Every single customer is an individual – and they deserve to be treated based on their individual behavior. That’s where customer segmentation comes in a role. Over the years, direct-to-consumer companies have created a long-lasting impact on their customers with the implementation of SEGMENTS which isn’t going to fade easily. With the Segmentation based on customer’s online footprints, you can deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

Let’s discuss it more deeply. Here we go!

“Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue for a company, which isn’t hard to believe”.

What is Customer Segmentation?


Customer segmentation is the breakdown of potential customers into discrete groups based on their behavior. In other words “the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing.”

Types of Customer Segmentation


The most simple ways in which businesses segment their customers are:

  • Demographic (age, gender, religion, sect, family size, family size and more)
  • Geographic (location and where they work)
  • Psychographic (social class, lifestyle) and
  • Behavior (spending, consumption, habits, and more).

Why is Customer Segmentation Necessary?


Here are the benefits of customer segmentation that help eCommerce stores to grow.

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased customer retention
  • More actionable insights
  • Allow you to analyze your customer journey closely
  • Increase conversion rate by simplifying customers’ digital footprints
  • Help you to define and take targeted actions

Why AiTrillion for Customer Segmentation?


AiTrillion’s Segmentation tool is integrated with Email Marketing, Loyalty Program, and Popups. It offers more than 70+ predefined segmentation filters through which you can divide your customers more precisely. AiTrillion also helps you segment your audience based on their profile, behavior, and location so that you can target your customers with relevant and personalized messages individually.

AiTrillion segmentation filters are:

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Predefined Customer Segments of AiTrillion

AiTrillion has automated predefined customer segments:

Frequent Buyers

You can segment your customers based on their purchase frequency. For your frequent buyers, you can design segments and can send attractive offers to make them feel valued.

Losing Customers- 

Segment your losing customers who haven’t bought anything from the last X days and send them attractive offers to retain.

New Visitors-

Segment your new website visitors to design affection campaigns to make them your loyal customers.

New Customers

Segment your new customers and send them a post-purchase email series for long term engagement.

Just Seen

Segment your visitors who have recently seen your website or product and send them a nurturing email series to make them loyal customers.

Top Purchasing Customers

Segment your top purchasing customers and give them some special perks for being your loyal customers.

Point Redeemed

Segment customers who have redeemed their loyalty points in your store.

Non-purchasing Visitors

Segment your non-purchasing visitors and give them some discount to prompt for shopping.

Loyalty Engaged

Segment customers who have engaged with your brand with the help of loyalty programs.

City Based Filter

Segment customers based on their cities.

Returning Customers

Segment your customers who have returned to your store.

Benefits of Using AiTrillion for Customer Segmentation


Build real-time segments with all your customer data, and sync it across 11+ engagement channels in real-time. Segments help you target your customer with the right message to prompt their action.

Ability to Personalize Communication

Personalizing communication for customers leads to a long term relationship. This can greatly bring customer loyalty. With AiTrillion, you can acknowledge your customer with personalized offers and emails. AiTrillion offers more than 70+ filters through which you can segregate your audience and can target them based on their online behavior.

Upselling / Cross-selling Opportunities

Knowing your customer’s buying behavior can help to display exactly what they want and open up the opportunity of upselling and cross-selling. AiTrillion allows you to segment your customers based on their past purchase history and help you send emails and popups with the products that fall into the same categories.

Creating Groups

AiTrillion allows you to create groups of targeted customers based on their activities on digital channels. There are multiple predefined filters that you can use to set segments that are highly tailored to your specific audience.

Here are just a few examples of groups you can divide using segments:

  • Customers with over $500 in lifetime spend but no referrals made
  • Customers who completed more than one referral, but have never made a purchase
  • Customers with at least 200 points earned but never made a redemption
  • Customers who haven’t purchased in the last six months
  • Customers who purchased during the holiday season
  • Customers who abandoned carts usually

One-Click Targeting

With one click targeting feature, you can target any pre-built segment with a single click. Personalize your email message, place it into pre-designed email templates, and trigger your campaign to pinpoint purchasing action to blasts sales. Smarten your approach to reaching the right people at the right time.

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Cross-Channel Targeting

AiTrillion lets you target your segments across all marketing channels. Align your all social media channels with the same targeted audience and increase your chances of conversion automatically.


Real-Time In-Depth Insights

AiTrillion turns Data into fortuity. This eCommerce marketing platform is smarter than traditional analytics and enables sellers to ingest this data to craft customer timelines. AiTrillion’s segmentation helps eCommerce marketers to understand customer behavior at a deeper level so you can deliver timely relevant offers, specially curated for individual customers.

No More Manual Segmentation

AiTrillion’s automatic segmentation platform helps you to find the groups that are close to conversion. It’s highly relevant personal filters like Last seen, First seen, Last contact, Shopify id, Total spent, etc will automatically segment your customers.

Find the Optimal Time to Engage your Users

No matter whom you serve, one thing is common – they expect to receive the right information at the right time. Send your email series/popups notification at the right time based on their interests, habits, likes & dislikes to build a meaningful relationship. Enhance the applicability of your marketing strategy by sending messages based on particular events and gain the trust of your audience for better upliftment of your business.

Summing Up


Customer segmentation data can become the foundation of your loyalty strategy by empowering you to unlock those customer experiences that oscillate deeply with shoppers. With segmentation, you can surprise and delight your customers based on their choices. AiTrillion is constantly working hard on releasing exciting innovations to stand out from the competitors by offering a truly personalized marketing strategy. Through Artificial Intelligence, AiTrillion will continue to unlock new possibilities for brands looking to curate magical customer experiences.

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