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Today getting an eCommerce website up and running is easy but it’s hard to attract the visitor’s attention and make them loyal customers. Many brands are putting the bulk of their energy just to get visitors after launching an online store, however, they are getting a flat response in return.

If you’re already doing the basics, but aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for,it’s time to leverage the power of Integrated Announcement Bars. The ability to catch the user’s attention within a second they visit the site is what makes Announcement Bars a necessity.

You may have seen attractive and concise Announcement Bars at every Shopify store, but we are sure you have hardly experienced the power of AI and Automation in Announcement Bars.

The best part — you can track the performance of Announcement Bars based on SEGMENTATION.

Yes! Let’s understand it more specifically.

What is an Announcement Bar?


The Announcement Bar is an advertisement space that helps you manage notifications and news on your website easily, and more efficiently. Smart Announcement Bar with personalized content helps you notify your visitors about your offers, sales, and other information that you want to convey.

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Why AiTrillion’s Announcement Bar?


AiTrillions’ Announcement Bar comes with great features that saves time, reduce your workload, and increase your revenue. Smart and AI-powered Announcement Bars make it easy to promote special offers, news, and events on websites. Our bars are responsive and optimized for all screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and mobile.

AiTrillion offers four types of Announcement Bars like-

You can track the performance of each bar based on segmentation. There are various predefined segments available that you can use to measure the performance of Announcement Bars. You can also create new segments based on your requirement.

With an easy and simple editor, create multiple bars and place anywhere you want on your website and launch a campaign in just a couple of clicks. Not only this, AiTrillion also allows you to schedule your Announcement Bars on a preferred timing.

Users can edit :

  • Bar Style, Text Color
  • Font Weight, Size, style and Alignment
  • Button Style, Text Color
  • Select Style, Background Image
  • Add Animation Effects like Rotating Text, Blink, etc.

Ideas for Announcement Bar Text


Customers always encounter various ads while surfing the internet, and it won’t be possible for them to pay attention to everything that comes their way. So it proves best to take them straight to the point with an Announcement Bar instead of letting them read other content available on your website.

They want to buy, and you want to sell. Show your customers a direct path instead of a zigzag.

Creating an effective announcement requires word power that can turn your audience into customers by fascinating them to click immediately. There are key factors to keep in mind when you’re writing your announcement:

  • Keep it short and on point,
  • Add sort of an action at first
  • Mention the benefits of taking an action.
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Types of Announcement Bars to Draw the Visitor’s Attention


Simple Announcement Bar

Boost sales by offering promotional offers with a catchy Announcement Bar. Get various predefined announcement templates that are easy to edit.

  • Easily manage to display multiple announcements.
  • Increase sales by running sales promo.
  • Work perfectly on the fixed header store.

Countdown Timer

Countdown Announcement Bar helps you add urgency to your promotions to urge customers to buy now instead of later. Create a custom countdown timer bar showing exactly the time and duration of your requirement.

  • Create urgency for your promotions or offers with the countdown timer.
  • Motivate your customers to buy more from the store.
  • Notify free shipping, offers, or sales on the store.
  • Use an announcement widget to display offers anywhere on the site.

Sales Motivator

Encourage your customer for a specific purchase goal with a sales motivator bar and boosts your sales. Sales motivator bars motivate your customers to buy more from the store and increase your store profitability without burning extra money. Take your business to the next level with the features loaded bars and gain new customers at every step. With AiTrillion:

  • Create personalized Announcement Bars and add on different locations of the page.
  • Keep shoppers informed of new products and recent discounts,
  • Notify your customers with offers and promotions on the website.
  • Create awesome Announcement Bars with pre-designed templates.
  • Add animation effects.

Cookie Bar

Cookie Bar helps to know customer behavior based on the data they leave behind. Knowing customers’ information helps you in targeting them with different touchpoints. Use an easily customized Cookie Bar and let users know you are using cookies. It’s flexible, and no coding is required.

  • Built-in multiple themes.
  • Support text, buttons, countdown timer.
  • Support for multi-display locations, such as header and footer.

Ways to use Announcement Bar on your website

#Display your message with a CTA

eCommerce stores are using HTML Announcement Bar to display big news, offers, and upcoming availability.

For example “Last few slots available – BOOK NOW”

#Announce limited time offers

Create a sense of urgency to get visitors fired up to act instantly. Whether you have a sale or offering a limited-time discount on your services, using an Announcement Bar is the best way to promote this. You can also display a discount code that customers can use at the checkout.

#Promote new products and services

If you have launched a brand new product or service, highlight it on your Announcement Bar to get customers’ attention.

#Inform customers about an event

Whether it’s an in-store event, workshop, or online webinar, Announcement Bar is a great medium to promote this on your website. Display the temporary Announcement Bar on the website and change it accordingly.

AiTrillion App

How to set up your AiTrillion Announcement Bar?


Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to Create your Announcement Bar

Track and Manage Announcement Bars Campaigns Easily


 AiTrillion allows you to manage all your Announcement Bar campaigns in one place. You can track Active Bars, Total Clicks, Total Orders, and Total Revenue.

Managing all your campaigns is quite hectic but now there is no need to put your head in the complicated tasks. AiTrillion’s automated AI analytics will do it all for you.

With AiTrillion you can track the performance of Announcement Bars based on segments and customer behavior.

Summing Up


Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or still trying to acquire your 100 first customers, AiTrillion is your go-to solution provider. The Announcement Bar plugin will definitely help you promote your offers and sale to gain the attention of your potential customers.

AiTrillion’s announcement bar Shopify app includes deep churn analysis, tracking repeat purchasing potentials, and generating readable reports.

To be a successful brand, you must leverage tech and be more agile in real-time to better know your customers. AiTrillion simplifies everything for you, so you can boost sales by implementing its automated predefined marketing campaigns through Announcement Bars, Email Marketing, Loyalty Reward Programs, Web Push Notifications, Workflow Automation, and Smart Popups.

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