Don’t forget: you only get one chance to make a good first impression so make sure it will last forever!

One misstep can ruin a brand’s reputation. If you’re an entrepreneur, put brand reputation first in your priority of every decision you make. Getting new customers and make them loyal to your brands needs lots of efforts. Actually, you are not getting new customers, you are “buying” them as you invest a lot of dibs to make them feel valued.

74 % of customers expect to receive a welcome message once they’ve signed up for a service.

The reason? Customer aspect tickling, they want to feel superior. So make them feel what they want. Don’t’ put too much your head only follow customers’ digital footprints.

Right now you may be thinking how to track digital footprints of customers?? Here the answer!

“Automation” is the only way through which you can track the digital footprints of your audience and turn them to your loyal customers.

“Marketing automation is expected to become a $32.6 billion market by 2024”.


There are various touchpoints that you can touch to gain new customers by knowing their behavior. You can offer personalize email, push notifications, smart popups with attractive features to make them feel valued. Another way to show them appreciation is to always keep them in the loop about their order.

Emails and messages related to customers’ purchases are the equivalents of receiving a receipt after purchasing a diamond from a jewelry store. It gives customers comfort and satisfaction and builds trust. In fact, emails and messages related to shipping confirmation have 64% higher open rates, than other ones.

Delivery and shipping confirmation emails are the pathway to engaging your customers and keeping them engaged for longer.

How to engage customers?

There are various things when it comes to keeping your customers engaged like

  • Send personalize welcome message
  • Send it right away
  • Show gratitude
  • A clear call to action and many more

You can do all the above-mentioned things only in one click with AiTrillions’ automated marketing platform. It helps you discover your customers in various ways, like their spending patterns and gives you a full life cycle of their buying journey so that you can engage your brand with them in several distinct ways.

Just keeping track of all these customer touchpoints can be hard enough, let alone getting to your actual goal of using your customer data to engage customers and ultimately, increase revenue.

AiTrillion Email Marketing & Automation Platform Offers:

Drag & Drop Email Editor

Drag-and-drop email designer lets you set up engaging email campaigns in minutes and increase the email click rate by 10X.

  • Create a professional-looking email in no time
  • Drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand
  • Personalization Short codes to bring life in emails

Drag and drop

Pre-built Email Templates

Offer 50+ pre-designed templates including BFCM and seasonal templates that you need to launch a quick eCommerce campaign.

    • Access exclusive predesigned templates and graphics
    • Easily customize templates in a minute
    • Add Products dynamically based on collection

Pre-built Email Templates

Send Bulk Emails

Classify, select, and filter your contacts more precisely and optimize your open and click rates.

    • Filter contacts by list/segments
    • Select Messages and Templates easily
    • Schedule your emails

Send Bulk Emails

Workflow Email Series

An automatic work email series with more advanced features allows you to trigger the actions you want to automate.

    • Prebuilt eCommerce based email workflow series
    • Welcome, abandoned cart, Loyalty and Review email series
    • Product Recommendations in Email Automation

Workflow Email Series

Newsletter and Exit Intent Emails

Reduce abandoned cart rates by sending automated emails with product recommendations and rewards to drive more sales

    • Creative Email templates
    • Behavior-based Email Series

Newsletter and Exit Intent Emails

Track Email Marketing Report

Know how your email campaigns are working with advanced reports, you can check your email status with ease. Track all the numbers you need, including sent, opens and clicks.

    • Detailed Reporting of Every Campaign
    • Open/Click report of every email
    • View the exit list of contacts

Track Email Marketing Report

No more wait, get AiTrillion and start converting your subscribers with automated engaging email flow!