“63% of social media marketers believe listening will become more important in 2020″

Did you ever think about what people have to say about your brand? What they feel about it or whether they refer your brand to their friends or not? 

If not start thinking about it. Don’t just rely on just hashtags and emojis for your social media marketing, start adding new things in the basket. 

Social listening is an efficient way to tantalize consumer insights to sketch a social media marketing strategy and steer unseen customer service issues. Most social platforms are doing a native search within them. 

Start your social media marketing with macular concepts and maximize your efforts. Start summarizing your social media blueprints and if your competitors are putting it, in the same way, it will be hard to get any beneficial customer insight. 

“47% of social media marketers say that developing strategies which support business goals is their top challenge”

Boosting up your social media marketing strategy needs genuine customers’ behavior insights so that your content can communicate with the audience personally. Once you’ve established a clear understanding of your audience, you are bound to win the game.

In this fast-paced world, you don’t just depend on organic content to increase reach! It’s more or less essential to include some paid elements in your social media marketing to boost your brand reach, especially when you are competing with renowned brands. 

Needless to say, now social media marketing has become a pay-to-play strategy and one of the most effective ways to leverage paid social media advertising is to integrate Ai-powered eCommerce automation tools in your existing business module. And AiTrillion can assist with that by identifying conversion trends that matter to your brand. AiTrillion helps in generating social referral traffic in your store. 

Here are five actionable social media marketing tips for local contractors and other gig workers.

1. Reward your customers when they follow you on social profiles

The existence and vagueness of social media have played a significant role in increasing brand reach. Making it very tempting with reward points and vouchers will boost your social media marketing. 

Loyalty rewards points.

Run a loyalty rewards program. Give your audience reward points once they started following you on social media profiles and enhance your brand’s engagement smoothly. 

2. Give your post wings

Set aside fixed rewards for link sharing or referring a friend. Because of your referral program, you can encourage your audience to invite their friends to sign up and earn rewards points in exchange. 

Refer a friendSetting up a cool social media ad or experimenting with the power of Ai in eCommerce marketing is one of the best ways to increase user traffic as this motivates people to come and register to your website for earning reward points.

3. Sshhh! DON’T keep secrets.

Allow your audience to share your brand over social media. Increase your traffic by offering rewards to your customers for sharing YOU. These increase repeat purchases and customer lifetime value! Give your buyers numerous reasons to return to your store. 

Motivate your audience with AiTrillion’s loyalty reward program by offering them perks like  Percentage Discounts, Free Shipping, Free Product Vouchers, and Extra Points, and watch your brand scale its way up through the crowded online market.

4. Offer an extra raffle point for spreading the word on FB 

Statistics reveal –

“Nearly 95 million Instagram posts a day, 31.25 million Facebook posts per minute, and 6,000 tweets a second”.

Social channels are crowded places and user feeds are full of content and images. Because of this, it’s quite poping to develop a clear and compelling brand identity. 

reward points

To make your post viral, discover the power of Ai and offer extra raffle points when someone shares your post on FB. It will level up your social media marketing and increase engagement with your existing and new customers. 

5.  Let your brand impress. Share lasting impressions

Sharing client reviews on social media channels has become the de facto for brands. The review section is the first place your customer will check before purchasing anything. 

So start collecting star ratings and comments by offering loyalty points and discounts to your customers and share it on your social media channels with the power of Ai.

Our automated tools resonate content according to the customer’s genre and prompt them to leave feedback for products and services that will help you build trust among your target audience. 

6. Reduce the Chaos

Did you know marketing automation increases conversion rate by 53% and growth rate by 3.1%? 

That’s it? Hold on! It is beyond that. 

AiTrillion’s automated tools are incredibly helpful to businesses in designing automatic workflow emails. Our personalized automated email series automatically curbs real-time data of customers and tailors workflow emails according to their journey. 

Personalized your email workflows with automated Ai integrated marketing tools and trigger email series in several different ways like submits a form on your website, views a page on your blog, clicks a link in an email, etc. 

Summing up

Without understanding your target audience and what they want, you cannot achieve results on social media. Get our artificial intelligence-powered platform that combines advanced data analytics, personalization, and custom audience to study data available on the internet for helping your customers to boost their social marketing which directly raises their brand visibility. 

Set up AiTrillions’ automated marketing workflows and grab the major opportunities to nurture and engage your audience. 

Visualize the best experience with AiTrillion’s Automated Platform and shoot your sales up. Geared up yet?

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