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Customer Segmentation Email Marketing
11 Apr, 2022

Guest filter available in customer insight Now customer and guest customer separately can be filtered in customer insight in AiTrillion. So promote the guest with…

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Product Reviews
24 Oct, 2020

Product Grouping allows you to create groups of related products and share reviews between all the products in the same group. AiTrillion has launched its…

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setup Instruction
11 Sep, 2020

AiTrillion has introduced a new wizard with more clear screens and videos to guide users to setting up AiTrillion features.  Once you’ve created your account,…

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Web Push Notifications
7 Sep, 2020

AiTrillion  has been adding a variety of features. The latest update added the ability to notify customers about back in stock and price drop with…

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Workflow Automation
24 Aug, 2020

Now you can access the AiTrillion app with your Facebook and Google credentials.

Affiliate Marketing
1 Aug, 2020

Introduced comprehensive affiliate programs on your eCommerce Shopify store to effectively stimulate sales from alternative channels. Allow affiliates to promote products and services in a…

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Email Marketing Smart Popups
27 Jul, 2020

More beautiful and easy to use with additional elements, templates for email and popup added are added in the template library. For the upcoming retail…

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Customer Segmentation
5 Jul, 2020

Now you can send your contacts transactional emails with information about their order, billing and shipping status.

Loyalty Rewards
24 Jun, 2020

Now shop owners can create bulk coupon code in no time. Once you have generated a set of discount codes, you can distribute them to your…

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Customer Segmentation
12 Jun, 2020

More Powerful Segments and Triggers Now, you can send a more personalized email and web push notification with exclusive eCommerce based segments & triggers. Segments…

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15 Apr, 2020

New export feature is available in the campaign report. Just export in CSV format to check and analyze it

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