In 2019, “Shopify merchants alone generated over $1.5 billion in sales during Black Friday Cyber Monday”.


Every year Black Friday Cyber Monday sales rise by 20-30%. BFCM 2020 sales might not be in your consumer’s mind yet however it’s a perfect time to start thinking over it as It takes time to plan successful marketing campaigns, and execute the biggest sale of the year. 

Your approach to this holiday season sale should be predefined as eCommerce sales have been on the rise for years as compared to other BFCM seasons. Black Friday has always been a must-have event for Shopify merchants and online retailers however cutting edge competition and promotional noise appears as a side effect of this shopping rush. Online store owners send varied promotional campaigns promising the best discounts and offers ever. So it’s a challenge for merchants to stand out and be noticed by shoppers in the noise market. A unique strategy and highly-targeted campaigns should be exercised to win your customers’ attention and make the best out of Black Friday 2020. 

Why a Dedicated BFCM Marketing Strategy Is Important?

The upcoming 2020 holiday season is anticipated to surpass prior years’ performance. If you want to attract more traffic and retain more customers to grab your slice of holiday pie, take the BFCM 2020 seriously and automate your marketing strategies right now, if you haven’t already started. You can choose all in one marketing platform instead of multiple must app marketing apps to reduce the complexity and to run all the marketing campaigns effectively.

Prepare Your eCommerce Shopify Store For Black Friday 


A lot of homework has to be done before the Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020. Starting from now can help you finish your preparation before easily without any hotchpotch. Planning a successful eCommerce Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion involves both getting your website ready and preparing your marketing efforts. By creating a list of what needs to be done sooner, rather than later, you can make sure that every aspect of your business is ready for what has the potential to be your biggest BFCM season yet.

 Review of Technical Readiness

While waiting for a load of traffic, make sure your website infrastructure works properly:

  • Tests for servers’ load capacity.
  • Check whether your website is responsive or not. Especially the checkout process.
  • Make your return policy clear.
  • Give smooth customer support.

Your Shopify store’s technical side should be reliable and trouble-free because you don’t want to lose customers just because your site was too slow, or the checkout button was unseen on your mobile version. So it is a must to must audit website speed on both PC and mobile is an absolute must for your Black.

Categorize Your Bestselling Products 

Before the holiday season hits the door, create a “Best Selling Product” category in your store. Add the products that were the most popular during last year’s holiday season and the whole year. Such categories in online Shopify stores save a lot of time for shoppers.  To speed up shopping, people People visit those categories a lot. Having this category on your online store will empower you to send gift-oriented newsletters during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Expand Your Subscriber List

During the BFCM race, your email marketing will help you generate a big part of your overall revenue. So pay proper attention to growing and renewing your contact list previously. Consider launching new interactive signup forms. Mentioning BFCM deals and member-exclusive offers can help you boost your signups and get new leads for holiday campaigns.

Place announcement bars and attractive banners at the top of your homepage or on your most popular pages to display your offers and sales. You can also send loyalty points to your subscriber and sign up.  For visitor segmentation, you can add extra fields in your signup forms. Don’t ask for too much information. It will annoy visitors. Keep your sign up form simple yet attractive, it will help you stand out.


Create Critical Automated Workflows


Data suggests, “98% of your visitors won’t buy on their first visit and 55% of website visitors leave your website within the first 15 seconds of their visit”. If you want huge traffic in your store with new visitors, you should definitely make the best out of it. New signups and even abandoned carts can mean a lot if you have a proper marketing automation setup. The good thing is that you can prepare automated workflows in advance and they will start making you money when the time comes.

Convert Your New Subscribers with welcome email series 

Automated welcome emails are highly effective in many ways, especially in converting subscribers into customers. The welcome email workflow works even better if you send a sequence of three emails in a row. Shopify merchants also include a 10% discount for the first purchase. You can also do this, or offer an X% discount for acquiring two, three, and more products from your store. Offers help break the ice and convert subscribers into buyers.

Win Back Your Abandoned Carts 

To win back the customers that abandon your cart, automate your workflow that will be triggered when someone abandons a cart in your store. There are various ways for which you can use workflow automation. Trigger push notifications, email, when someone leaves cart abandoned.   If this doesn’t work out, send them reminder emails Including images of the products left behind.

Never Forget Your Customers After The BFCM Weekend

BFCM  comes and goes, but the customers you’ve gonna stay forever you have built that strong bond. Make sure you follow up with the customer after Black Friday is over. Don’t just let them churn. Offer a customer experience they won’t forget, and transform them into loyal customers. Set up postpurchase automation workflows and send them relevant messages. 

Design Your Newsletter Campaigns


Although all Shopify merchants send Black Friday and Cyber Monday newsletter campaigns, if you are not going to send it would be a lost opportunity for you. No doubt the eCommerce market is huge but we cannot deny the competition that it holds. However, go the extra mile to get the customer’s attention you crave for.

Here are the tips to include in your next newsletter campaign.

Segment Your List and Personalise Your Messages

Personalization is necessary today, and your customers are tired of receiving generic messages and campaigns. Instead, leverage the power of data with AiTrillion to create truly custom messages for your customers. Personalization opens the door to huge revenue. If your customers feel understood, they are more likely to purchase from a brand. Sending bulk campaigns to all your subscribers might also feign your sender’s profile as well as deliverability. So creating segments and addressing your audience in smaller parts is good for every store owner. There are various ways to segment your audience i.e

  • Segments based on previous purchasing behavior 
  • Segments based on bought product categories 
  • Segment your audience according to the number of orders placed 
  • New subscribers, no orders yet, and many more.

AiTrillion offers 80+ predefined filters to segment your audience.

Select Beautiful Email Templates

No need to be a designer, AiTrillion has a number of beautiful pre-designed templates that you can use for your marketing campaigns. Here are some important for the campaigns that perform the best:

  • Simple, clean designs look best.
  • A message should be straight forward.
  • Add urgency to prompt your customers.
  • The newsletter design should match the brand theme.
  • Avoid too many CTA’s.

A / B testing on your email subject lines

For high open and conversion rates, you need appealing subject lines. Examine the subject lines in different ways like:

  1. Test the same subject line with and without emojis.
  2.  Test subject lines with or without the recipient’s name. 
  3. Indicating the limited time offer.
  4. Sending email campaigns from a person or using your business name.
  5. Try multiple kinds of CTAs.


Target subscribers that didn’t open your initial email campaign


During the holiday rush, the open rate of emails drops, so maybe a lot of subscribers will miss your email in their inboxes. You can give a second chance to your campaign by resending it with a new subject line to subscribers that didn’t open your initial one. Today most businesses use this method to reach their audiences. AiTrillion segments help you segment the audience which has opened the email and those who didn’t open the email. You can also send the same campaign message via popups. AiTrillion’s workflow allows you to send emails and popups to your subscribers based on their activities. 

Black Friday 2020 Checklist


Your website is technically ready
The website is working properly on both mobile and desktop.
Categories for quick shopping are in place
Signup forms are up-to-date
Set up automated Welcome Series 
Set up automated Abandoned cart workflow 
Set up Automated Reactivation workflow  
The BFCM campaign schedule is ready
The promotional material for campaigns is ready
The main segments for your BFCM campaigns are ready
The templates for your campaigns are ready
Ideas for subject lines to test are ready


Make eCommerce Marketing Compatible with AiTrillion!


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