIBER’s list. Segmenting your list can have a positive impact on your email list. It helps you to find the visitors who are close to conversion and the ones close to churning. With AiTrillion’s highly relevant, precise filters such as Last seen, First seen, Last contact, Shopify id, Total spent, etc. you can automatically segment your customers.

You can segment based on:

  • Frequent buyers
  • Losing customers
  • New visitors
  • New customers
  • Top purchasing customers
  • Points redeemed
  • Engaged with a loyalty program
  • Non-purchasing visitors

4. How to use AiTrillion Shopify Email Marketing Segmentation?

It’s very easy to use AiTrillion email marketing Shopify platform to filter your potential audience. When you sign up for AiTrillion platform, go to the Email Marketing section -> Click on the Segment. You will find more than 70+ filters to segment your email list based on their behavior, location, and other digital footprints. 

Here is the list of AiTrillion’s exclusive segment filters to target your customers more precisely.

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5. Types of Automated Email Workflows for Shopify Email Marketing

With the best shopify email marketing platform for eCommerce, you can send different types of email series to your list. You can choose one or change it up based on the various segments you have in your list. Here are examples to know how workflows can be used in practice.

Use our unique visual editor to create more timely emails that keep your customers engaged, and automatically drive revenue.

a) Welcome Series

You can automatically welcome new customers with exclusive offers – like 20% off on their first order. Add engaging content and offers to make your welcome emails clickable. Here are some ways this can be done.

  1. Decide what messages you should include in your welcome series.
  2. Personalize welcome messages by classifying a customer’s intent.
  3. Opt for various channels to reach your newcomers.

Apart from greeting customers and showing your gratitude, make the most of your welcome email by…

  1. Telling them the next step of Installation.
  2. Showing them popular/new products they may be interested in.
  3. Directing them to further information about your company.
  4. Direct them to your social channels where you can engage with them.

b) Newsletter Subscription Email

Send newsletter subscription emails without losing the appreciative appeal of its design. To add the essence of your brand in the email, you can change the following variables with AiTrillion:

  1. Email layout
  2. Your brand logo
  3. Images and colors
  4. Fonts
  5. Call-to-action buttons
  6. Email background

c) Abandoned Cart Emails

Set an automated series of emails and push for the cart abandonment, which includes the product images and a link to an abandoned cart.

To reduce the cart abandonment rate, eCommerce stores are targeting their customers through personalized content. With AiTrillion, you can automatically trigger personalized abandoned cart emails and tap your customers when they are most interested in the purchases. AiTrillion offers:

  1. Access exclusive predesigned templates and graphics.
  2. Easily customize templates in a minute.
  3. Add products dynamically based on a collection.

d) Loyalty Point Reminder Emails

Send an automated email series to all your customers who reached “X” points in your store and remind them to redeem the points before they expire.

Add offers, loyalty points, and coupons in your emails and highlight your customer touchpoints. Doing this will motivate them to open the emails promptly.

e) Win-back Email Series

Send automated email series to the customers who haven’t visited your store for the last 30 or 60 days. Send them good offers to reactivate them.

Win-back email series helps in sending targeted and personalized emails to a ‘lapsed customers’ list. It will also help you regain the customer’s interest. Feel free to send enticing communications via push notifications and emails on an automatic basis.

f) Post-purchase Email Series

“Thank You For Your Choosing Us!” This is the beginning of nurturing customer relationships.

Post-purchase emails serve a variety of purposes depending on what’s most important for your eCommerce business like:

  1. make them feel special,
  2. collect feedback,
  3. remind a customer to replenish a product,
  4. cross-sell similar products,
  5. recently viewed products.

g) Product Review Request Emails

Send automated review reminders emails to the customers after x days of shipping of products. Customers can leave a review directly from the email form. One of the most effective ways to collect customer site reviews is to send emails asking for product reviews just after your customer has made a purchase.

Customers love talking about their experiences, so give them a reason to talk about their experience with your products and services. With AiTrillion, you can ask for a review with:

  1. Review reminder emails
  2. Emails with product photos

h) Replenishment Reminder

Send Replenishment Reminder Emails to your customers to remind them to restock your supply. A friendly reminder with a direct link to the product is an accessible way for your customers to repurchase and for you to increase sales.

