Introducing you to 20 outstanding Shopify stores. These businesses serve as great inspiration for all entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own online store.

Check what these stores are getting right: company logos, beautiful product photography, great visual branding, eCommerce marketing, a simple user-friendly layout, and convincing call-to-action buttons.

It isn’t enough to have an online store to attract your ideal audience — and more importantly, to turn that audience into passionate brand ambassadors — you need a proven marketing strategy and platform that can help you achieve your marketing goals.


Steranglas is an online store of luxurious watches. It has always been their goal to create affordable timepieces of quality, for everyone. Reliable, functional, and to the point: this is STERNGLAS.

A special feature of Sternglas is the compact construction of a double curve (inside unequal outside), which reduces the optical twist of the dial and makes it even more resistant. They double-coated each glass with an anti-reflective coating to reduce environmental reflections many times over.

Online watch store

2.Robert Graham

Robert Graham, a high-end clothing store includes limited Edition dress shirts, women’s dresses, and fashion accessories, designer shoes, premium loungewear and outerwear, and bedding and home accessories. At Robert Graham, they strive every day to give their customers the best in the market. So whether you’re looking for bold statements expressed outwardly or underestimated styles expertly designed on the inside, they provide their collectors with wearable creativity that promises unique craftsmanship, luxury, and original style.

Robert Graham

3.Eyewear Index

The Eyewear Index is an Australian brand that delivers a peerless customer experience in the sunglass and eyeglass market. Its ‘customer first’ approach to service and support has allowed them to create an eyewear shopping experience like no other with each package delicately hand-wrapped and dispatched from their headquarters in Sydney, Australia.



“Helmed by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran, the Lemaire brand offers a timeless Parisian style that is cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and rich in influences. Crafted from fabrics selected for their quality and designed for everyday wear, the wardrobe is eminently modular—the supple silhouettes and soft color palette allow Lemaire outfits to be restyled and accented over time”.

Lemair website


Nick Guillen and Nick Ajluni, who founded the TRUFF hot sauce in 2017, now available in every Whole Foods store in the U.S. and become a top-selling sauce on Amazon. Producer of epicure hot sauces meant to be the zenith of the heat experience. The company creates sauces with curated mixtures of ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, roasted tomatoes, cumin, habanero peppers, black truffle oil, and delicious spices, and have quality profiles crafted from ingredients normally held for tequilas and fine delicacies. Truff provides individuals with sauces that complement various foods and add to their taste.

Sauce truff website

6. Woolly Clothing

Woolly Clothing’s garments are made from Woolmark certified Australian Merino, considered as the world’s most delicate and softest wool. The natural, biodegradable, and renewable, Merino wool is the result of 200 years of sustainable farming in Australia’s field region. James, Mike, and Chris – the founders of Woolly Clothing launched Woolly to show that making affordable merino clothes is possible. Now They want to design a full merino life possible by replacing synthetic garments with more comfortable versions made from wool. With an elegant style and remarkable softness, Woolly aims to deliver comfortable clothing to all at an effective cost.


7. Luca and Danni

Luca and Danni’s website is highly interactive. All the jewelry of Luca and Danni is handmade using brass and artisan metals. They are easy to hook and catch closure. At Luca and Danni, you will find regular and petite sizing options and various shapes that ensure proper fit. They also offer attractive gift boxes and include an essence card.

luca danni

8. Rains

“RAINS is a Danish rainwear company founded in 2012. It has transformed the traditional rubber raincoat in a novel way. Since its foundation, RAINS grew into a renowned international rainwear brand.

Along with the reinvented classics, RAINS also extends its product line i.e waterproof outerwear, bags, and accessories to the fashion-conscious consumer. Inspired by both Scandinavian weather and design heritage, RAINS blends traditional methods with innovative techniques to create understated and considered rainwear made to last beyond the season”.



Aceology is a renowned brand of easy-to-use masks that simplifies skin-care routine and maximizes me-time. Their face packs are fast-track to flawless, the foundation of any good skin-care regime, and thankfully free of mind-numbing science-speak.


10. Burga

“BURGA sells fashionable accessories like phone cases, leather goods, and drinkware. One of the most remarkable features of their online store is a uniquely personalized User Experience (UX): if you visit the website on your smartphone, it will pick up on the model and automatically filter and display the cases specifically tailored to you”.

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Burga phone case

11. Studs

Studs, the brand that transformed the ear piercing and earring experience, has a wide range of unique collections. All their chicest earring collection allows you to flaunt your look without much effort! You can mix and match their words studs like “vibe, or “mood” to express how you’re truly feeling.



Mr-Sales has become a leading and fast-growing online store, with customers all around the world. They have a team of experienced entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds who want to design something new for their customers.

At Mr-Sales, you will find a variety of items at a good price. Every gift features on their website are hand-picked by their experts. They’ve been in the market for two years and will continue to offer great deals to their customers.


13.House Of Blouse

House of Blouse is an Indian fashion brand. They design blouses and sarees for the global woman who takes joy in what she wears and is particular about fit and finish. Who’s feminine, exuberant, minimal, flirty, stern, whimsical, whiny, triumphant, soft sometimes all in the same day.

Every House of Blouse garment is made to order and finished by hand. All their products are made in House Of Blouse studio and while this increases costs, it helps them keep a clear connection with customers and have full control over the end-to-end process and quality of products.



Harmonia Costumes inspire and ignite the creative power of self-expression. Harmonia consists of a conceptual curation of pieces from different designers that represent the brand’s vision and mission.


15. Teddy Blake

Teddy Blake proved luxury can be affordable. This unique luxury bag store uses the same Italian pelleteries to create bags as expensive luxury brands. With Teddy Blake there is No compromise on the quality of your leather bag – and there is no charge on the label.


16. Mint Julep

At The Mint Julep Boutique, they embrace variety and versatility in fashion and aim to meet the continually evolving style needs of our customers. Mint Julep’s goal is to consistently surpass the expectations of engagement and connectedness that you have of boutiques, and to couple that with the best customer service around!


17. White/Space

A jewelry store White Space Jewelry was born with the desire to create immaculate, modern jewelry that comprises the power of elegance. Each piece is designed using traditional metalsmithing techniques with a sharp eye for freshness and versatility. Designer Khadijah Fulton is the founder of WHITE/ SPACE. Her family origins hold multiple artists and entrepreneurs and she has been creating artistic objects of her imagination to life since early childhood.

White Space Jewelry

18. GoWebBaby

Gowebbaby is a Full-Service Premium Digital Solution Provider. Web experts working in cutting-edge Web Technology & Cloud Computing. They are recognized Shopify Experts and Partner with Shopify.

Goweb Baby

19. PrivatePrize

A full-fledged store to fulfill your desires of “photography” & to give you a remarkable photographic experience of sports photography, kids photography, dance photography, wedding photography, maternity photography, newborn photography, senior photography, etc. They specialize in creating fully customizable layered Photoshop designs with editable text.

Private Prize

20. Amira

Amira is an innovative high-street brand spurred by the future of fashion and possessed by traditional colors and textures. With collections reaching from East to West. Amirá’s wide range of avant-garde outfits is designed especially for Bangladesh’s market. After in-depth market analysis, they have created silhouettes and styles that will intensify customer’s body type and skin tone. Amira uses leading-edge technology to design detailed and high-quality products for their precious customers and work hard to ensure a long-term relationship.