Black Friday & Cyber Monday {BFCM] is at your doorstep and all your customers are ready with their credit and debit cards to fit out in online queues while small and mid-sized e-shop owners are rushing to prepare for the holiday barrel. 

We assume that you are probably done with all the preparations for the shop-till-you-drop season. After all, you don’t want to miss a single chance to grow. 

However, you’re still worried about whether you have enough inventory, your abilities to quickly fulfill orders, and the different ways you’re going to raise sales during the most hustling time of the year.

Don’t panic, here is your solution –

AiTrillion: The All-in-One Automated Marketing Platform

AiTrillion is popular among eCommerce sellers. They are using this feature-rich platform to mobilize campaigns across various online marketing channels like emails, loyalty reward programs, product & site reviews, web push, etc., and to auto-optimize towards higher conversions powered by machine learning.

Usually, Ai-enabled marketing platforms are way too expensive to implement and hard to learn. However, AiTrillion is built in a way that is user-friendly, simple to use, and fully integrated. The best part — You Don’t Need to Learn Coding!

Again, how can your Shopify store benefit by integrating AiTrillion during this year’s holiday season growth? Here are 5 tips to help you enhance your marketing efforts and streamline your operations for amazing profitability this Black Friday and Cyber Monday– #BFCM!

Last-minute Hacks to Help you Win BFCM this year.

Below mentioned strategies will only require less of your time but will have a significant impact on your business!

Announcement Bar or Countdown Timer 

Create urgency with the announcement bar.  Yes, it makes sense to create a sense of urgency. The emotional connection and the urgency in your emails and push notifications to create a feeling that the user will not miss out.

With AiTrillion, you can create multiple notification bars and place them wherever you want on your website. 

AiTrillion offers : 

  • Pre-designed easy to use announcement templates 
  • Custom background announcements upload ability.
  • Responsive, and optimized announcement bar for all screen sizes 
  • Add animation effects on the announcement bar like rotating text, blinking, etc.
  • Added start and end time options.
  • Schedule the timer from a specific start date to the complete time.
  • Easy installation and no coding required.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

AiTrillion automation platform will improve sales through abandoned cart recovery and build lifetime customer value. Many Shopify merchants have AiTrillion to help recover abandoned carts. Automatically triggering email series for a cart reminder at fixed time intervals will help you to gain lost customers.

Aitrillion allows you to:

  • Create a professional-looking abandoned email in no time
  • Intuitive drag & drop builder to perfectly match your brand
  • Personalized shortcodes to bring life to emails
  • Pre-designed email templates 
  • Allow you to add products dynamically based on a collection
  • Filter contacts by list/segments
  • Schedule your emails

Dedicated BFCM Deal Page  

Dedicated landing pages for BFCM will remove distractions, which is why you should display a separate section of your best-selling products over the holiday season. 

AiTrillion will help you to customize your Black Friday landing page without coding with predefined BMCF templates and announcement bars. 

By using AiTrillion’s AI-powered drag-and-drop page builder, you can select a predesigned template from the library.

Exit Intent Pop-ups

Holiday sales are the best time to enlarge your clientele base by bringing in new customers to intensify ROI. With smart popups, new customers will be driven by your promotions and marketing campaigns, so make sure you have an exit-intent pop-up to push customers into a purchase. 

The AiTrillion platform will deliver amazing results by growing your audience and increasing your conversion rate through highly targeted pop-ups with the correct dynamic message.

Don’t forget to reward loyal customers with an exclusive coupon code during BFCM sales. 

AiTrillion offers

  • Customized smart popups 
  • Scroll-Based Triggering
  • Loyalty Signup Popup
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Timed-Display Control

Referral Program 

Turn your visitors into loyal customers with a referral program. Reward your existing customers when they refer your brand with their friends and family. A referral program is the most effective way for customer retention and there are multiple ways to reward referrals. 

With AiTrillions’ customized email series, push notifications, and pop-ups you can send reward points which will increase your repeat purchase by giving customers more reasons to return to your store.

Here is the point where you can send loyalty point rewards to motivate customers’ actions at every stage during their shopping journey.

  • Make a purchase
  • Create an account
  • Visit Store
  • Birthday
  • Review Product
  • Follow on Social profile
  • Share on Facebook
  • Refer a Friend
  • Facebook Share Popup on Thankyou Page
  • Allow Push Access

Take advantage of AiTrillion on your Shopify store and experience the significant and lasting impact on the success of your eCommerce brand.