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Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Form Builder App Loyalty Rewards Product Reviews Recurring Membership
21 Jul, 2022

Cleaner and simpler module setting We have launched a more user friendly and clean module setting option for all your front store widgets. Using module…

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enhancement Product Reviews
30 Dec, 2021

We have added more advanced settings in review sections to edit all the elements as per your branding and colors. A preview option is also available in…

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Product Reviews
24 Oct, 2020

Product Grouping allows you to create groups of related products and share reviews between all the products in the same group. AiTrillion has launched its…

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Product Reviews
6 Mar, 2020

Now show the latest and featured Reviews Carousel in a customizable way to feature reviews on any stage along the customer journey, for example, on the homepage, product page,…

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Product Reviews
25 Feb, 2020

As review request emails are rendered differently across various browsers, devices, and email clients, now AiTrillion offers the ability to choose the type of review…

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Product Reviews
19 Nov, 2019

Now you can share the product URL on social media based on the review provided by the customer.

Product Reviews
12 Nov, 2019

Users can specify the number of reviews to be shown per page in the Product/Site Review Gallery Page.

Product Reviews
25 Jul, 2019

More seamless integration of review module by importing images available with the reviews. 

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