Did you know “between 2018 and 2019, organizations that deployed artificial intelligence (AI) grew from 4% to 14%”? – Gartner’s 2019, CIO agenda survey

Impressive, right?

Artificial Intelligence is definitely worth a glimpse. Let’s look into how it’s actually linked with conversions for your eCommerce store.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a major role in reshaping eCommerce stores and is working its way up to becoming the top game-changing technology. The eCommerce market is maturing at a massive scale and its time you evolve your vision to be in tune with this new era of rapid increases.

With the help of Ai, data-driven marketing has gained momentum. This is changing customer behavior in a positive way for both, the brand and the customer, to hit financial goals and establish valuable, long-lasting relationships.

One of the eCommerce sellers’ top priorities is to figure out how to gain an edge with the help of AI and deliver the most effective customer experiences. Personalized online experiences enable them to combine personal feel in their marketing strategy and flesh out customer engagement.

Artificial Intelligence gives companies the virtue to accurately and fastly analyze all their data to perform customer segmentation and send more relevant offers. You can also optimize the content and timing of everything from email marketing campaigns, web push notifications, smart pop-ups to announcement bars, product recommendations, loyalty rewards, and chatbots.

Simply, personalize the overall customer journey with AI and win in sales and marketing.

Ai in segmentation

Segmentation is in trend from over 20 years ago however now it has become a stepping stone in one-to-one marketing. Marketing experts believe that only Ai has the potential to deliver real-time experiences, contextually relevant, and personalization by making use of digital footprints of customers.

The ability to deliver product recommendations, predictions, and tailored communication using the right channel at the right time is the perk that Ai offers to its eCommerce sellers.

Hyper-personalization with Ai

Personalized content and dynamic email templates are the most compelling windfall of Ai i.e. making an impact in the eCommerce industry. Among marketers who already use AI,“64% confessed that it has greatly or substantially increased their overall marketing efficiency”.

Ai has the capability to deliver improved efficiency and more precisely targeted personalization to convert your visitors into loyal customers. Build intense relationships with existing customers via AiTrillions’ points-based reward & referral programs and make your customers’ feel connected with your brand.

Data-driven marketing with Ai

Being an eCommerce shop owner, you may have heard these terms – online marketing and social media market. However, these things don’t reflect any results until and unless you haven’t put any extra effort to make these techniques more powerful.

With Artificial intelligence, you can amplify your old fashioned marketing strategies with data-driven strategies for getting more reach and recognition.

Use human-inspired, AiTrillions’ analytical platform to get real-time data of your customer behavior with cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence for skyscraping your sale.

Enhance your analytics engine with Ai

Analytical AI has characteristics consistent with cognitive intelligence that generate an intellectual representation of the online customers and analyze past experiences to predict future decisions.

Human-inspired AI has elements including an understanding of human emotions that help eCommerce shop owners in their decision making for designing the next game plan.
With AiTrillion, powered intelligent platforms start listening to your customers’ wants and formulate their desires with actionable email triggers and smart popups to attract their attention.

Summing Up

You may have witnessed this earlier, however integrating artificial intelligence into your eCommerce store could actually improve results by delivering customer insights to sales reps, ensuring they only targeted preferred audience. Until today many platforms have been made that have sensed AI’s ability to automate their sales funnels, tackle mountains of data and even do more complex tasks adroitly.

The best part is that now with Ai, marketing and sales are analytical and also quantitative. It’s the surest way to improve lead quality, segmentation, and buyer-persona development, more appropriately.