Have you ever thought about how do consumers behave before going to your online store to make a purchase? How about after? If not, give this topic 3 minutes and see why consumer insights are crucial for your business and how having omnichannel eCommerce marketing strategies can help you create consumer loyalty?

What is consumer insight in eCommerce marketing?

Consumer insight is the analysis and interpretation of consumer behavior and trends, to deeply understand the characteristics of the audience(s) and improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing efforts. Consumer insights are necessary for gaining qualitative and 360 ̊ views of your audiences. There are different methods through which you can gain consumer insights like:

Brands that invest in consumer insight gain huge advantages. It empowers businesses to design results-oriented consumer marketing strategies to achieve their goals more effectively. It also allows brands to tailored marketing efforts. 

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Key benefits of consumer insights 

Here are some key benefits of consumer insights:

Helps to develop measurable marketing strategies

Knowing what turns a consumer’s purchase decision, where and when they shop, how they interact, what other factors influence their spending habits- all of these provide brands with a deeper understanding of their consumers. With this deep understanding, you can create highly personalized and targeted marketing strategies. AiTrillion’s Ai powered analytics helps you create a consumer timeline based on their interaction with your store and gives you better visualization to understand consumer data for better engagement.  

Enables better briefing for your team

Research your target audiences, figure out their key drivers to purchase, and mapped out your marketing aims. If you have a properly aligned consumer timeline in your hand you can send it to your designing and marketing team to put them on the same path to interpret consumer data into actionable campaigns. 

Drives efficiencies

Once you understand your consumers behave, it’s easier for you to manage marketing spending on certain channels. With this, you can make whole processes smooth, and less time will be wasted on ballpark figures. If you have successfully driven solid consumer insight and when everything done well, it will be easy to drive higher ROMI.

Prepares for future

Consumer behavior is changing at a fast pace.  Technological advancement has been playing an important role in meeting consumer expectations and impacting shopping habits. As trends unfold rapidly, consumer insight can help your brand to prepare for the future, for adaptation of new trends, and for making an informed decision to these behavioral shifts. 

Peel new growth opportunities

Understanding your consumers closely, can lead to cross-selling opportunities and even open up new opportunities. Consumer insight can identify the need of consumers to help you craft your marketing strategies and offer based on that. 

Make consumers feel valuable

Make your consumer feel valuable by showing them what they want. This helps you grow your brand engagement with the consumer and build trust in consumers’ eyes. With consumer insights, you can make them feel valued and cherished with personalized messages and offers. Consumer insight proves as a very valuable part of a consumer’s brand experience.

Final thoughts


In this ever-competitive world, it’s crucial to know your consumer insight to ensure targeted and relevant communications. Once you have a full data-driven understanding of your consumer,  you can create highly effective and engaging marketing campaigns to specifically target them. Consumer insight is essential for the optimization of consumer journeys and to understand their shopping behavior. Therefore it is important for Shopify store owners to not only generate insights but to turn it into readable reports to make data-driven decisions. 

AiTrillion intensifies, allies, and visualizes every byte of data in real-time, it also provides insights through a collection of data-visualization graphs. Without any coding, you can get all insights in real-time in one place. If you have any questions about how to collect consumer insight – then get in touch with us. We’d love to help!

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