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enhancement Product Recommendation
28 Feb, 2023

Product recommendations quick settings on the dashboard for all types of widgets, it make easier for users to enable/disable, manage their widgets display pages, and…

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Product Recommendation
4 Jul, 2022

Product recommendation is more intelligent now You can now exclude products from the product recommendation widget based on tags or their availability in your store….

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enhancement FEATURES Product Recommendation
20 Jan, 2022

Deliver accurately recommended products. Take out the most related products based on personalized product recommendations and auto generated. Customers always look for the Related Products…

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Product Recommendation
6 Apr, 2020

Now set up the new arrival, trending products, recent view tab in your store with more flexible design. There are different settings available to set…

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Product Recommendation
12 Sep, 2019

New arrival products in emails Now you can add new arrival products in the emails to inform the customers about the latest products Read More Trending…

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Product Recommendation
4 Sep, 2019

New Arrival Products New arrival widgets on the different pages. Revenue tracking to know the interest of new arrivals. Read More Trending Products Best selling…

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