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Web Push Notifications New Feature Update
28 Feb, 2023

This feature would likely be useful for users who struggle with crafting effective headlines and body content for their web push notifications. By leveraging the…

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AiTrillion’s product review feature Email Marketing Loyalty Rewards Web Push Notifications New Feature Update reports
31 Jan, 2023

In addition to Shopify and Magento, AiTrillion’s powerful all-in-one system now integrates with WooCommerce as well! With this integration, you can use all of AiTrillion’s…

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Email Marketing Web Push Notifications Workflow Automation
20 Dec, 2022

Ability to create birthday-based workflows for email & web push notifications: This feature makes it easy to send personalized messages to your customers on their…

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Email Marketing Smart Popups Web Push Notifications
14 Feb, 2022

Get different templates to choose from different category Now you can create email templates by choosing the category available in AiTrillion, now all the templates…

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Web Push Notifications
7 Sep, 2020

AiTrillion  has been adding a variety of features. The latest update added the ability to notify customers about back in stock and price drop with…

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Web Push Notifications
2 Mar, 2020

Now as a shop owner you have the chance to convert every visitor on your store, the Flyout Widget allows you to show a custom…

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Web Push Notifications
28 Nov, 2019

Now check the detailed graphical push report with impression and sales revenue.

Web Push Notifications Workflow Automation
23 Nov, 2019

Push now available in Workflow automation. Send push notifications now for customer signup, an order placed, order fulfills, loyalty points earned and many more triggers…

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Web Push Notifications
21 Nov, 2019

Ready to use push template for different offers.

Web Push Notifications
12 Oct, 2019

Schedule your push messages for holidays and sales season.

Web Push Notifications
5 Aug, 2019

User-friendly widgets to give a robust user experience to the customers using sleek widgets and maintain your brand voice. Educate the user to allow the…

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