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enhancement Product Reviews
30 Dec, 2021

We have added more advanced settings in review sections to edit all the elements as per your branding and colors. A preview option is also available in…

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enhancement Email Marketing reports
17 Dec, 2021

We are pleased to announce the advanced feature launched to track clicks of every link in your email campaign. It will be helpful for marketers…

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New Feature Update Two Step Authentication
14 Dec, 2021

Now you can make your AiTrillion accounts more secure by enabling 2-Step Authentication. Two-Step Authentication is a specific type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) that strengthens…

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enhancement Email Marketing
14 Dec, 2021

AiTrillion provides more advanced custom options to add UTM tracking code with the AiTrillion email templates. UTM parameters are short text codes that are added…

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29 Oct, 2021

A more user-friendly menu is available in AiTrillion where all setting related options are grouped at one place, so you can view and complete the…

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Recurring Membership New Feature Update
18 Oct, 2021

AiTrillion has added the Membership app to make recurring payments easier. It helps in converting one-time customers into recurring customers. Customize subscription plans, offers, billing…

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Form Builder App New Feature Update
4 Oct, 2021

Extended the capabilities of AiTrillion by integrating the Form Builder App. It consists of File Upload and conditional logic features that help easily create any…

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Loyalty Rewards
30 Aug, 2021

In loyalty programs you can give points if the customer becomes a member of your store. There are many membership apps available in Shopify which provide…

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Loyalty Rewards
18 Aug, 2021

In loyalty programs you can give points based on a particular tag. So if any customer contains a particular tag then they can get points…

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Loyalty Rewards
6 Aug, 2021

In loyalty programs you can encourage the customer by giving the points to the customer when they submit the visual review.   Now you will…

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Email Marketing Smart Popups
24 Jul, 2021

With this new additional feature of AiTrillion, store owners can collect the birth date of their customers through smart popups. This will help in sending…

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