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Membership App Integration

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Recurring Membership New Feature Update
18 Oct, 2021

Membership App Integration

AiTrillion has added the Membership app to make recurring payments easier. It helps in converting one-time customers into recurring customers. Customize subscription plans, offers, billing options that work for your customer.

This affordable recurring membership app protects Pages, Collections, and Products so only members can view the protected content. With this app, users can create as many membership recurring plans as they need in the app.

  • Hide Collections And Pages
  • Auto-Tagging Of Members
  • Customize forms
  • Creative Form Templates
  • Collect online payments
AiTrillion subscription app help in:
  • Restrict pages, collections, and products so only members can view the content.
  • Assign pages and collections to the specific membership.
  • Non-members viewing a protected page will be prompted to log in or become a member.
  • Paid membership payment is handled securely via Stripe.
  • Both one-time and recurring/subscription payments are supported.
  • Exclusive Features Of Recurring Membership
  • Affordable Recurring Membership App
  • Unlimited Membership Access Level
  • User-friendly Interface For Content Protection.
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