Replenishment Reminder Emails are useful in a situation like:

  1. An annual subscription renewal.
  2. The expiry of a subscription.
  3. Reordering products.

i) Browse Abandonment Emails

Retarget shoppers who leave your site before adding any items to their shopping carts with Browse Abandonment Emails.

  1. Send when shopper: Viewed a product page but never added any product to their carts.
  2. Viewed a specific category but never viewed a particular product.
  3. Visited the site search box to look for certain products.


Unlock a world of marketing with pre-built automation that helps you make more sales. Keep on track with notifications and reminders.

6. Email Marketing Automation Integrated with Loyalty Program, Reviews, and Popups

AiTrillion’s AI-powered email marketing feature is integrated with an inbuilt review program, Smart Popup, and Loyalty Program. Customers will receive automated emails and popups to leave a review once the order is fulfilled and for collected loyalty points.

AiTrillion’s unique automation and email marketing Shopify integration with 11+ marketing channels make it different from other platforms. Splash the potential of integration into your marketing strategy and see the automatic growth of your business.

email marketing Shopify integration

7. Personalization: Make your Emails Personal

AiTrillion allows you to create personalized email marketing campaigns that generate more leads, attract more subscribers, and make more sales. Send email series with personalized content and increase your outreach efforts.

Make your email marketing personalized with engaging and click-worthy product images, offers, and pre-build templates and increase your email list drastically.

So what can you do to personalize your emails?

  1. Include their name in your subject line.
  2. Address them directly in your emails with our shortcodes.
  3. Add products they may have recently looked at.
  4. Customize email messages based on their purchase history.
  5. Use behavior triggers on how your customers interact with your brand.
  6. Add products based on the last purchased product’s color.
personalized emails

8. Timing Matters: Determine how Often to Send Your Emails

How would you ensure that your emails are being seen? Well, sending emails after proper planning can help. The best times to send emails are:

In general, the highest click-to-open rates are 10 AM, at 21%, 1 PM, at 22.5%, and have seen a spike at near 6 PM. The data reflects when most audiences begin or conclude their day and have the most time to check their emails. #getresponse

Your best times will vary based on your subscribers, so use email marketing tools to keep analyzing to see what time your visitors are most engaged.

  1. Experiment with what time you send your emails.
  2. Track open rates, unsubscribes, click-throughs, and more for each email sent.
  3. Determine when your audience is the most receptive to your emails and use those times to send an email.
  4. Schedule your emails for preferred times and triggers when your customers are active.

9 Analyzing Results to Measure Success

When you run an email campaign, you should know exactly how many people opened your emails, how many people clicked on a link, and how many people made a purchase because of the sent emails.

With email marketing solutions, you can also find out the actions of your particular customer and adjust your campaigns based on recorded results and the feedback you’ve gathered.

You can look for and record results on:

  1. Email open
  2. Email delivery
  3. Unsubscribers
  4. New subscribers
  5. Click-through rates
  6. Revenue
customer insights

10. Save Time with Prebuilt Email Templates

Make responsive, interactive beautiful email newsletters within minutes with AiTrillion! Our ready-to-use collection includes up-to-date email templates for every step of the customer journey. More than 50+ pre-designed templates including all the content blocks and design elements you need to launch a quick eCommerce campaign.

  1. Access exclusive predesigned templates and graphics.
  2. Easily customize templates in a minute.
  3. Add products dynamically based on a collection.

Choose a template and personalize it to match your brand.

Ready To Use: Edit Once, Use Always!


The significance of automated email marketing is huge, so there is no surprise why Shopify store owners are leveraging its potential to boost sales. There are various tools available out there you can choose for email marketing however only AiTrillion gives you a facility to leverage the potential of 11+ must-have marketing channels under one roof.

With AiTrillion, you can get customers’ behavioral and transactional data to send customer-centric content at the most appropriate time via email. You can also leverage your customer data to design personalized email templates for customer retention and engagement to boost your sales even in non-peak hours.

  • AiTrillion is Integrated with many advanced features so your email marketing is no longer disjointed from the rest of your marketing initiatives.
  • It’s awesome Drag and Drop Editor allows you to optimize and perfect every subject line to drive more open rates, more clicks, and more conversions.
  • With AiTrillion, all your email campaigns live in a single place, giving you the Ultimate Visibility of your marketing strategy.

Let’s target the right people at the right time with the AiTrillion eCommerce marketing platform! For more details contact us now!

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