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Form Builder App
29 Feb, 2024
Introducing Group Tabbed Forms, the most loved feature by the sellers in the dashboard. With this feature, sellers can enhance user interaction by allowing them...

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Form Builder App New Feature Update
30 Oct, 2023
With the introduction of this smart recommendation form, AiTrillion is ready to take on November in full force. Redirect consumers to the most suitable collection...

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Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Form Builder App Loyalty Rewards Product Reviews Recurring Membership
21 Jul, 2022

Cleaner and simpler module setting We have launched a more user friendly and clean module setting option for all your front store widgets. Using module…

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Form Builder App New Feature Update
4 Oct, 2021

Extended the capabilities of AiTrillion by integrating the Form Builder App. It consists of File Upload and conditional logic features that help easily create any…

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