Today consumers spend a lot of time listening, reading, watching, or interacting with online content. With this increased consumption, eCommerce merchants have more possibilities to connect with customers. However using only traditional, run-of-the-mill promotions tactics won’t work anymore.

Customers are smart. We all know that! Now they demand personalization, even personalized product recommendations. By suggesting a relevant product to a customer, they’re more likely to purchase.

“Product Recommendations can increase the average order and keep customers on your site longer”.

Sounds gripping right?

“In fact, research shows recommendation campaigns drive sales, fueling 24% of orders and 26% of revenue”.

This is why it’s necessary to understand to whom should you send production recommendations? When should you send them and why they’re essential to your brand’s marketing armory.

To help, we examined just that.

Whom should you send Product Recommendations?

To address hyper-targeted nature, send product recommendations in the following ways.

  • To new customers who recently viewed items at your store.
  • Recommend products to exist customers based on their previous purchase habits.
  • Recommend products to your lost customers with attractive offers.
  • Recommend frequently purchased and best seller products to site visitors.

AiTrillion allows Shopify store owners to automatically import their top-selling or newest products into their campaign and send automation emails. Most of our clients who aimed at bringing browsing customers back to their site create product recommendation emails that highlight products the shopper looked at as well as customer preferences.

What type of products you should add in the product Recommendation Email?

While crafting product recommendation email, pop-ups, or web push notification you should consider adding:

New Arrivals

Send recommended email of new arrivals to a segment of loyal customers who have made recent repeat purchases.

Trending Products

Recommend trending products as part of a large sale or promotion at your store, or promote a single product to a smaller segment of contacts based on their preferences.

Recent View

Recommend recently viewed products in customized Thank You emails and pages in slide and grid view.

For more nitty-gritty details about product recommendations, you can anytime refer to our Knowledge Base.

When should you send Product Recommendations?

This is a crucial point that should be considered while sending recommendation emails and web push notifications. Product recommendations must be timely sent to impel customers to act. The question of when to send is often regiment by the type of recommendations you want to deliver.

For example, if you want to engage customers who browsed but didn’t buy, send a follow-up email containing viewed product images within an hour. If you want to upsell customers as they shop, suggest add-on products while they’re shopping. Here you can use AiTrillion’s smart pop-up to suggest add-on products.

Well, in short, product recommendations must be sent immediately following a customer’s action.

Why should you send personalized Product Recommendations?

Product recommendation not only holds the potential to increase orders and revenue, but it can also drive loyalty in many key ways:

Reach customers with real-time offers

By combining behavioral data, eCommerce merchants can send emails, pop-ups, and push notifications that suggest products that customers are actually looking for with attractive offers to prompt the action.

Build long-term relationships with customers

Personalized product recommendations show customers you care, and as a result, they may continue to come back again and again. In fact, customers who click on a recommended product are most likely to return.

Stand out among competitors

In a wildly competitive environment, product recommendations can help you to differentiate your brand from others. It shows customers that your brand is dedicated to customer-first beliefs and enthusiastic to help them make the best purchase decisions.

Customize recommendations based on customer segments and product tags

With the data and Shopify product tagging, you can segment your customers into small groups and design product recommendations accordingly. It can also be used to upsell customers.

For example, create a segment of customers who recently purchased and consider sending them personalized offers via email for a related product. A clothing store could send its valuable customers a 10%-off coupon for a bottom that matches the set of tops that the segment recently purchased. In this way, you can upsell specific groups with personalization.

With AiTrillion, you can segment your customer based on:

  • Frequent Buyers
  • Losing Customers
  • New Visitors
  • New Customers
  • Top Purchasing Customers and many more.

Benefits of AiTrillion’s Product Recommendation

Here are the benefits of availing product recommendation feature of AiTrillion:

Welcome your customers with your best products

The automated welcome email workflow is a primary element for building long term relationships with new subscribers and introducing your brand. Yet, with AiTrillion Shopify store owners are not only able to greet their customers with attractive pre-built templates but also highlight what makes the brand distinct.

Your top selling products define your brand and you shouldn’t think twice to display the products that can lead your business to success.

Increase repeat purchases

Product recommendations are the best way to increase repeat purchases. Send each customer a personalized email with dynamic product recommendations based on their most recent activity on your site with AiTrillion. The real-time dynamic recommendations increase the chances of purchase by sending the right recommendation to the right shopper at the right time.

With AiTrillion Ai Powered engine, you can track the customers’ purchase history and browsing behavior to deliver automated, personalized emails, push notification, and smart pop-ups to increase repeat purchases smartly.

Showcase your products with widget templates

Deliver a true omnichannel experience with individualized product recommendations across all your channels. With the help of product widget templates, you can add product recommendations anywhere on the website. You can also use the widget template in email. AiTrillion’s easy to use editor allows you to edit a widget to make it your own by changing the background color, text color, slide view, grid view, and language.

You can use products widget templates for:

  • New Arrival
  • Trending Product
  • Recent View

Browse Abandonment Emails with Recently Viewed Product

Send browse abandonment emails with recently viewed products to retarget your site visitors who’ve browsed your site but didn’t buy anything from the store.

Summing Up

“Do you know 70% of the Amazon homepage is dedicated to product recommendations”? The eCommerce expert players also integrate product sliders on almost every page, to make sure customers always have a lot of options to choose from.

Product recommendations have become a must for any brand looking to connect and convert customers. However, it still takes time to create and send personalized recommendations to your customer base. So, when looking to incorporate personalized product recommendations into your marketing strategies, it’s worth exploring AiTrillion to segmentation and personalization, along with platforms that help you collect customer data to streamline your efforts. Personalized Recommendation by AiTrillion helps you achieve a powerful strategy in your Shopify store. It allows you to:

  • Collect and analyze shopping behaviors of customers
  • Showcase related products from like-minded shoppers
  • Upsell and Cross-sell popular products
  • Highlight recently viewed and discounted products
  • New arrivals
  • Personalized Recommendations on Emails and many more.

Many eCommerce merchants have already turned to send personalized recommendations, and we believe you will also soon adopt it after actualizing its benefits. If you have any questions related to Product Recommendations and how to set up, don’t be shy, we are just a line away. Drop a message at We will serve you as soon as possible.