What first comes into our mind when we hear Black Friday Cyber Monday? Shopping with great deals and discounts and time for some retail therapy. Black Friday comes on Friday which immediately comes after Thanksgiving day when the holiday shopping season begins. Online shoppers spent $7.4 billion on the day of Black Friday 2019. Cyber Monday comes on Monday immediately after Thanksgiving day. Cyber Monday is purely for online discounts. Online shoppers in 2019 spent $9.4 billion on Cyber Monday, the finale of BFCM! Seasonal sales during BFCM, Christmas, and other important dates like the 4th of July, Boxing day, Thanksgiving day are big sale opportunities for retailers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 52% of people tend to avoid going out to retail stores and rather prefer online shopping over going out for shopping. This will boost eCommerce sales. The impact of Coronavirus pandemic can be seen in sales of retail going down up to 50%.

eCommerce automation is important to run an online store more smoothly and effectively. Automating an online store eliminates most of the manual work and leads to better analysis. The all in one eCommerce automated marketing platform AiTrillion automates the store and helps to increase eCommerce sales.

You can automate your next flash sale by AiTrillion in the following ways-

Email Marketing Automation

Create email campaigns with the help of workflow automation and drive more seasonal sales by targeting customers based on their behavior. AiTrillion has a gallery of beautiful festive templates to send your campaigns and get the attention of your customers in no time.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Motivate shoppers to buy more with a perfect reward program. Now it’s easy to entice customers to complete the purchase by automating the process of giving loyalty points. AiTrillion has 16+ activity rules with 6 types of rewards to make your season sale happening.

Web Push Notifications

Don’t we all like simplicity over a complex tool to engage customers? That’s what web push notifications will do for you. We are ready with creative templates that will quickly help to share offers, discounts, and other important information with your customers.

Product Reviews

Reviews are the biggest influencer for other customers to purchase. With AiTrillion, start building trust by collecting reviews in the form of emails, push notifications, and smart popups.

Smart Popups

Everything should be timely planned and so are smart popups. AiTrillion timely, creative, user-friendly popups can solve your problems and at the same time increase the conversion rate.

Product Recommendations

This BFCM up-sell and cross-sell your products to boost revenue. AI-driven analytics of AiTrillion automatically adjust recommendations based on the history of customers. Send automated emails and segment your customers for better reach.

Announcement Bar

Create urgency for your offers with the creative announcement bars. AiTrillion offers creative templates with a customizable way of displaying them on your Shopify store.

Summing Up

Integration with Artificial Intelligence and AI-powered automation is the perfect solution for BFCM. Drive more revenue and cut costs with AiTrillion automated platform. Boost your marketing ROI and drive more eCommerce conversions with 11+ customer touchpoints for better customer engagement. Track each and every activity of customers, get deep insights into the data, and plan marketing campaigns to target customers based on the reports & analytics and earn more profits and generate more revenue during post-COVID-19 pandemic and bring the business back in the game.

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