Want your marketing to be more efficient?

Wondering how predicting your automated workflows will workout?

Is there only Google Analytics for helping you out?

If you do anything in eCommerce, — a website or an app — chances are you’re using Google Analytics in order to increase the conversion ratios for the efforts you put for marketing your e-store, whether that’s Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or any other platform.

Google Analytics is known to be powerful and robust. However, it’s not perfect. Like everything else, it has its shortcomings.

Ever put your thought about the people that visit your site, explore a little (or a lot), and then leave?
Those customers that abandon their cart on the last step?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some data about why it happened (and not just that it did)?

Google Analytics can surely analyze data and leverage bounce rates, exit pages, traffic sources, session length, landing pages, site speed, and so on for your eComm store, however, it still cannot provide an answer to all of the above questions.

What is Predictive Analysis?

Having the ability to track each engagement activity and behavior of the customers on your webstore can be a powerful measure and decision-making tool.

“Predictive analytics use statistics and machine learning to analyze data and make predictions”. If you know how to predict, you can make money, save money, save time, and boost your sales and visibility.

The overall performance of your store is generally measured by —

1. Who is visiting your eComm store?
2. How a user interacts with your web-store?
3. What is the customer looking for on your web-store?
3. The set of decisions that need to be taken following those interactions?
4. Dynamic eCommerce data metrics like customer lifetime value, average order value, etc.

Got answers to all the above questions? No? Just a few of them? No detailed data-enriched insights yet?

The simple rule of life — If you don’t know, ASK.

AiTrillion can answer all your questions. The best way to understand and appreciate the user experience is to experience it. AiTrillion — The all-in-one automated marketing platform lets you get the “why” to go with the Analytics “what”.

Let’s tell you how.

What are your customers looking for?

A downside of Google Analytics is its lack of direct insight into what are your customers looking for on your web-store.

The Fix —

AiTrillion gathers basic information about user behavior on your site.

It provides real-time possibilities to engage your customers at particular points in your funnel, on certain pages, exit-intent popups when they click to leave, or for segmented audiences (based on time, on day, on-page, number of visits, loyalty engagements, and a lot more). It collates the data and presents it to you in extremely easy-to-comprehend reports.

While Google Analytics still has its limitations, now you can learn a lot about user behavior simply by connecting the dots.

Customize your marketing communication and engagement activities based on 70+ segmentation filters.

Drive more intelligent customer engagement through predictive analytics. With an Ai-powered platform at hand, you can build profiles of customers based on their behavior and habits. These profiles allow the system to simply predict what people need or would like to buy, shifts in their interest, or the likelihood of events.

Attribution Issues

Without any extra effort and tweaking, Google Analytics is notably mediocre at attribution. For effective marketing campaigns, it is extremely important to get “real-time” statistical data like —

  • Which marketing channels,
  • What touchpoints,
  • What behaviors, and
  • Which demographics
  • which segment or personalization a customer is most likely to respond to?
  • which customers will buy one or more products ?

All of the above are contributing to the overall e-business outcome, a form of “machine learning-based attribution.”

The Fix —

Cross-channel attribution extends beyond the first and last clicks. Robust attribution can help demonstrate the ROI for your in-store promotions and offers.

AiTrillion has rolled out ways to automatically push alerts or pull insights from your platforms. Reports show the exact picture of how your campaign works. It’s more like event tracking, wherein all the events like creating and sending email marketing campaigns, rewarding loyalty points, product reviews, total order received, sending web push notifications, abandoned cart recovery, and much more are been automatically tracked. Also, it will give you deep customer insights at a glance.

How individual users are using your website?

With Google Analytics, there is a lot of data about your customers. However, what you can’t do is track individual users.
The benefit of getting this detailed data is that you can assess exactly how somebody is strolling through your e-store and from this data, as an eCommerce seller, you can plan exactly how you would like to improve your customer’s in-store experience.

The Fix —

You could even track multiple users, make a customized list using segmentation and check for behavioral similarities to improve your site for higher conversions and better user satisfaction. Without a complete view of your customer, you’re missing out on valuable business insight. Through data enrichment, AiTrillion can help you fix missing or incomplete information to enhance your customer records.

How are the sales converting and the processes involved?

Who’s converting? Who isn’t? Google Analytics can make provisions for the conversion rate data for your page and no information beyond.

For instance, a customer spends plenty of time on your pages exploring your products, adds a few products to their cart but suddenly abandons the shopping cart. What would you do then?

The Fix —

Track your customer’s journeys and see which touchpoints were the most beneficial to them. You can get all the context that you need to sell smart. With Data Enrichment, know whom you’re talking to and what they are up to, after all, your customers are your most valuable asset. Pull additional information from your visitors or customers and have personalized conversations with them using cross-channel strategies.

A Session does Not Equal a Visitor

Sessions are often used for the calculation of key metrics, such as the conversion rate. In Google Analytics, a session is defined as, “a group of interactions that take place on your website within a given time frame (which ends every 30 minutes).” Google Analytics will only process data from the time you started tracking your site in sessions. It won’t be able to process any customer’s historical data that your site had.

The Fix —

Data enriched sessions with more detailed insights is the first step to increase the quality of your entire data. With AiTrillion you not only know if and when an event occurred, but you also know why & how, because each event has a context. Your customer’s first interaction with your store can also be viewed. Each engagement of your customer is tracked and provided to you in an easy-to-understand report on the seller dashboard.

Was an email received and opened by the customer? How many pushes were clicked and actioned upon? You can read the entire chain of messages sent directly through our customer timeline – no need to dig into old records.


While Google Analytics can’t get into the minds of your users, you can. Finding out what your users need from your site can feel like guesswork sometimes – but it doesn’t have to be. Google Analytics puts a huge emphasis on vanity metrics like page-views, which don’t account for the people bouncing off of your site.

With AiTrillion, you can turn Customer Data into Actionable Insights Data Enrichment & Insights Deeply understand your customers, and take intelligent actions to increase your customer adoption and retention. It offers the granular detail that’s essential for monitoring user behavior. You’ll be able to decide which engagement channels are best for long-term retention or lifetime value, not just those that drive initial conversions. The platform’s most meaningful feature is its ability to tie actual prospect and customer data to online behavior, providing greater “Real-time” insight into the customer experiences that affect engagement, conversion, and retention.

See the most crucial and useful customer insights and behavior at a glance. Below listed fragments are there for reports and analytics:

  • Audience tracking report
  • Total engagement
  • Push subscribers report
  • Push engagement
  • Email engagement
  • AI app engagements
  • Loyalty reward program report
  • Reviews
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Abandoned cart push
  • Order numbers
  • Sales amount
  • Customers report

What more data would you require from AiTrillion’s Reports & Analytics for your needs? Leave your answers.